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Friday, May 2, 2014

Wedding Post #6 - Invitations are OUT!

So Yesterday, our invitations officially went into the mail. We were super excited... but let me tell you: Stuffing all of those invitations.. Was NOT fun. Not even a LITTLE bit. 

Each envelope got:
  • An invitation
  • An RSVP card
  • A Poem about our wishes for Gifts
  • A Direction Card to the Venue

All traditional stuff right?

The invitations were done by my Great Cousin, and he did them for free. They are exactly what we wanted. Rustic, Antiqued.. Just perfect. 

I designed the RSVP cards, and printed them at work from an undisclosed location... *cough cough*
My favorite part about the RSVP card is in the "please select your entree" section.
One of the Options is Children... followed by "**"... and if you read lower it says "** - no children will be eaten". Klay just thought that was the funniest thing. I'm sure our family and friends will understand the joke.. if not.. they are LAME. *giggles*

The gift poem... We didn't want to register anywhere. We have the house, we have the furniture, and all the things people NEED... What we do need for our future... is a little $$$. So, we had to find a way to ask for it, without sounding... totally desperate.  We chose a smaller piece of paper, so it didn't scream "GIVE US MONEY"... I also made these at an undisclosed location *cough cough* ...and I found the cutest poem online:
"As love is what the night is all about, your presence is one we cannot celebrate without. But should you believe that a gift is worth giving, a small envelope for our future would be a delightful blessing. We look forward to enjoying the day with you!"

And the directional cards came from the venue, and were a nice added touch to the invitations. Especially since it is SO hard to find... Not really, but, if you aren't from the area.. it may be a little stretch.

We packed them in envelopes that had a parchment paper look... And sent them on out. 
44 invitations... 96 people... 
And, then we have a side list of other people, just in case we have any additional openings.

Even if all 96 people RSVP yes (which is so unlikely), we will also have 5-7 performers and photographers coming as well... So we are exactly where we want to be money wise.

What do you think of the invitations?
Any funny stories to share about your up coming wedding, or when you were getting married?


  1. I love the poem. I love the invitations. I love it all! I hated stuffing the envelopes too, it's mundane. But the outcome and that feeling you get when they are all done is something else. I loved that feeling!

  2. Thanks for coming by. Love the invitations and all. They are cool and thats good that he did them for free. That sort of things cost alot. Cost alot to have a wedding. I'm not getting married any time soon but hopefully before I'm 40 I will be married and have a kid with my sweetie. That is the plan and he's all for it. I'm just ready to start a life with him and see him daily which isn't the case now. Have a great weekend.

    p.s. Wait...what? Wedding #6 wth?

    1. HAHAHAHA Wedding POST #6.. thank you.. I corrected that!!!
      That's super funny!

      If you go to my pages (on the right side of the blog) you'll see pages dedicated to Recipes, Health/Fitness, Parenting and THE WEDDING!

  3. HAHAHAHA i just laughed SO hard reading this! Great idea on printing from an "undisclosed printer", I may try to save some $ doing that one too haha! Also, babies. yes. you are amazing!

  4. Lady lady! What's your email address so I can start replying to all of your wonderful comments?

  5. I love those invitations. Very rustic and personal to you.

  6. Whew...had me scared there LOL. I was like dang 6 weddings.

  7. More power to your upcoming nuptials!!!


  8. in our culture, money is usually given at any event because we believe that in order to get good fortune, you have to share good fortune. we got maybe 5 physical gifts and the rest was cash. it's weird for me to shop for a wedding gift because i've only given money in the past so whenever i get an invite with a registry, i don't know what to do - do i give $$? will they take offense??

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