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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't be such a TWIT.. wait, no, YOU SHOULD BE A TWIT!



Current Weight: 124.6 (HOLY COW I DID IT!!!!)
Weight Last week: 129.6

What I did right: Since I was in my "14 Day Reset to a New Me" , I had a structured workout and meal plan for Days 1 - 7. This focused on a high protein meal plan, and 3 workouts a day. Now, usually I would powerhouse through an hour and a half in one sitting.. But, these 3 workouts ranged between 15-45 minutes and happened 3 specific times of the day. I run in the early AM, and then I did strength training in the early (but not as early) morning, and then after Emry goes to bed, I did a PM strength training. Every day was focused on a different area of the body.. and each run was different.
I stuck to the meal plan (85% true - see below), even if I did have to adjust it. For instance yesterday morning, I was supposed to have  Hard Boiled Eggs with my breakfast... and It was so stinking HOT I couldn't imagine turning on the stove. So, instead, I swapped out the breakfast entirely with one of the breakfasts I had earlier in the week. Same thing with dinners... as long as I swapped it for another healthy option, I call that a win.

What I did wrong: We took Emry out for ice cream on Friday night, and then to the Carnival on Saturday... I had ice cream Friday night, and I had a Caramel Apple on Saturday Night. We went to a BBQ on Sunday, and I stuck to as healthy as I could... but, I had a piece of cake at the end.
My workouts were all there, except for Sunday, when Father's Day took priority over working out, and I don't mind that. Klay is an amazing Father to our son, and he deserves to be shown it. And yesterday, when I should have done a 30 min Speed Run.. I didn't.. I knew my body wouldn't handle it. SO, I did a steep incline, followed by a 9mph super minute sprint. 

What's my plan for this week: My plan for this week is to go into Week 2 of the Reset. To keep strong with the high protein, high exercise regimen. To stay focused. To not give in to temptation. To have a weekend filled with memories.. not food.

My Weekly Weight Goal: 122.5 lbs (which would be a loss of 2.1 lbs)

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ALSO TODAY, a new link up from Fitness Blondie, called FEARLESS THURSDAYS! This link up is to share our stories.. to explain why we are "FEARLESS".

Liz @ Fitness Blondie

What made me FEARLESS this week?

My story, is a long one.. it's a complicated one, and before I met Klay, it was a dramatic one.
But, what matters, is I am a stronger person (mentally, physically, emotionally) than I was the day before.
I make goals and conquer them, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how hard I have to work at them.
This week was the beginning of a reset.. a getting back on track. Because, for a hot minute.. I was slipping, into the girl I used to be. The girl who would eat here feelings.. the girl who would sneak and hide junk food... The one who lived in the fridge... Just looking for something to make her happy.
I am not that girl.
I am a strong, motivated, driven WOMAN.
And I am humble.. I know that it will take time to change bad habits and bad mindsets. I know that as long as I stay positive, and keep pushing forward.. I will really cement into this new lifestyle.

We are human, and we slip.
We fall so that we can pick ourselves up.. and go farther.

I am fearless.. because I am not afraid of the fall, nor am I afraid of the climb... I embrace both, and I use them... they are my Fuel..


  1. OMG that last line is soooo powerful so right!!!

  2. Congrats on hitting your goal!! Love that last line, so powerful! We fall but we have to pick back up!

  3. I am with Brittney, that last line!!!!!!

    You go girl on your reset, you are doing awesome!

  4. Holy crap with the 5 lb weight loss! great job! Now, as for the living in the fridge - I am glad that you have conquered that. It is a tremendous feat - not easy at all. but you did it, congrats!