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Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap - Happy Monday!

Is it Monday already? Jeez! Did that go by quick? Let's start off the blog week right, and recap my amazing Mother's Day weekend.

Friday, after work, I came home, and was just... ENERGIZED. Pink Bunnies with Bass Drums had nothing on me. I made the Garbanzo Bites (Chick Pea Tater tots), the Tiramisu Poke Cake (for Mother's Day BBQ), the soup for the week, and Maple Bacon Muffins.. for the menfolk breakfast.

After that, I vacuumed the upstairs and cleaned the bathroom. I swear.. Nothing could stop me. I was a machine!

I found the recipe for the Chick Pea Tater Tots (which I have lovingly branded as Garbanzo Bites) from Little Leopard Book. The recipe was a "gluten free" one, and since we do not have problem with gluten in our home, I swapped out the Gluten free flower, with Whole Wheat Flower. Other than that... I followed the recipe exactly. They were light, but dense. And, even though the recipe called for 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 teaspoons of pepper, onion powder, and full teaspoons of salt and cumin.. I probably will use more next time. They could have been a little more robust. However, the chipotle honey ketchup for the dipping, was pretty tasty. I highly recommend it with this recipe... it gives it a little pizz-azz.

The most wonderful thing about a poke cake, is that you can make it in SUPER ADVANCE. The Tiramisu Poke cake was for Mother's Day, and I knew the longer it chilled in the fridge, the more tasty it would become. I found this recipe over at Life with the Crust Cut off. The recipe swap I made was exchanging the cream cheese, for marscapone. I had bought a tub of it for the garbanzo bites, so I might as well get more use out of it! The swap was amazing, it really gave the cream topping a "refined" flavor.. and that's a big deal when it comes to cool whip! OH, I also got the reduced sugar cool whip.. not for nutrional reasons, but only because, there was no regular in the store. You couldn't tell the difference at all. I have to admit, this poke cake, when we finally ate it on Mother's Day.. was perfect. It was 80 degrees out and sunny... this cake was cooling and light.. and just the perfect end to a BBQ!

The soup for the week I found over at Eat yourself Skinny! It was Inspired by Olive Garden's Minestrone soup. The swaps and additions I made for this dish were... instead of pasta shells, I used the remaining barley we had in the house. And instead of julienned carrots and frozen cut green beans.. I used frozen peas, carrots and corn. Only because I had it in the freezer! I love to slow cook soups, so I did that option as well... Now, upon looking at the soup.. I still thought it NEEDED something.... a little more protein. So, I grilled up a pound of chicken, and diced it real small.. I seasoned it with some curry, turmeric and garam masala. I added that to the soup, and set the crock pot to Warm, and let it just combine flavors over night. It smelled delicious! My dad had a small bowl and said it was TO DIE FOR. I don't have a picture of it. I totally forgot! But, Let me tell you.. it's colorful and thick. I bet it's going to be FANTASTIC! 

The Maple Brown Sugar muffins were the last food item I prepared on Friday night.. and let me tell you.. the aroma these created through the house.. reminded me of walking into an IHOP, when you are ravenous. You could smell the maple.. the bacon... the rising dough from the muffins.. it was MAGICAL. I found the recipe, once again, over at Little Leopard Book... her recipes may not be the most HEALTHY.. but, HECK.. are they SUPER TASTY. I did try one of these muffins on Friday night... after the crazy Energizer Bunny Routine.. I said I DESERVED IT! Once again.. THIS WAS TO DIE FOR! The swaps I made were, almond milk for regular milk..whole wheat flower for white flower.. and coconut oil for vegetable oil. Totally tasty! I swear.. if you are a bacon eater.. just make it once.. It's easy peasy.. and 100000% tasty. 

On Saturday, I woke up around 545a, and saw that it was rainy and foggy outside.. I am not opposed to running in the rain.. I just, wasn't feeling the fog. I looked at the thermostat, and it was 62 degrees outside, HOW CAN I NOT RUN IN THAT TEMP? So, I got my running gear on, found my reflector with the flashy light on it... and just went out. No iPod.. No planned route.. and I ran.. just for the sake of running. I got home... about 48 minutes later... and was like wow... That was great. An hour later, I figured out that I had run 4.8 miles.. and just felt invigorated. So wonderful to just run, without the iPod fueling my forward. I was being fueled by my LOVE of running. The free feeling I get as I do it. 

