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Thursday, May 8, 2014


It seems that I have made Tabata a habit! And I think I'm addicted. Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations.

The instructor seems to notice that I have been coming back consistently, and even noticed that I was an early riser. I explained to him about our work fitness center.. which reopened today.. but nothing was going to take me away from my FAVORITE NEW CLASS!.
Let me run you through this weeks statins! 

Station 1:
Double Ropes
Jumping Jack Ropes
Station 1A: Double Ropes
I'm not going to lie, the double ropes got me from the very beginning. It's something about bending the knees and using that weight to pick up the ropes. I guess it's the same logic when you are lifting weights... the ropes just present a weird dynamic.
Station 1B: Jumping Jack Ropes
The Jumping Jack Ropes went well.. next time we do them, I'd like to see if I could go a little faster with them. Maybe get a few more reps in before the bell.

 Station 2:
TRX - Knee Tuck
TRX - Abduction
Station 2A: TRX - Knee Tuck
The knee tuck is something that sneaks up on you. At first it seems Easy PEASY.. and then your abs and your glutes and your EVERYTHING starts to scream.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Once again I was an eager beaver... and by the last set of these... I was dripping sweat... It was wonderous!
Station 2B: TRX - Abduction
The abduction was easier than it looked. I had been doing a similar exercise on top of an exercise ball for months.. so when I saw this, I thought, "Okay, it's similar."... My body had muscle memory and just dove right in... Absolutely felt like a cool down exercise.

Station 3:
Barbell - clean
Barbell - press
Station 3A: Barbell - Clean
The trainer likes to have 2 barbells weighted with 20lbs and 2 barbells weighted with 40lbs. 20lbs is too light and 40lbs seems a tad too heavy... So, much like Goldilocks, decided that 30lb 'cleans' was JUST RIGHT. I felt as if I had to push through the last couple of sets.. and that means I'm working something!
Station 3B: Barbell - Press
The same thing with the 'clean', I used a 30lb barbell for the presses and had equal muscle tension and feeling. It felt good.. and it made me sweat... and I had to push... 

Station 4:
Kettle bell - 2 hand swing
Kettle bell - surfer squat
Staion 4A: Kettle bell - Two Handed Swing
I'm starting to get the hang of the kettle bell form. the bending without lurching forward, and the popping forward of your hips as you raise the bell. I started with a 10lb, and realized that it was just too light... I went up to a 15lb... I like these... but, towards the end, you're just wanting them to be over.

Station 4B: Kettlebell - Surfer Squat (and Jump)
The  surfer squat is a mystery exercise on Google. I just cannot seem to find a picture of this exercise ANYWHERE. If you look at the picture, the starting position is shown. You then stand up, unbending your knees, bringing the kettle bell up to hip level slowly. Then you jump and turn 180 degrees. Then you lower the kettle bell. Wash & Repeat. This sounds easy. It feels easy, at first.. But the kettle bell is a silly mysterious thing.. It just SNEAKS up on you.

Station 5: 
TRX - Back Row
TRX - Jump Squat
Station 5A: TRX - Back Row
Two stations of TRX today, and I like it! At least, I like the exercises he's been letting us try out. I'm sure there would be some in a full class that would make me curse up a storm. The back row is very similar to the pull ups we did last week. You just keep your arms tight to your chest. I tried to lean back as much as possible. I could just hang there... :)
Station 5B: TRX - Jump Squat
The TRX Jump Squat was interesting. I couldn't get it at first. The leaning back and then jumping at an angle.. just messed with my head. The instructor helped me to land better on the squat portion.. and then I had it. You definitely feel it while doing it.

Station 6:
Stepper - Side 2 Side Lunge
Stepper - In & Out Squat
Station 6A: Stepper - Side 2 Side Lunge
 The Side 2 Side Lunge is a balance thing for me. It isn't particularly difficult.. it's just the change over that gets me a little off balance. I tried to get super low in the lunge, to add some difficulty to it.

Station 6B: Stepper - In & Out Squat
The in and out squat... I think I asked for this... I want to learn how to jump on top of one of those boxes... And this is the start of that goal. You start standing on top of the box... Jump, open legs, land in a squat. Then from the squat, jump up, close legs.. land on stepper. Rinse, Repeat.. until your legs hate you. I asked for it, I got it.. God obviously heard me.

Station 7:
Abs - Bear Crawl
Abs - Thread the Needle
Station 7A: Abs - Bear Crawl
The bear crawl was fun... it definitely works the abs.. but it gives you a could back stretch as well. 
It had plank feelings to it.. without actually being a plank.. which was nice because the next exercise tested me... SEVERLY.
Station 7B" Abs - Thread the Needle
Thread the needle. If you look at the picture, you start at a side plank, then you swish your arm under you, and then circle back up into a full side plank. Rinse and repeat. I did this on my forearm... with both legs out. I did not modify it and put a knee down. I was determined, and I got it done. I was impressed... and dripping.

These classes are always paired with a nice warm up, and a soothing cool down. The cool down this week seemed more stretch and yoga focus. Lots of balancing.. lots of trusting your body. 

45 minutes goes by so fast... and I feel really great after.
Last week, I was really sore.. but today, I really don't have that "This is going to hurt" feeling happening. 
And that's amazing.

I hope this inspires you to go out and find a Tabata class and try it. 
I think it's the most fun and rewarding class I have ever taken.

And I'm a newbie to this!

How's your Thursday?


  1. ahhh I always do tabata at home via youtube video- I REALLY want to try a class! this equipment looks fun! I just might have to try out the Y around the corner from my work!!

  2. That sounds like a good workout. Enjoyable too. Recently I've been trying to avoid HIIT of any kind, but I should really get up and get started with something again. I might have to see if I can find a tabata class near me. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I wish my gym had ropes! Such a great workout and hits all the muscles!