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Friday, May 9, 2014

"I'm FREE" Friday - Hello!!! Another Rest Day!

Well, my friends, we made it through another week. HOORAY. The weekend (for me at least) is 5 hours away, and I am chomping at the bit. Work has been chaotic today, but I am hoping to be able to shoot a fast post about today's REST DAY MENU... At least what is going to get me through the work day.

Do we remember I went to the cupcake festival? And there was the Supplement Booth that gave me 3 different protein powders to try?, Today.. I tried one as my breakfast. I paired it with a banana, since the packet indicated that it was a "1/2 serving". product is made by OxyELITE Protein and the flavor was Vanilla Ice cream. The directions for the sample packet was the mix the protein powder with 3-4 ounces of water, and shake it.. (SHAKE IT REAL GOOD). I made it last night, and put it in the fridge so it would be SUPER COLD. I got to work, grabbed a small cup of ice, and a tiny straw. Something about a Vanilla Ice cream flavored drink, makes me think it should be ICY and SERVED WITH A STRAW. Am I alone with this? The flavor was, undeniable. It was spot on, no weird after taste.. The powder dissolved well into the water. And it was super tasty with my Banana! looked up the nutritional information on the product. The whole scoop comes out to 140 calories, which honestly isn't awful for protein powders. And since I had a Sample (read: 1/2) serving... I only had 70 calories of it.. Thank goodness for my BANANA! It has 4 grams of Carbohydrates which isn't bad at all.. and 2 grams of Fiber... Which means that there is really only 2 GRAMS OF CARBS IN A FULL SERVING? Shut the front door.. that's amazing! It is 23 grams of protein.. and I think I love it. I still have 2 other brands to try, and well.. flavors as well. But, if I'm going to start having protein drinks regularly, this may be the tub I buy!

The prices vary... but it appears that I can get a 2lb tub from $40 - $45 and that's not really but. you get 25 servings per tub.. that's about $2 a serving! Lunch today (if I ever get to go have it - work SUCKS BUTT today), is a handful of Dole's POWER UP GREENS, a serving of cherry tomatoes, a serving kalamata olives (that have been marinated in Cabernet), and a side of raspberries. I don't really like to use dressing, if I put anything on my salad, it will probably be a little hot sauce... No joke. I really, REALLY love my hot sauce. I am still hungry, yesterday I saved a small cup of soup from the Work Chub Club thingy. I'm pretty sure it's Lemon Chicken Orzo. Recently work has been giving us the calorie content for food served in the cafeteria. It claims this soup has 200 calories per 4 ounces. It looked oily.. so, we'll see if I'm still hungry for it after my POWER SALAD! 

I packed a mid-day snack of a Dannon Light Greek Yogurt - Blends. I think the one I picked up was the Caramel Macchiatto one. Not sure, they are all pretty tasty! I do notice there are better flavors, but our stores do not carry them. Which kind of stinks.. I mean there is a Chocolate Cherry one and a Pomegranate one... WTH NY? I want COOL NEW FLAVORS!

And hopefully that will carry me over until I get home today...
Dinner tonight is kind of up in the air. I'm pretty sure I still have some Skinny Cajun Pasta left over from the weekly food!

And then, I have to cook for the week.. the weekend.. and yada yada... I know I didn't do a post about what we had planned for the week. But, it's been hectic at work.

I found a healthy veggie minestrone soup, and I'm going to actually add some diced grilled chicken into it... for extra protein...That will be the lunch/dinner for the week.

I also found a recipe about Chick Pea Tater Tots. And they are going to be paired with Chicken Sausage on Saturday... 

The weekend meals, for the menfolk, will not be the healthiest.. but surely they will love it. I found a recipe for Maple Bacon Muffins. And I think they deserve a little treat! So.. they get some good ol'fashioned buttery muffins. 

I know I'm a good mom/fiance/daughter. 

Maybe on Monday, I'll recap the weekend and review the recipes I used.. along with links to the blogs the came from. 

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. heck I wanna see these cupcakes girl. hope you have a great one.

  2. Happy Friday my dear friend. Good to know about the Oxy Elite protein powder! They make good products so I am happy to hear the flavor is spot on. I LIVE off of Dannon Light Greek Yogurt. The raspberry chocolate is delicious as well. Try that flavor. If you make chick pea tater tots, take pictures and share the recipe. That sounds so interesting!

    PS: did you notice that last week I added your button to my page?! XOXOXOXO

  3. OOoooh soup for the week! I'm going to try that this week! Let me know how the soup comes out! I always order my protein powders from Amazon Prime, I've usually been able to find better prices on there, but I want to try this oxy elite!

  4. Chick pea tater tots? That sounds interesting...I am with Liz...please share!!!

    I could go for some cajun chicken pasta right now...yum!

    You said cupcakes and now I just really want one.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  5. That protein powder sounds great and at 2 carbs per serving sounds good to me. Chickpea tater tots?! Hope they come out good.