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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I rested... and a Top 10

There is definitely something up with my body. Between the crazy back pain, and then last night the stomach turmoil... I think a trip to the doctor is due.

I'm leaving half day to go to an appointment... and then we'll see exactly where we are.

I woke up around 2a, and my stomach was screaming... Needless to say, TMI MOMENT, I was up and down for most of the evening.

Going to the gym wasn't going to happen... even if I wanted to. I was dehydrated, and I really was contemplating coming in to work or not. (IE: wasn't sure if I could make the 45 minute commute to work).

So, here I sit, waiting for 12pm to come, and I realize that I need to get a lot done before then.. **SIGHS** Maybe if I get red glittery heels and click them together.. maybe it will all be done?

SO, today, I'm going to give you the:

TOP 10 things I wish I could be doing right now:
(COMPLETE WITH GIF's.... Sorry not sorry... I needed to giggle with these! Enjoy!)

I wish I could be laying on a beach, in my bikini, listening to the waves crash, with a large umbrella drink in my hand.

I wish that I was not so topsy turvy in the tummy, and running outside in this beautiful weather...

I wish that I could be one of those Desperate Housewives, and only have a charity event and pedicure appointment to keep.

I wish that I could be laying in bed.. with NEGATIVE CALORIE PANCAKES (they exist in my dreams okay?) eating and enjoying HORRIBLE TV.

I wish that I could be working on my tan.. seriously, I'm not a big "TANNING" person.. but, I think my legs are actually not PASTEY white.

I wish that I could be in a hot bath, with lavender and epsom salt.. trying to persuade my back to feel better.

I wish that I could be taking Emry off the bus at 11:15a.. rather than making him go to Boys and Girls Club.... I wish I could be that mom.

I wish that I could be in an office across the building... where people actually work.. and the most important thing is NOT.. what food is in the breakroom.

I wish that I could be getting a massage... a hot stone massage...Ooooh yehah.. That sounds good.

I wish that I could be rich... MONEY RAINING FROM THE SKY.... FREAKING RICH.

Enjoy your day.

What do you wish you could be doing right now?


  1. My bf's stomach has been jacked since yesterday and mine was jacked last week. Sorry to hear yours is and I hope it gets better ASAP. As for the back - that's no joke and I hope that also gets better ASAP.

    PS, I responded to yesterday's comment but I was not sure if you would see it. I said yes, the secret's out. I'm inked! :)

  2. the beach; definitely the beach! give me a pina colada and a beach chair!!

  3. I hate that you are not feeling well! I really wish I were at the beach right now with an adult beverage in hand! That is my all time favorite happy place!

    A massage or bath would be a close second. Or a shopping spree!!! With someone else's money! LOL!

    I hope you feel better girl!

  4. fun post I love this! I'd like to be joining you on ALL of these

  5. Yeah, the rich thing would definitely be great. In fact, I don't even want ridiculous amounts of money; just enough to be able to treat myself once in a while. I'd love to be sat on a beach with a cocktail. We've actually been having pretty good weather now, so it makes me wish I lived near to the coast.