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Thursday, May 15, 2014


It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED
Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations.

Station 1: ROPES
Alternating Arms
Russian Twist
The alternating arms completely wears you out. It was the first station, first exercise and I just couldn't believe how much it took out of me! You got to get your legs involved, and I was determined to kick butt this round. This is mostly because SPWF is tomorrow, and I am determined to show our yearly acquaintances how much progress I've made. Also.. it be nice to get some pictures taken of my garb.. I've been working really hard on it... ANYWAY... Then we had the Russian Twists, and these were not exactly FOREIGN to me however, with the ropes.. there is an added element of WTF?! You have to get the ropes over your legs, and getting hit with them isn't exactly fun.. and the twist has to be significant to get the ropes to the other side... My obliques are thankful.. THEY ARE CRYING.. but they are thankful.

Station 2: TRX
Pendulum Pikes are just starting from a plank position and pushing your butt up, while bringing your legs in. This concept isn't hard, but, after a couple sets.. you're just kind of thinking like the blue engine "I think I can I think I can I think I can". I am determined not to do the easy modifications on these exercises, so I slow down and I focus.. I get them done. And to me that is all that matters. Pendulum is oddly easy for me, I guess that means I have pretty defined obliques. Which is a total SCORE in my opinion. you start off in a plank position and then swing your hips to one side, while tucking your knees to your chest. By the lest set I was tired, but that good tired... 

Station 3: Barbell
Squat and Press
Back Row barbell is fun. I love the squat.. I love the press. I love everything about it. I was in a group of three and got stuck with the 20lb barbell.. but, I focused on my form, and getting into a really low squat. 
 The back row is deceptive. One would think that the simple movement would be easy.. especially this girl, right here, who had a dinky 20lb barbell... By the 3rd set.. I was feeling it. Working new muscles is ALWAYS fun!

Station 4: Kettlebell
Vertical pull
Squat - Front Presses pulls were fun. I used a 10lb kettlebell for this, and I felt that gave me just enough weight to get some work done. I could have done more weight, but, I'm still working on my arms, and they aren't the strongest yet! And I mean YET! You do the basic kettlebell swing, and then bring your elbow to should level while bringing the kettle in. Now the squat front presses.. I went for a 15lb kettlebell. You squat and hold it.. then you push the kettlebell away from your body and bring it in. Repeat until it's time to switch to the alternate Station activity. The last one, I got DEEP into my squat.. and I pushed through it. FELT WONDERFUL! I'm sure my legs (and honestly, the rest of my body) will thank me later) **SARCASM**

Station 5: TRX
Back Fly
Pistol Squat Fly was kind of like the pull ups from last week... however, you want to end up with your body in a pseudo "Y" position. This was okay. Not my favorite. I tried to get super low, so I had to pick myself up more.. but, it just was MEH for me. the pistol squats, talk about a CHALLENGE! I hope you can see from the picture, that you keep one leg lifted and then bring yourself down into a squat.. then you lift yourself back up. YOU ARE NOT USING YOUR ARMS TO PUSH/PULL YOURSELF BACK UP. You are USING your DARN LEGS.
This took some getting used to. But, I love the challenge, and it made up for the back fly, that I was kind of ... not thrilled with.

Station 6: Bench
In & Out Squats

We did the In & Out Squats last week as well.. but, I love these. They are totally getting me prepared for BOX JUMPS.. and that is a goal that I want to accomplish. At one point I found myself just DOING THEM, without the prep jump in between. Once I realized I was doing it.. I kind of became aware, and stopped being so awesome. Why does my brain DO THAT? I was doing it! I was doing it WITHOUT FEAR and then my brain is like WAIT WAIT... what are you doing? shovel.. on a bench.. was really fun.. and You knew you were working a lot of your core.. not to mention your glutes. I really couldn't find a great picture for it.. even though I KNOW I've seen it. You start your legs in a raised postion, then you bring your knees to your chest. open your knees and start pushing them down at a 45 degree angle, then SCOOP up (like a shovel.. duh!) back to the raised position. Rinse and Repeat. This felt AWESOME.

Station 7: POOL TUBING - 40 lbs & 20lbs
Walking Lunge
1/2 get up OK... the picture to the left.. do you know what this is? IT IS POOL PVC TUBING. The tubing is about 5 feet long. And there was a large one, probably the same diameter as a grapefruit, and one the diameter of an orange. THESE WERE CAPPED OFF AND FILLED WITH SAND. This made the large tube 40 lbs and the smaller tube 20lbs.. WE USED THIS FOR THE FOLLOWING!

The walking lunge.. oh man, I was gutsy.. I opted for the 40lb tube, and it was a workout.. LET ME TELL YOU. It wasn't really the lunges that were the problem. It was getting the tube onto your shoulders, and then off of them when you had to switch activities.. So, it was an all encompassing workout! HAHA
 Now, the 1/2 get up.. I was like, "GET OUT!" Imagine doing this with the sand filled pool tubing. I mean seriously.. HE MUST HAVE THOUGHT WE WERE MACHINES!

I couldn't get the 20lb up, and straight.. so I had to go get a 20lb regular bar. At least, I got it done.. am I right? 
If we do this again, I am going to focus and fight to do this with the pool tubing. It's just got to be done.

That was the entire circuit. As you can see there was AWESOME, NOT SO AWESOME, HARD AND EASY MOMENTS through out this entire workout. 

We did lunges and different type of "Jacks" for our Warm Up
And then different stretches and breathing exercises for our Cool Down.

I really am in love.
I feel wonderful.
And even Klay commented the other day.. THAT I AM LOOKING TIGHT.

That is a BIG DEAL FOR ME. 

Happy Thursday my Friends!

Tune in Tomorrow for a Women's Health Week Post... 
And I hope to see you all on Monday, with a recap from the Steampunk World's Fair!


  1. OMG I am going to try some of these at home- I wonder if I could use paper plates under my feet or something for the pikes? Not quite as intense as the TRX but could work? I need to just go ahead and get weights - EEK scary! But you've inspired me! I LOVE tabata but I'm getting so bored with my same ole youtube routines!

  2. The pike pendulum makes me afraid to fall on my face!! I love a back row though! Those are my favorites!

  3. Oh my, this sounds a little intense! I love a good work out!