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Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap,and Monday Shaming!

This weekend was a WHIRLWIND of activity... one of these days.. I'm going to have to name a weekend the "DO NOTHING BUT PAJAMAS LOUNGE" WEEKEND. I think I am due for one.

Saturday, I woke up early, at about 5:30a (yes, I'm a maniac...) and decided that it was 49 degrees out, and that meant I was going to run and watch the sun rise. 

I almost wish I had a camera mounted to me as I ran, because the skies and the sun rising over the hills and mountain areas were GORGEOUS. I picked a route, not knowing exactly how far I was going to run, and just hoofed it. I got home, and looked at the clock, realizing I had been gone for 1 hour 02 minutes... Now, I was oddly intrigued about how far I had run (or for that matter, NOT run).

I felt as if I kept a steady pace throughout the entire run... I did take a 2 minute walk break a couple of times when the hills were WAY steep.. But, overall.. I really felt as if I was running... 

So, off to google maps... I inputted my "on foot" route... and gasped. 

6.2 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes. a 10k in 62 minutes? OUTSIDE?

I was totally stoked, and just.. in disbelief. I didn't think I had run that far. But.. I was so impressed. 
I am making tremendous progress with my running, and the fact that I ran.. just for the fun of it.. Was UTTERLY AMAZING. 

I, then, had to run 2 towns over to pick up an amazing yard sale find... I will be using it as part of my garb for SPWF.. which is 11 days away!!! It is a collapsible tea cup, that fits into a teeny tiny pouch. I wish I had taken a picture of it.. but, I totally forgot. Trust me.. It's the coolest thing I've seen in a while. 

Ran back home, got Emry to his swimming class. Once again, I was proud of my lack of "CRAZY PHOTO MOM" picture taken... and I allowed him to just zen in and take the class. Accomplishment of the week: He got his hair wet, and is beginning to be able to float on his own. These are very big accomplishments for a kid who has been afraid of the water since day 1.

Before Emry went to class, I had him at the Y's KID WATCH, while I got a full weight training workout in.

YES, I ran 6.2 miles, and then I spent 45 minutes lifting. Overkill? MAYBE. But, I felt so good.. and I was working out all of the sore kinks I got from TABATA THURSDAYS!

And afterwards, I felt FAN-TAS-TIC!

We stopped at the post office so I could pick up my package of new Steampunk Garb. I am utterly excited that I was able to buy new selections.. in MUCH smaller sizes. EEEEEEE <--girly br="" squeal="">
I spent the afternoon doing some cleaning, playing Mortal Combat Vs. DC comics with Emry (and we had a blast). I made dinner, which turned out to be BBQ Ribs, Salad, and Au Gratin Potatoes. Not the healthiest of Meals, but it was all portioned to Serving Size.. and We all immensely enjoyed it.

Emry and I went to his friends house to watch FROZEN... I brought a Joe Mama's Milk Beer with me, and had some chips.. and maybe some girl scout cookies. 

The kids had a blast! They played, and watched the movie.. and just had a wonderful time. 

We got home a little late, and Emry had to go to bed almost instantly... because SUNDAY was CUPCAKE DAY!

Well, sort of....

Sunday morning was "Let's talk with YOUR parents because they are being BEASTS about our Wedding."

We spent an hour and a half placating his parents because:
  1. They won't see reason.
  2. They think they are always right.
  3. And they can't accept that we do things differently then them.
THEN, we got home, scooped up my father and Emry.. and headed up the the CUPCAKE FESTIVAL!!!

I need to note.. between the 4 of us the following things were consumed:
  • 1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Flavored/Stuffed Cupcake
  • 1 Tequila Lime Margarita Flavored/Stuffed Cupcake (with real TEQUILA - adult cupcake!!)
  • 1 Banana Bread Cup cake
  • 1 Al Pastor Taco
  • 1 Steak Taco 
  • 1 Steak Empanada
  • 1 Chicken Empanada
  • 1 Sweet Potato and Onion Empanada (can you guess, this one was my choice?)
  • 1 Frozen Cappucino 
  • 1 Strawberry Smoothie
  • 1 Maple Bacon Cupcake
  • 1 French Toast Cupcake. 
  • a teeny tasting serving of Protein Fiber Filled Power Granola.

Now this is a LARGE list. But, between the four of us.. we could have done a LOT worse. We all shared, and enjoyed. And by far were the most "frugal" family of the event. I watched families by 6 or 7 cupcakes at EACH booth, and I can't imagine how they felt after!

They had a bounce slide and house for the kids.. totally free! Emry was in love, and had a blast! He really did pick an amazing family friendly (and cheap) event for all of us to go to.

One of the vendors there was a wholesale vitamin and supplement store. I got 3 samples of different protein powders.. and a coupon to use in his store. TOTAL SCORE! I can't wait to try each protein powder. I'm probably going to do reviews of each, and tell you my thoughts on them!

I had taken out $60 for the event. I thought that would handle Klay, Emry and I... My dad wanted to go last minute, so I as afraid I didn't bring enough. My dad, gave me a $20.. to put towards the cause.. and I wasn't exactly counting the cash that we were dealing out. I wanted to have fun.. and we rarely do anything like this. So I didn't want to be the mean "WE ARE ON A BUDGET" mom!

