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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday - Recap from Last... err.. Thursday? Wednesday?

So... Hi there? I've been gone forever.. even though it's only been 5 days. Seems like forever. 
Wow. This has been a crazy week.

Between the pain in my back... stomach pain.. and then Emry breaking 2 fingers... I can't begin to tell you how much I didn't breathe.... You know what I mean?

I left half day on Tuesday to go to a doctor's appointment, and I swung by my PCP and asked her what she thought about my back and stomach pain... I was told to take it easy... Which meant... Do not work out. I hate when they say that.... I mean, working out... is WHAT I DO. Am I right?

Of course, I didn't tell her, that before I went to my first appointment and before I stopped in to ask for her advice... that I had, in fact, been at the YMCA.. running, and doing an epic weight training workout. I mean, should I have told her? Yes? No? I mean, it's not like I knew she was going to tell me NOT to do anything... Right? Okay I kind of knew I would be told to cool it off... But... You know.. Sorry not Sorry... I loves me my gym time.

But, I took the break on Wednesday... and then on Thursday... I also took a break.... So no TABATA THURSDAY... (More on that later).... 

But, let me back track... Wednesday, was a normal work day... Actually, it was kind of a busy day, and I was trying to get myself ahead... Around 10:30a, I get a phone call from the school nurse. (Just a side note: Wednesday was the 2nd to last day of the school year.. just saying). She told me that Emry had come to her, and that he had fallen off the swing. That he was saying that his finger hurt (this is not the case by the way, keep reading). She then told me, that he looked fine, it was kind of discolored, but he didn't seem to be in any pain.. but "did you notice that his pointer finger is a little crooked?". I knew he probably had broken it... but, the way she was talking about it.. I figured it wasn't that bad. I asked her if she thought taping it to the other finger would work, until I could get there to pick him up. She said yes... he wasn't in any pain... So I hung up.

I called Klay, just to keep him in the loop, and as I was talking to him... The nurse rang in... AGAIN.
"Emry will not let me touch his fingers." I tell her to hold on, put my cell down, transfer to Klay (on the end of my work phone) "Go get Emry, he really broke his fingers". I let her know that his dad was on his way.... and that was that.

Klay took him straight to urgent care. But, he called to let me know that:
  1. Emry didn't ask to go to the nurse. No one saw him fall off the swings, and he was going to tell us about it, when we picked him up. He was going to "walk it off", and his teacher saw him holding his fingers and decided it best to send him down.
    1. This means that our son was trying to be SUPER BRAVE... and if you keep reading.. .you'll understand why I am proud, and so sad.. at the same time
  2.  That his finger wasn't crooked.. but BENT THE WRONG WAY ENTIRELY. As in 45 degrees away from the midline. Crooked my ass... School nurse isn't an RN.. I can TELL....
  3. That his finger was not only discolored.. but was more PURPLE AND BLUE then SKIN TONED.
  4. And that Emry was really pale.. so that he was in a GREAT DEAL OF PAIN.. but trying to be strong about it.
After the doctor at the urgent care saw him.. It was discovered that he had broken his 1st and 2nd proximal phalanges (Read: Pointer and Middle Finger, at the base of the finger closest to the first knuckle).. and that the breaks were completely all the way through. They put him in a hard cast, and said we'd need to follow up with an orthopedic in the morning. They were unsure whether or not complete breaks would require surgery. I... just about lost my mind....

The nurse said he didn't seem to be in pain... He wasn't going to tell anyone he had fallen... He knew we'd handle it when I picked him up.. .Klay telling me that he was PALE... and that there was DEFINITE PAIN... I was so sad. It broke my heart.... My son knows that Klay and I work... full time... He knows that his "job" is school.. and what our schedule is... However, we always tell him.. if you are sick or you are hurt.. or you NEED us... we are there.. No questions asked, our jobs can SHOVE IT... He didn't care... He thought he was brave enough to make it to pick up time... Which mind you, would have been around 4:30p.... 6 hours later... I was then proud of him.. for wanting to be so brave.. but, my heart STILL ACHES... for the fact that he is making such GROWN decisions in a 7 year old body.

When I got home... He was there... on the couch... with his hand all in a cast... And I just sat with him. I had told my boss I wouldn't be in on Thursday, because the orthopedic wouldn't see us until 1p.. and I wasn't even going to attempt to bring him in to work with me... He needed to be home, with me. SO, she doesn't know this, but I brought work home with me... And while I sat on the couch with Emry... nestled under one of my arms... I was typing up spreadsheets on my laptop. And he was helping me when I was making spelling errors, and/or when I was off a line.... Such a big boy...
I wanted to make sure that on Thursday, the only thing that was important, was taking him to the doctor and getting him yummy food to help make him feel better. You know.. Mama Loving.

We had to piggy pack tylenol and ibuprofen all night...Wednesday night.

