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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fives!

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KateriVonStealONE - I'd like to express my gratitude for the couple of lovely ladies who jumped on to my brand new Link Up!... We're TWITS and PROUD OF IT. Have no idea what I am talking about? Check out yesterdays first post, and come back next week... Join in! Let's spread the positive movement! - I am so thankful that this week I was able to take a breather on Wednesday. It was so needed, and each day following my meltdown.. I have felt stronger and more ME. Which, to me, is a really great thing. I hate being in a funk... Ya'know? - Rest Day Friday after Tabata Thursday, is always a true blessing. I was able to sleep an hour later than I normally do, and I was able to take my time... with all of these sore muscles. The great thing about Tabata, at least for me, is that during the class you are aware that you are working out. You feel the burn and you just keep going. After the class, you feel great, you aren't sore at all.. sometimes a little tired, but feeling totally invigorated. The next morning, it's all WHAT DID I DO? WHY DOES MY BODY HATE ME? Well, that might be an exaggeration... but, I can tell you how my shoulders and upper thighs feel this morning... And there are no positive words that I would use. Being able to slowly wake up, and stretch out... SO wonderful! God Bless Rest Day! - I booked our Mini Vacation yesterday! We will be spending a weekend... surrounded by TRAINS. I know Emry is going to die, so we are going to keep this hush hush, for as long as possible. Just a note, this is over a month away. Need to use code words, and hide any paperwork I have on this. Hahaha. We will be staying at a motel called the Red Caboose. It is located right outside of Strasburg, PA and that is the central hub for all things TRAIN. Our "room" at the motel is a converted CABOOSE... Can you imagine how he's going to react? Now I know what you are thinking, "How do I know it's clean? Or Safe? or.. not a roach motel?" This came highly recommended by a family friend, and vouches to the Quaint and CLEAN environment. Also, the surrounding area has the Amish Country, Train Museums, a Railroad (with a DINING CAR, that we can ride and do lunch), and the Dutch Wonderland amusement park. All of the prices are very reasonable and very doable. I am so blessed to have been told about this place! There is even the Great American Music Theater, and when we will be there they have an Orchestra set up playing the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber.. OH MAN OH MAN.. we're going to save a little extra and see if we can do this too! Needless to say... Klay and I are just excited to see how much Emry's head explodes when we actually get there!

FIVE - Tonight is Emry's first Tae Kwon Do Test. He had been taking Goshin Ryu for over a year, but the dojo was going downhill really fast, and the secretary was swindling money.. I was certain of it. The teaching was also starting to feel, unmotivated and unfocused. So, back in March, we moved him over to a Tae Kwon Do dojang, and it was the best decision we ever made. We did this along with Emry's BFF, Samantha, and both children are flourishing. The owner of the dojang saw that both children were disciplined and focused, this allowed them to test into a higher belt, not start back at White. This was a relief for us, but to catch up to where they both needed to be; well that has taken some extra work. A long time ago, I took Tae Kwon Do... and that has helped me to get Emry where he needs to be. The tests are more structured and intense then what these two are used to. And, there is the chance that they won't pass. Whereas the other school.. it was guaranteed as long as you paid for the test. See why we left? The one thing I think that is scaring Emry, is that he has to Jump Kick a board. And that board has to break. I'm certain he can do it and he has been practicing getting power behind his kick. We shall see, so say a little prayer for my karate kid! - Sorry there is one other thing I wanted to share. So.. I hope I didn't break a code by doing a Friday 6! This Sunday, Emry and I will be running in our first 5k together. It is my second time doing a 5k and it is his first! I am contemplating whether or not I want to go SUPER CRAZY and get as matching running gear... That be silly.. Right? I don't want to be that mom.. but, it would make for some really great pictures... But, seriously, I do want to dress him brightly, because.. and this is the God's honest truth.. The kid runs FASTER than I do... And I'm certain that he's going to finish BEFORE I do. We practiced a while back, and he ran in front of me... by a good distance, the entire time. We will have family and friends set up along the race route, so that they can keep an eye out for him progressing through... And that makes me feel safe enough to focus on my run. I am trying to maintain my current speeds and do this 5k under 30minutes. My times average between my fastest time of 27 minutes 30 seconds and 30 minutes 10 seconds. I am hopeful, that I will be right in the middle of that time span. SO, on SUNDAY.. send positive energy and prayers our way!

So there you have it! My Friday FIVES SIXES!

What do you look forward to this weekend?
Will you link up with us next Thursday?


  1. I just love TABATA!! Your mini vaca sounds soooo awesome. I think I want to stay in the Red Caboose surrounded by trains!

    Sometimes a little meltdown is just what we need to regain motivation, focus and control. I am glad Tuesday's slump was short lived.

  2. I love rest day especially after a really hard workout. The mini-vacation is going to be so fun. He is going to be so excited!! You will rock the 5k, just have fun!!

  3. wait a CABOOSE HOTEL ROOM that is the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!! and i'm not even big into trains!!

  4. Friday's are always great to see. Esp b/c it means the weekend. Hope you have a great one.

  5. Yay for mini vacations!!! Have fun at your 5K!

  6. Mason would not even know what to do with himself if we came within 10 feet of a train hotel... That is awesome!!
    I am so into the matching running gear idea!

  7. Girl look at you and your link up! I will be sure I join this week. That is so exciting about the mini vay-k, trains are really fun. I have ridden on them a few times and it feels like an adventure. You have to take tons of pictures of the hotel room that is a converted caboose, I mean I am DYING to see what that is about?!