End of the Day... I did the Calculations... 
My $60 + Dads $20 = $80.
Remainder at the end of the day = $43 bucks. 
$$$$ Used: $37

Look above. That is quite a BIG list of things we ate.. PLUS, I also bought Emry a cupcake pen! Just because.. well, you know, we were at a CUPCAKE FESTIVAL!

We drove home in a carb induced haze.. and we all basically laid down for a few hours, until the food MOSTLY digested.

We had a groupon to this restaurant up the road called the Cauldron. Sounds Eery, right? Turned out to be a Pizza Parlor/Oxygen Bar./Restaurant... it's no wonder they were on groupon. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE.

The groupon was for $25 off a meal costing $37.50 or more. We got the groupon for $4... WHAT A DEAL!

We started off with Prosciutto Fresh Mozzarella Caperta's (Prosciutto di Parma wrapped around fresh mozzarella then wrapped in a light flaky dough served golden brown served w/ a house made fig cream). This was utterly sinful. The flaky dough was Phillo, and it was a nice balance between the figs, the prosciutto and the cream. We each had one or two... Emry wasn't a fan.. but he tried a bite.

I had a soup (it came with my meal), and it was the "nameless soup of the day". This turned out to be a spicy, cheese, tomato... pancetta soup. Sounds good.. right? It actually wasn't. The soup was luke warm.. and kind of cold towards the end. I was disappointed. 

1 for 2... here comes dinner!
Thai Tiger Chicken Salad (Asian grilled chicken over house Asian slaw w/ bean sprouts, Fuji apples, toasted sesame & toasted almonds served w/ rice wine vinaigrette). This saved my meal... It was light and tasty.. the chicken was grilled to perfection and marinated in this awesome sweet/spicy sauce. I just loved it.
My salad came with this very thick and cheesy foccacia bread. I had a bazillion few pieces.

We didn't do dessert.. I mean, WHY WOULD WE? We did the cupcake festival 3 hours prior!
Now, Emry had the kids pizza with pepperoni, and it was a nice size personal pie.. and he seemed to enjoy it. had the Classic Pub Burger (Aged sirloin, smoked applewood bacon, mixed greens, American & Swiss cheese w/ garlic herb mayo on grilled sub roll served w/ dipping au jus.) He substituted the Swiss for Cheddar, and asked for a side of a Chipotle Aoili (that they served with a different burger.

My dad had the winning dish.. I had a bite... I can confirm this. Roasted Pepper Rigatoni Carbonara
(Roasted sweet peppers, smoked pancetta, & prosciutto di Parma in a homemade carbonara sauce.) This was silky, and velvety.. and just TASTY.

With the groupon the meal only came out to $29.. and for what we ordered, it was a STEAL.
Overall, it was a great meal.. and I think we would try and go again... They're pizzas sound delicious!
We drove home, got Emry ready for bed.. and just chilled out on the couch... about 9 or so.. I got snacky.. and I'm not going to lie.. this weekend was all about food.. and I couldn't help myself...
I dove into the ice cream. Stewart's managed to give me the Razzle Dazzle a day early.. and I enjoyed some chocolate Raspberry goodness... 
No, I'm not proud. I'm realistic. And Ice cream is awesome. Hahahaha!
I've made a deal with myself, that I am not going to eat any junk, whatsoever until SPWF which as I said is 11 days away. I know I can do that.. and I know it will be worth it. We are scheduled to go to 2 dinners, and 3 High Teas. Also, my favorite Tea shop is making Chocolate Truffles just for the event.. and I may have pre-ordered my batch already... by "may have" I mean DEFINITELY have. 

Now, it's obvious that I did a considerable amount of working out this weekend, and a considerable amount of eating. 

I did not, however, wake up above 130 pounds. And I am okay with that. I enjoyed myself... And remained as active as I could. 

The gym at work is still closed, and will be for the forseeable future.. Stupid emails from the Property Department... Meh, I'll just keep going to the YMCA.

That's where I was this morning. The YMCA opens at 530a during the week, so I can only get an hour workout in there....

Monday's is usually Running and Core.. I knew I was either going to do Both, with LAME times.. and LAME amounts of reps.. or I had to HULK into one of them. 

I picked running. I know.. Shocker... I'll do some core stuff tonight... 

My run consisted of 60 minutes and 6.2 miles.
Why yes it is.. .thank you for noticing. 

I got home.. changed... and drove to work.
It's another reason I hate the gym not being open at work.. I have to commute with all the ASSHOLES... who cause accidents and can't drive worth ANYTHING. TOTALLY NOT COOL.
But, I got here.. got a decent spot.. NOT MY NORMAL SPOT.. but a decent spot.
And been working.. sort of ever since.
It's just about lunch time.. so I'll leave you with this.
YMCA - 1 hour worth of workout.. for the rest of the week...
Other than Tabata Thursday... 
What would you have me focus on? 


  1. I have a package waiting on me at the P.O. I'm trying to figure out why they didn't leave it here and why they just left a note in my mailbox to come pick it up after 3 pm so after 4 pm i will have it. Plus I got something in the mail from a pen pal which is always fun. I love mail.

  2. Look at you getting in 2 six mile runs! Awesome! A cupcake festival sounds like so much fun and at least you shared all that food.

  3. Ok so you had the most successful weekend ever- under budget, going down a size, AND RUNNING 6 MILES TWICE IN AN AWESOME TIME!!! you go!!!!