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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Round 2: Tabata! (aka: the post that should have been written HOURS ago)

The good news is, I finished that project...
The bad news is, it took my until 20 minutes before I left work...

After the grocery shopping, and the meal preparing (I made that clean calzone... more on the later)...
I just wanted to relax... and then it hit me... BAM!


And we just couldn't have that, now could we? Nope. That's right.

Round 2: Tabata

Once again 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations. 

1st Station: Heavy Ropes two ways! Chest Fly - now by the 3rd repetition my arms were practically falling off. Not going to lie. But, I held strong and just kept pushing through.

b) Upper cuts - These weren't as bad. I had to keep remembering to get my legs involved though...

2nd Station: TRX MURDER
 a) Pushup followed by a pike: the first two repetitions, I was over eager... I went to fast by the 3rd and 4th of this.. I was struggling. But, I'm kind of a hard ass about things.. I kept going.. no matter how much it hurt, or how much I was sweating. oblique crunch: I found this one pretty easy. I could have gone side to side like this for hours... well maybe not hours... but the 4 repetitions of this was kind of fun!

3rd Station: Barbell Awesomness   a) Squat Press: We also had to add an over head aspect of this. on the way up we had to bring the barbell over our heads. My arms were burning from the TRX round, but over all I really do love the squats! Static Lunge Press: I am not a fan of lunges. I am slowly getting used to them. It isn't a weight thing... it's a balance thing. For some reason, I can't seem to find my center with this exercise. I, obviously, had to find it quick with the barbell on me... Didn't want to drop it! hahaha

4th Station: Kettle Bell Fun a) Swing with Alternating Hands: Everyone was joking that someone was going to break the mirror, when they tried to change hands... It really wasn't that bad. Kettle Bells are really effective, I could feel this exercise working each muscle group. 
b) Squat and Kick: This was another balance thing. The instructor had people putting their free hand on their hips. But, I felt it easier to basically stand in a horse fighting stance. Hands at the ready. I looked pretty bad ass... I'm not going to lie. I even got a compliment from the instructor that my form was excellent on this exercise.

5th Station: Upper Body Torture TRX pull ups: I sort of do this exercise on my Tuesday Weight Training Days. I use the cross fit machine, but, I get a lot lower to pull myself up. This was easy. I loved this.

b) Jump squats: I've never done these, and I'm not sure why... because they are pretty awesome. Swinging your arms back, and then propeling yourself up into a wicked jump. What's not to love? Also... my dream of being able to do a box jump may actually happen if I practice these!!!

6th Station: Are you kidding me??? With a stepper  a) Uneven Pushups: Also, this seemed really easy for me. So I started walking across the step and alternating hands. The hard plastic hurt my hands, but, I felt like I added an extra element to the exercise.

 b) Jump Lunges: This was the best picture I could find for this exercise. You made one leg stationary on the middle of the step, and then with your free leg you stepped on one side then the other. After two repetitions, we switched legs. I lost my balance on the last second of the last repetition. Seriously, guys, I almost ate the floor. 

I thought it was pretty funny...

 7th Station: Push and Pull Box Pushes: Like last week, my energy was just about used... But, I tried to keep going... even though I didn't go far... I'm not sure if it's a weight thing... or the angle in which I am pushing. My goal is next class... to be BETTER at this. b) Resistance Pulls: We sat in a squat position, and pulled the resistance bands to our hips. We did this with a partner, and the girl I was paired up with made this joke "Promise not to let go?" and I told her "I'll never let go Jack" <--- and="" giggled.="" got="" it="" p="" reference="" she="" titanic="" well="">

With a warm up and a cool down... this was another great workout. I love that the exercises were similar but not exactly the same. I love that we worked different muscle groups this time as well. 

I was sweating up a storm. But, that means I did something... right? I could completely feel the class as I drove into work... I wasn't in pain.. as much as I was aware of my muscles....

Still... 9:51pm... I am aware of my legs (Lunges.. I swear... It's from the lunges)

So, That was my epic MORNING!

And then this evening, after the food shopping I made Broke & Bougie's, clean calzone.
There is one instruction she gives: Strain the Cauliflower of at least a cup of excess water. Otherwise, the crust will be soggy.

Even though I took a bunch of water out of the Cooked Cauliflower... It was still a little soggy on the crust. 
BUT, it became thick... almost like a grit, or a polenta... And it still tasted super tasty with the meat/veggies.

Klay had a full serving, and said that not only was it TASTY.. but it was FILLING.
And in my book, that makes it a total WIN!

It was messy to make.. I mean, grating cauliflower? Not a neat nor tidy task. Hahaha. But, I have a decent portion tomorrow for lunch...

Well, friends, I'm glad I could catch you all up on my day, and my epic workout... 
And with that stupid project done, I should have a nice post earlier in the day, about Friday Rest Day... and other fun stuff!!!

Good night All.


  1. Nope I haven't lost your link. I'm following you girl. Although dashboard can be weird and I was away half the day so I'm just now catching up with things. Thanks for coming back. Those exercises make my thighs and legs burn like there's no tomorrow. Have a great weekend girl. Thanks for always coming by and commenting. Means alot.

  2. YIKES! All of that LOOKS and SOUNDS brutal!