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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday - Weekend Recap with PICTURES!

Happy Tuesday all! I hope you all had a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend. And I hope that you spent some of this weekend reminding yourself why we do, in fact, celebrate this day. 

I got out of work at 2:30p on Friday, and I ran to Midas to get my oil changed. By 4:30p that afternoon I was home with Emry, prepping the food for the next week, and the weekend foods. 

I made Lentil Quinoa Cakes, and Roasted Eggplant with Basil. The Quinoa cakes almost didn't stay together during the cooking process.. but, I got them to firm up by keeping them in the broiler longer. I'm sure I didn't mix it correctly, or that my lentils were too water saturated. Meh, They still tasted amazing! The Roasted Eggplant was an amazing dish. From Start to Finish, easy and smelling awesome. 

For the weekend, I made the Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats, and Emry ACTUALLY LIKED IT. All I had to say, "There is chocolate in this breakfast" and I had a winner. No, I did not tell him that I used a portion of a chocolate bunny (Leftover from Easter - over a month ago - not even sorry) to give it that CHOCOLATE FLARE! 

And then, on Sunday I made STROMBOLI! Stuffed with Sauteed Onions, Garlic and Spinach, then tossed with a Marscapone Parmesan Sauce. It was delicious, and looked like a picture.

Saturday was DRESS day. It was the day of my fitting. I had this amazing feeling when I woke up and realized TODAY was the DAY I got to put my dress on AGAIN!!!!! 

We took Emry to his swim lesson, and I managed to get a really great strength workout in before my fitting, which was amazing. I'd post pictures here.. but, for fear Klay happens to wander over. So, let's just say....


Now, there were some "interesting" points to my fitting...
  1. Upon getting the dress on, the consultant that was zipping up the back, said I had "BACK FAT"... Not something ANYONE wants to here when putting on their dress. My sister gave me this weird look, because as this woman said this.. my dress fell into the exact place it was supposed to be, and my back completely smoothed out. "what back fat?" The consultant blushed. What a bitch? Right?
  2. The alteration woman was over worked. Clearly. She first starts in, that I need a slip.. even though the dress has 3 layers of tulle-ing. This woman would not let up. That it needed to be there, and all I heard in the back of my head was "You need to BUY THIS... you NEED to BUY THIS."... So finally I was like whatever, get the fricking slip and let's get this alteration actually started.
  3. THEN: She asks me about the cap sleeves, if I want them higher... So, I told her, if she thought that would look nicer and she could do it.. go for it. THEN SHE GRABS ME BY MY DARN ARM AND SAYS "Well, you can't do that. See? Try and lift your arm, if I do it.. TRY AND LIFT YOUR ARM!" Cheezus Crust woman, get off of me. I told her I got her point, but she brought it up.
  4. THEN: she asks me about how much I want taken off the bottom, and how high I want the bustle... And I looked at her, and said, "This is your expertise. Please alter this the way that you think it will make me look best and fit best." I didn't feel like getting trapped into another TRAP. She begins to tell us (more on US later) how they only give her an hour, and brides are lining up. 1) not my fault that they don't give you enough time and over book you. 2) if you weren't picking on the slip and sleeve issue.. we wouldn't have had a problem. This woman was the worst, and I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid to see what happens to my dress.. but, believe you me, I'm not taking anything back but a PERFECT product. Just saying. a $200 alteration turned into a $325 alteration.. PLUS the $80 slip and the Bustier that I had to buy... $445.. yup.. That wasn't a planned expense.
  5. Now - the US... I had invited, My sister, my future MIL, my bridesmaid and bff Lissa, my friend (and mother of the flower girl) Rosalie, friend Julie... and 6 other people that have shown increased interest in my wedding, the crafting, and what not. So of the 11 people, I got 4 assured Yes replies (Sister, MIL, Lissa, Julianna), 3 maybes (Rosalie being one of them because it was Memorial Day weekend AND they may go to NH - more on this later) and the rest were completely quiet. Not a peep came. Day of, since I knew Rosalie did not go to NH, I was almost certain she was coming to my fitting. I expected 5 people to be there for me. The five people who I honestly love the most. Who showed up? My sister, my MIL, and Julianna. What about Lissa you ask? No show.. even though, when I passed by her apartment 20 minutes earlier, she was definitely home.. and there was no EMERGENCY text that came in... at all. No Rosalie... I happened to notice that she checked in from a friends BBQ ... really close to her house. REALLY fucking (sorry for the cursing) nice. But.. the people who were there.. WANTED to be there.. And LOVED having the experience with me. Not going to lie, I am not happy with Lissa or Rosalie... And I'm not going to hide it either. But, I'm also not going over the top with it. I'm going to keep to myself... I am hurt. And that's what I do when I am hurt.
  6. After the fitting we went for FROYO at a place called HOOPLA.. and oh my goodness was that utterly SINFUL.. and AWESOME... AND SO AMAZING AFTER A DRESS FITTING!
 That night, my friend Angel, who was one of the maybes, but had to work... took me out for dinner at an amazing BBQ place. There was live Blues music, amazing food... and we had an amazing time laughing and just... hanging out. She came back after dinner, and we played Mortal Kombat vs. DC comics on the XBOX.. I know.. we are so REFINED AND MATURE! It was the perfect end to an interesting day!

