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Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap - Steampunk World's Fair 2014

The Steampunk World's Fair took place this past weekend. From Friday, May 16 through Saturday May 18, we all let our geek flags fly, and had an amazing time. 

Throughout the past couple of months I've been building outfits for Emry, and getting him set up to look appropriate for his first ever SPWF. I even Steamed out his Nintendo DS case.

We got down there around 2p on Friday afternoon, got into our hotel room, and started to get ready for the day. A lot of layers, a lot of strategically placed pins.. an hour or so later.. we were ready to leave the room.

The whole thing didn't get up and rolling until about 5 or 6 o'clock that night. So, basically our night began with the Mad Science Theater. This dinner was a movie and a show. We watched Bed knobs and broomsticks, and heckled the entire movie. So, if you have ever seen "Mystery Science Theater 3000".. You would understand what was basically going on!

There was amazing food, salad, and different types of meats! Very well prepared, and all very tasty!

I made sure to stop by Tea and Absinthe and pick up my specialty Chocolate Truffles. They lasted the entire weekend. And were all FANTASMAGORICAL!

Throughout the weekend, there were different activities for the kids. The first one we attended was making Silhoutte art. Basically, getting a bright colored back drop, and putting a black silhouette (of anything they desired) over it. Emry's turned into a collage with silhouette, and three dimensional elements.. The lady who ran the workshop was TOTALLY into it. And that made Emry really happy.
10pm that night we went to the first of three Tea events! Which was incredible, there was scones.. oh my goodness were there SCONES.. and the tea was okay too. We made sure to bring Emry some chocolate milk, since he wasn't really into the whole TEA thing.. but, he's 7.. can you blame him?

After the tea, we roamed the hotels, and the different vendors... didn't wind up getting back to the room until about 11:30p.. And we all just kind of melted into bed. 

I was up the next morning around 6a, and I was determined to get a work out in... I was in the hotels fitness room by 6:25. I ran 6.2 miles in 58 minutes 26 seconds.. and then I cooled down by doing different core exercises. The workout room wasn't the best. But, it had a treadmill, and enough floor space to get some other stuff done... No free weights though. Meh.. Happy I got something in. 

Met up with my menfolk, and we went to grab some breakfast. Now, I want to note, I had the best intentions the whole weekend. We packed healthy snacks... We geared up accordingly... And, about half way through Saturday.. I fell off the bandwagon. Too many tasty things... Too many Teas.. I have a LOT of work to do this week. Just saying. But, we did happen upon the GIANT robot on our travels!

After breakfast we went back to the room, and got our second round of garb on. The first thing on our list of things to do that day was a Bartitsu and Savate workshop with Professor Mark Donnelly. This man is a historian, and an accomplished fighter. And, he isn't hard to look at either. I'm just going to say it like it is.. The man is HANDSOME! These workshops are the highlight of my SPWF experience. It's a good way to get active.. and learn something. 
At one point, I even got to be his partner, while he was explaining theory to the entire group.. and let me tell you.. IT WAS A LARGE group. 

After the workshop there was a fair amount of window shopping, and performances.. Too many too name... 

Now, there were a lot of different outfit choices this weekend. And there were a lot of people who went for the AVENGERS GROUP LOOK. One of the props I built for Emry was an Iron Man Gauntlet.. that lit up, and was Pretty awesome... So, of course, you meet Iron Man.. and you have to show him that your WEAPON is SO much better than his!

We came upon a TARDIS (Doctor Who.. anyone? Bueller?) and Also ran into the Magic Schoolbus teacher! This weekend was filled with amazing costumes and surprises.

Midway through the day, there was the 2nd Tea.. and this one had Interesting little cupcakes, and more delicious scones. Yup, it was a carbohydrate mecca. My favorite tea of this tasting was called Majestic Earl Grey.. and it had a sweet nutty flavor to it.. Very interesting. Very unexpected.

Emry tried hot tea for the first time, and I'm pretty sure he liked it. He only had a 1/4 cup.. but, at least he tried it!!

Afterwards, another kid event... CAPTURE THE FLAG! After the cupcakes and scones... Let's just say the running around was really good for Emry... and ME too... Just saying.. Mama was getting TIRED!

Towards the early evening, Emry and I changed into our night attire. His outfit and look was inspired by a musical group called Steam Powered Giraffe... and He got a lot of compliments on the way he looked.  Actually the ENTIRE weekend, people were stopping us to take pictures.. Because how AWESOME Emry looked. I mean, Jeez, I looked cute too! But, my kid.. EVERYONE thought he ROCKED THE HOUSE!

While my dad, klay and friend Lissa went to the DEN OF SIN dinner, Emry and I ate in the room.. and saw some really great shows. The Den of Sin dinner had a BURLESQUE.. so it really wasn't a kid friendly activity! But, we had fun during this time. We stopped and saw the singer/musician Unwoman. She plays the Cello, and sings haunting melodies. I highly recommend this artist. 

Our friend had his circus troop at the event, so we stopped by to see their set.. and towards the end, they started swing dancing... and LOW AND BEHOLD who gets pulled up to dance with the group? My kid. YUP. I swear.. it was just the EMRY SHOW this weekend!

There was some roaming around... and then Emry and my dad went to sleep. Leaving Klay and I to have some alone time, and just walk around by ourselves. We winded up in the hotel Bar/Saloon area.. shared a sandwich, and met a really interesting girl... and her ... "interesting" friends. We knew it was time to go to bed, when these interesting people started to drunkenly yell at each other. 

OH! Did I drink this weekend? Yes. I did manage to get a couple of interesting drinks.. But, not a lot.. Maybe 4 or 5... for the whole weekend? It was nice to try some new concoctions.. Even though the hotel bars were not stocked... well... at ALL! I however, made it work!

The third day was a short one. The boots I wore all of Saturday had basically ruined my feet, so working out or running was not an option that morning. We went to breakfast, and packed up our stuff. There was time before our last tea, so we went to the second Bartitsu workshop. Klay and I got to pair off together.. and overall had a really nice time just learning something. The group was significantly smaller than the day before, but that was probably because A LOT of people were still sleeping from the night before.

We stopped by the show "The World of Wyck" because we had about an hour before the tea started. He uses a bull whip, and pulls people up on stage to knock stuff out of their mouths. It's not a really SHOCKING show.. but, he is HYSTERICAL, and the comedic value of it.. just makes it a real WINNER!

The final tea was the best of all of them. Tea and Absinthe, my favorite tea shop, supplied the teas, and the buffet of tasty tea morsels.. was off the charts. We all had a wonderful time. 

Throughout the weekend, we received half ounce gifts from the tea shop, for attending each tea. By the end of the weekend we had 6 ounces of tea... for free.. Plus, Klay and I had bought the teas that we couldn't leave without... OVERALL... 13 ounces of tea came home with us.

Every type.. Every Flavor you can imagine. I LOVE MY HOT TEA! 

The drive home was quick, and we were unpacked and relaxing by 6:30p last night. It was great.

Today, I am tired.. and actually not feeling so hot. I'm sure it's from the over indulgence of the weekend.. and the 7 miles of running I did today... BUT.. it was ALL WORTH IT! 


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. You and Emry looked great.

  2. It sounds like you had a great time. I'm sure Emry enjoyed it. Ya'll both looked great. What great work you did.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I always love when I can let my "geek flag" fly!

  4. Looks like such an amazing time! Loved all you outfits and Emry rocked it!! So fun! Glad you got some alone time to with Klay!