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Monday, June 23, 2014

Case of the Mondays - and Weekend Recap

Hello Monday People! 
I, myself, have a case of the Mondays. 
You know what I mean? I did not want to leave the house today.. I would have much rather stay in bed and sleep the day away.

Weekend Recap - 

Friday night, I did my normal, clean the house, make the food for the week. If you remember, I was planning on making Fitness Blondie's, Protein and Veggie Stir Fry and well... I sort of did that. First, I went to the cupboard to get all of the ingredients out. As I did that, I realized that I did not have "Italian Dressing" in the cupboard, but "Greek". This is not a big deal, but, the flavor change meant I had to use a few different veggies. I mean, if we're going GREEK.. we are GOING GREEK.. am I right? I realized then, that I did not want to use the quinoa noodles anymore. but, I wanted to make zucchini noodles. So, I got my shredder out, and made some kick butt zucchini noodles. I added tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus and a little red onion into the mixture... I browned the meat... drained any extra grease from the pan... and mixed it all together... AND OH MY OH MY.. did it smell delicious! That's what I call turning Lemonade.. into FANTASMAGORICAL LEMONADE! Great recipe with great roots... and I just added my own flare. I can't wait to have some for lunch today.

Saturday, I got up early, and I did my hill training. I once again set my eyes on the insane hill by my house.. and the first time I did it.. my time was 41 minutes (3.71miles)... Yesterday? Oh.. my time was 38 minutes 11 seconds. That's right.. I conquered said HUGE HILL and I shaved 2 minutes 49 seconds of my time. I felt like a rock star. It was very VERY cool. I was feeling big and bad.. and invincible.. so I cooled down at home, had some breakfast (protein brownie and a large piece of fruit... holy cow yum) and then went to the YMCA. I had some time to kill before my Saturday Tabata class... so I did some Core focus... Once again, I was feeling big and bad and invincible.. So I upped the weight on the oblique machine... and the crunch machine. 20 minutes later I am down in Tabata... kicking butt and taking names.. Just felt so energized.. so I used slightly heavier dumbbells.. And I really REALLY pushed myself through the class... 

Afterwards, I came home... stretched out... and got ready to take Emry to his friend's dance recital. He got dressed all nice, and so did I. I even wore my new GIRLY shoes... you know, the ones with the 3 inch heel.. that are more for sitting, than walking. Did I mention, that by time we got to the venue for the recital.. I had to park in the FAAAAARRRR lot? Yeah, lots of walking... not fun... my feet were (and still are) not pleased. Emry got his friend some tie dyed roses... and we enjoyed a really cute 2 hour dance recital. We went out to Linner (Lunch + Dinner) with her family after.. and just had a wonderful time. I got home, and we all sort of relaxed. Klay did a lot of outdoor work, so he was beat. While Emry was showering that evening, I through myself onto my bed, and was just laying there. And that's when it happened. Something POPPED.. and Something MOVED... and then I had pain. A lot of pain. Radiating from the right side of my face, down across the left side of my upper body and then down my left arm. My lower back locked up... and I couldn't move. Literally... I couldn't move.

Remember when I was big and bad and invincible? Yeah.. I over did it... and I was kind of screwed. 
Klay walked in the bedroom and could tell that I was hurting. My face said it all... He had to find my muscle relaxers (that I haven't used in 8 months, mind you)... he had to lift me out of the bed... He basically had to walk me where I needed to go in the house. It was awful. I was in and out of consciousness that night.. and then.. Sunday came.

I was still in a load of pain. I did not work out. At all. I barely moved for most of the morning. I had breakfast (pancakes.. I needed pancakes).. and then IT happened. My stomach got wicked upset.. and it wasn't like I could physically RUN to the bathroom.. so I hobbled there as quickly as I could.. And enter, from stage left, and obvious stomach virus. Yeah, Saturday Evening - Sunday Afternoon, not my finest moments. 

Around noon, Emry was really trying to "OVER HELP" Klay outside with the yard work, and I could tell Klay's patience was running low. So, I had Emry help me up off the couch, and he helped me gather clothes, and everything I needed in order to take a bath. Getting myself in and out of the tub was fun, and took time.. but Epsom Salt and 3 Tylenol later.. I felt decent enough to move. I took Emry to Toys'r'us, in hopes of finding an outdoor toy.. A slip and slide.. a sprinkler.. just something. We got a RC car. But, hey.. it can be used outside.. Right? 

Also, because it was a nice day, and I can't seem to learn my lesson. I worked on Emry's bike riding skills, on and off.. for about an hour. He's very close to being a big boy bike rider. And my back held out fine... Fine-ish. We went out for Mexican food for dinner... I had a Raspberry Margarita (because my back needed to be ignored)... and we went home and got ready for bed. 

Overall, the weekend was really nice... I really enjoyed the memories that were made.. I just wish that I didn't hurt myself in the process.

How am I today? Well, I went to the YMCA this morning, and did my hill run on the treadmill. Just in case I had to fall or stop... all I had to do was pick up my feet and put them on the side of the machine. I managed to get through it with minimal effort... and then... I did really light... super light... Core workout. 

I'm at work.
I'm not happy about it.
But, Tylenol is my friend. 


Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Just got to keep stretching. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. It is awesome that you conquered that hill!!! It is not so awesome that now you're hurting. I hope you feel better soon girly!!

  2. OMG! The zucchini noodles with greek dressing sounds way more amazing than my recipe LOL! And I just want to say I admire you so much. You shaved great time off of your hill training this weekend and even with all of the soreness you went to the YMCA this morning. I am not feeling so great today and you really inspired me Kat. Since you trained Sat, Sun, and today, and are so sore, you should maybe do a rest day tomorrow? Let your muscles repair themselves. Also, do you take Glutamine? I take 2 capsules every morning when I wake up and two right after my workout. It really helps with muscle soreness.

  3. Ohhh your change up to Liz's recipe sounds good too! I just purchased a Greek Vinegar dressing this weekend for something different to my usual red wine vinegar I have been you have me thinking I need to do something like this soon!

    I hope that you are feeling better girl!

  4. Ahhh hope you feel better ): I can't believe that happened to you! HOpefully you're getting all the bad out of the way NOW.

  5. That zucchini pasta sounds delicious!
    Good for you for shaving time off your workout but be careful! Eeek, glad you are feeling better today.

  6. I had planned to make zucchini pasta before the a/c went out and it was too damn hot to live in our house let alone cook!