People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weight and Strength Training - Bat Girl STYLE

I'm totally into dressing up at Renaissance Faires and Steampunk Festivals. Heck, Halloween is AWESOME too. 

I didn't know that I would need a cape while I was at the YMCA this morning!

Tuesdays is my weight and strength day. Since the fitness center at work is closed... INDEFINITELY... I woke up and got my butt over to the Y.

The one great thing is, there are MORE weight/strength options in the spacious YMCA wellness center. It has at least triple the equipment and weights that my teeny tiny work gym does. 

This gives me a bunch of options! I love options. I started out with a little core exercise ball stuff... because I didn't get around to it last night. Karate and Parenting just got in the way... UGH! But, I definitely burned calories while "helping" my son clean up his room... with a garbage bag in one hand. (The joys of having a son!)

Then I began the leg focus... moved my way zig-zagging through the gym. Until I got to my new frenemy... The assisted pull up/chin up/dip machine. As I begin to do my sets... I notice something in the air... moving ... out of the corner of my eye... with a sort of orange belly.

And I sweetly think, "Oh, someone let a bird in by accident. Poor thing must be freaking out."

And then.. it swooped, right past me.

I jump off the assisted machine... "THAT'S A BAT"
The meat head next to me, "WHY IS IT SO CLOSE TO US?", I was just about finished anyway.. so I moved ACROSS the gym.. because this thing was clearly staying only on one side of the room... right... that's how winged creatures from HELL work.

WRONG... oh boy.. how wrong I was.... Stupid, Hopeful.. NAIVE FOOL I WAS.

I have the barbell (25 pounds) on my shoulders, and I am doing my squats and lunges... and I notice... in the mirror... that this THING.. is coming RIGHT FOR ME.. Not all HIGH in the ceiling like it was doing before... 

ME, with the barbell on my shoulders I squat, to the freaking floor. TALK ABOUT GOING DEEP DOWN! 

This thing.. must have sonared my movement, and thought I was an animal.. or something that would protect him.. because he makes a circle and comes right for me again. squealed... no... Scary Movie "HE'S IN THE HOUSE" scream is more like it.

I, with the barbell still on my shoulders, got to my knees and bolted across the floor.
Because you know, dropping the barbell was never an option.
I was scared... DON'T JUDGE.

(It is also okay to be hysterically laughing right now... 
In retrospect, this is FUNNY STUFF).

The YMCA worker, was on it.. not as soon as he should have been. But he managed to get a towel and as gently as he could knock this thing to the ground.

Wrapped him up... and took him out of the building.

The other 5 people in the gym with me... all were laughing. Mostly at me... partly at the situation.

I count it as an extra cardio element.

I have dubbed the exercise regimen as the "BatGirl 2000 Fitness Circuit"... 
It even comes with it's own mini-winged spotter.

Any funny and/or embarrassing exercise tails (see what I did there?) you want to share????



  1. UM A BAT??!?!?!??! Noooo way! Also you're inspiring me- I gotta do these weights I'm just so scurreddddd!!

    Also sorry I am half laughing out loud and half shaking for you right now!

  2. I would have been out of there at the first sign of any animal indoors. Unless it was a cat, or puppy, or baby chick. That is crazy girl!

  3. A bat?!?!?! What in the world was it doing in the Y?!?! How does that even happen?!?!?! I would have been freaking the freak out!!!

  4. i farted once when i was squatting with heavy weight. luckily no one was there but i quickly left as others were coming in and i didn't stop to see if they noticed!!

    Vodka and Soda