Sunday morning, I woke up SUPER early, and ran 6.2 miles. It was a beautiful morning, and I wanted to start the day off right!

I got Emry up shortly after my run, and we went down to Phillipsburg, NJ.. for a SECRET SURPRISE TRAIN RIDE.

The travel down was about 2 hours, and we only got lost about 10 minutes from the station. This was due to a Memorial Day Parade, that took over major streets in Phillipsburg.... But, I managed to get around it.. eventually. 

The train departed the station at about 12:30p, and we took a 45 minute ride on an amazing locomotive. The scenery was beautiful. And Emry was just about DYING the entire time.

On the way back, we got off the train at the Susquehanna Mine, which is a little tourist stop on the train line... Here is where you can "mine and pan" for gemstones... and fossils. Emry's bag was FILLED with little gemstones and larger stones. I obviously got a cruddy bag.. However, mine had a few nice sized Gemstones. It was fun just to hang out and do something together. Being a working mama, it's hard to schedule time just for fun...

We had a picnic while waiting for the next train to pick us up at the Mine. And of course had time for silly pictures. 

The train took about 20 minutes to get back to the station, and then we made our way home. Emry was so amazing all day.. I wanted to keep the fun going, so we went for Frozen Yogurt... yup, I went out for FROYO AGAIN.

Only ate half of it.. not going to lie.. I know it was a bad decision.

I woke up on Monday.. Feeling utterly gross, obviously from the Stromboli Dinner, and crazy FROYO dessert.

But, it was Memorial Day, and we had a BBQ to go to. And I had to make DESSERT for it! I made 3 dozen sugar cookies, because I had a package of mix in the house.. and my stomach was not allowing me to do much else. 

Made the cookies, got ready, tried to look like I wasn't going to puke my brains out... and Delivered the cookies to the BBQ location. With enough time left, to get a decent spot on the parade route to see EVERYTHING!
The parade ended with a beautiful ceremony, commemorating the day... and the kids got Ice cream after! How nice is that?
We walked back to the BBQ, had some really kick butt food... tasty desserts... 

Klay's brother made it to the BBQ a little late, but the baby was there, and I got to snuggle her and love her.. That was my favorite part of Memorial Day.. Seriously... My favorite part. 

We ended up a Klay's parents... hung around and enjoyed the beautiful day.. and my beautiful niece.

We were home by 5p.. and I managed to clean up, and prepare for today... 

Watched "We are the Millers" on Showtime.. and actually ENJOYED  IT. I haven't really been in to comedies recently.. too much... gross humor. Not enough... ACTUAL humor. But, this was enjoyable.

Then I attempted to watch "The World's End"... but, I fell asleep on it.

Woke up.. this morning... went to the gym... Tuesday Weight/Strength training felt so GOOD!

But, now, Tuesday has set in.. I am at my desk, and the work pile is getting more and more dense...

Better get to it.

Happy Tuesday People!


  1. I cannot believe she said you have back fat!!! I would have been so mad!
    I'm sorry that your friends bailed. There is nothing worse than that.
    I bet your dress is amazing! Can't wait to see pictures!!

    That Stromboli looks awesome!!!

    Glad you had a good Holiday weekend!! Hope you have a great week!

  2. wow, not a fun experience :( but i guess they need to be straight up?

    my seamstress was actually awesome; she tucked and pinned and took in what she felt would make me look good and then she said: you have very small breasts (emphasis on the "very") so i'm going so sew these cups in to make them look bigger. when she held them up, they were the size of my face and i laughed so hard and said: lady, i don't want to look like a porn star!! she wasn't pleased by that.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. OMG GIRL I've been waiting to hear how this fitting went all weekend!- thanks to you I am going to go into the seamstress prepared! I'm the same though- I'm like "k so I'm the opposite of glamorous can you just do what you do for EVERYONE ELSE?!" Also when I was trying on dresses the girl said "I'm going to need to call in for backup, nothing is going to zip over your butt- OH I mean you have a great butt, do you work out?" womp womp. Sorry about the no-show friends..some people are flakes, some people just forget?

  4. I cant believe how your fitting went. And back fat?! WTF?!?! That girl best recognize! I am sorry that two of your friends were no shows. Your true friends really start to come out in times like that. At least you had people surrounding you who wanted to be there!

    Now I want froyo!

  5. What a pain in the ass seamstress! She was a poop from the moment she mentioned back fat!! I am super excited about the dress but sorry to hear about the disappearing act by everyone else... such a bummer!

    Stromboli looks good - how long was the prep? Oh and eggplant?! LOVE!!

  6. Wow things not to say to a bride 101!! Craziness. Glad you had the important people with you even if some flaked. The locomotive rinse sounds like a blast!