People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lack luster Tuesday... seriously

I woke up this morning, and I was sore.. 
I was tired... but, I really REALLY wanted to get into the Y for my weight/strength training.
Once I was there.


I swear, I could have done squats with a cow on my shoulders.. I was PUMPED.

An hour goes by, and then it's time to go...
I get home...
And it's like all of that energy I had at the gym.. was just POOF! GONE! Like a puff of smoke.

I realized what it was.
It was here.


I am not really motivated to do the project I have in front of me.
It has to get done, and there is no time to procrastinate over it.
So, I'm going to just put my head down, and try to get through it.
As fast as physically possible.
And with no errors... hopefully.

Does this happen to any of you? The fitness aspect of your life SHINES. It sparkles, and it makes you just... undeniably happy... But, then, the "adult" parts of your life... the parenting, the making lunches, the cleaning, the work schedule.. they sometimes seem lack luster? 

I know it's just a rut I'm in. 
And I know it has nothing to do with my home life, but with the work load I have... 

But, how do I just... push it away? 
Not sure.. But, I think that I need a little inspiration today.

Not Fitspiration.. but WORKspiration.. MOMspiration... LAUNDRINSPIRATION... 

You know what I mean? 

I hope your day is filled with Sun, and Happiness.


  1. I feel ya girl! I get like that a lot too...little ruts about the adult day to day stuff that I have to do. I also think I get the Tuesday is a lot like the Sunday blues lol. The Sunday blues come around 4pm...when I realize the weekend is about over and I have to get back to realty. Then Tuesday it is isn't Monday....but it sure as hell isn't Friday....we aren't even half way through the week. Tuesdays are always the longest days EVER.

  2. Sometimes being a grow up really stinks. There is so much that takes up space in our brains and our day it can get overwhelming. Hang in there!