I took Emry to the Y, and got a full Weight Training session in before we went to his Swimming class... and once again, he's made tremendous progress. And for the boy that HATES the water.. this is a big deal for me. 

When we got home, the only chore I had to do.. was clean the kitchen from the night before. And then, I was DONE. We were able to take Emry to Old Navy to pick out his summer clothes, Buy Klay's mother a gift for Sunday.. and stop by GNC, so I could talk with them about OxyELITE Protein.

Ladies: Remember how I said above, that Friday night I felt really ENERGIZED? That wasn't on accident. GNC told me that the OxyElite brand has been DISCONTINUED. This is because the FDA shut them down! Not because of the protein powders specifically. But, they had a fat burning pill, that was permanently damaging people's livers. OH NO! And the Protein Powders had agents in them that increased your metabolism and energy levels using a similar agent! NO WONDER I GOT SO MUCH DONE!!! 

The man recommended a GNC product that was equivalent in price, calories, carbs, fiber and protein amounts.. He says the flavor is similar as well. Total Bummer.. but SO glad I asked about it before I ordered it online. NOWHERE on the site I was on last week, did it say "DISCONTINUED PRODUCT"... Freaks me out.. just a little. I still have 2 different samples to try, and then I'll make a decision about the product I buy!

We were  able to go to Home Depot and Lowe's.. and pick up some stuff for the house.. and then.. Really, I went home.. made dinner. Which was reheating the Garbanzo Bites, and pairing them with chicken sausage and side salads! Everyone ate it.. Everyone loved it! And it was really a good time.

That night Klay and I watched the latest Hobbit movie..

Sunday, I didn't run.. I just didn't want to. It was bright and sunny.. and I know that if I run both weekend days, that I will NOT be able to run on Monday.. So, I held back.. Which was really HARD! I did go to the Y with my dad, did an amazing Weight/Strength training workout.. Mostly LEGS.. and that was EPIC.. Let me tell you.. Look up Bulgarian Lunges.. They are the cats pajamas. No joke. 

We went to Klay's parents for the BBQ.. had a decent time... regardless of the fact that his father.. ONCE AGAIN.. forgot that Emry has a SOY intolerance.. and he marinated almost all of the meat products in SOY SAUCE. I swear.. I could have just died. But, I held my composure... If it ever happens again.. I'm taking Emry to the local grocery store, and letting him pick out his own dinner. I hate when people think that Food Allergies/Sensitivities are a joke. 

I made salad, cooked carrots and the poke cake for the BBQ.. and All were TASTY!

We got home, and since we had eaten A LOT.. Klay, Emry and I walked about 3 miles around our neighborhood. Which was really nice..


I woke up this morning, and went to the Work Fitness Center. Since it's open...
HOWEVER.. the gym thermostat was set to 75 degrees.. HOT YOGA HAS NOTHING ON HOT TREADMILL RUNNING. OH MAN.. I almost couldn't go the distance.. it was REALLY hot.
I buckled down, and just went full force into it. 

3.18 miles in 30 minutes
6.35 miles in 60 minutes
7.02 miles in 70 minutes

My run times are becoming impressive.. I can't believe how far I have come. 

I did core training.. and a few squats.. WAS POURING SWEAT... and felt AMAZING... SWEATY.. but AMAZING.

And now, I sit here.. at my desk.. with the looming pile of work next to me. 
I am going to catch up on my blog reading.. and then.. get right to it! 

Happy Monday EVERYONE!



    And I'm motivated by your weekend run! You go girl!

  2. Ok...all this food talk has me STARVING!!!!! That soup sounds drool worthy....and I need to try the tater tots asap. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. You are a machine!! I love a poke cake because they are just so many different versions and so easy to put together. The Maple Brown Sugar muffins sound so good, I need to try to resist.