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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm a TWIT and proud of it!

Okay, let me be the first to start!

Current Weight: 125.0 lbs
Weight Last week: 124.4 lbs

What I did right: Last weekend, I was very active and I still indulged on "not so healthy foods" while keeping my portion size small.

What I did wrong: I gave in to emotional eating on Tuesday night, and gorged myself at the Chinese Buffet. I knew it was wrong and I still did it.

What's my plan for this week: I am not ashamed or even a little upset about what I weigh. I am merely trying to stay between 120lbs and 125lbs. Maintenance is a hard thing... And finding the balance is my plan. Continuing to try new things, that will allow me to stay within this range.

I also am going to find better coping mechanisms than food. I was well aware that my binge eating was wrong. I was well aware that it would not fill the void in my soul... I still did it.
If I should have this problem during the next seven days... the plan is to pray, sing, dance, color.. do something else to get through the emotional issue... not take myself to the fattiest food place that is open. Not eat until it hurts.

My Weekly Weight Goal: My goal for next week is to be in the center of this weight range. I would like to be around 122.5lbs.

This is just my rubric for a quick way to do this link up. If you life it, please mirror it.. if you have your own ideas.. RUN WITH IT!

Please stay tuned for the Tabata Thursday Post.. I hope to have it ready by this afternoon!


  1. This works out quite well for me! As you read is yesterday's confession I have not worked out for 2.5 weeks. I need to do a little damage control! :)

  2. You're so tiny! Holy moses... good job, girl!