He was up with me super early on Thursday... he couldn't sleep from the pain (even though he didn't admit that)... I had called the school nurse to let her know he wouldn't be in for the last day, and why. She was thoroughly surprised, because of how he was acting... She said Emry could teach the 5th graders a thing or two about pain management... But, she was going to have his report card and whatever was left for him at school ready for us. We picked it up... And had enough time to go and say goodbye to our class friends... It was good for him.. he was very disappointed he'd be missing the last day of school. Poor Kid.

"Mama, this was the WORST way to end the year".
(Your heart breaking too?)

After that we went over to the Orthopedic.. and they took off the cast.
I almost passed out. I was in such shock.. his hand was so inflammed and discolored.. it looked as big as my hand... And when they took the cast off... pain went SHOOTING to the area.

"Mama I need you to help me. I need you to make it stop hurting".
(I was almost in tears).

So I put my hand under his ... and supported him... And just waited for the doctor to come in.

The orthopedic came in, and told me that he couldn't have "broken it any better" (I mean, seriously, what does THAT mean?) That is was a "clean fracture" and that he didn't think Emry needed surgery, or even a hard permanent cast. But, he would be in a buddy splint.

WHAT IS A BUDDY SPLINT YOU ASK?'s a piece of velcro that gets wrapped around the two fingers in question.. and the buddy movement off each other.

I can't wait to see what a piece of velcro costs on my insurance.

The Doctor wrote him out of sports (ie: Karate, Swimming, Playground play, Riding bike.. summer time fun) for 3 weeks. Emry was so disappointed. But, he knows that he needs to let it heal properly.. so that it's only 3 WEEKS.

After that, I took him to pick up the groceries.. and whatever he wanted to eat for lunch. He opted for popcorn chicken... And I made sure to keep up with the pain medicine... Because, even though he wouldn't say anything (even though I told him he should), I could tell from his eyes/face when the pain was getting significant.

So.. That was Thursday.....

Friday, was my company picnic. We weren't expected to be at the location until 9:45a... So... What to do with that extra time.... Oh.. yeah, I worked out.. Even though the doctor told me not too... I did.. I wanted to... I needed a stress reliever.... I did an hour of Weight training.. and then I had to drop my car off for an oil change... How did I get home to get ready? OH... I ran home... And I did pretty great on my time.

We all showered and got to the picnic just at 9:45... and proceeded to have a pretty great time. I was able to take Emry in the pool with me... I made sure that he wasn't banging his hand around.. and basically just let him enjoy the water... I think he appreciated that... He was looking forward to actually swimming in the pool by himself... but, being able to still go in.. it was a decent compromise.

Friday was also the day that I was supposed to bring Emry to my sisters, so Klay and I could have a weekend to ourselves. She promised that she'd take care of him, and that she'd abide by the doctor's orders... and so... Klay and I felt confident to let him go.

We dropped him off around 2:30p.. and then proceeded to drive home, talking about him. Isn't that funny? Of all the things we talk about.. we enjoy talking about or son the most. I think our cats are a close second.  (HA!) we got home, I had to make the food for the week, and clean the house. Freedom from parenthood is NOT freedom from housework... am I right?

This week, I made Healthy Sloppy Joe's (that we will be placing over salad)... What makes it healthy? It's Half Ground Beef and Half Lentils... And there are a ton of veggies in it. The seasonings are cut in half (read: not as saucey, but just as tasty).... So basically, it's kind of like sloppy joe flavored chili. The house smelled amazing!

And for the healthy breakfast, I found a quick and easy Protein Cookie recipe over at The Fitness Blondie. I had all the ingredients, so it was a WIN.

House got cleaned.. and by 7p... everything was done.
I also call that a WIN.

We went out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend... And then Klay and I went over to a friend's bar... just to decompress... Over all the night was very relaxing. It's a small bar... and the ages ranged from young twenty somethings to 70's... It was great. There was a cute little band... And, knowing the owner seemed to get us in the "free drink from other customers" club... We didn't drink a lot.. Wait, strike that.. I didn't drink a lot... But, it was a very enjoyable time.

Saturday morning, I woke up... and well... I wanted to run. But, I didn't... I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking that day... so I decided not to run.. But, I still went to the gym. I got a full core workout in.. and then realized that I still had time to go to the Saturday Tabata... ENTER MY INSTRUCTOR.

It was like he planned to sub into that class... because I had missed Thursday. He asked me, where I had been... and if I was going to the Saturday Class... When he found out I was... He smiled.. (DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER)... And he said he'd see me shortly.

When I got down into the Tabata Room, as I broke through the door... I hear the following:
"Hi, my name is John, and I was going to run your Tabata class the way your instructor NORMALLY does. But since Jillian (points to me), missed our Thursday class... I think we should do class MY WAY... ALSO: Jillian will be helping me to teach you about each station, as she also DOES the stations... she will take NO minute breaks.. she will be helping WHOEVER needs instruction on a station, while getting ready to do her OWN station."
I did not make many friends during this class. John set up all the stations he knows that makes me work the hardest.. the ones that are super difficult. From the Pull Up bars.. to the heavy ropes... to the Frogger TRX move... All of them... Sumo WALKS... YEah.. ALL OF THEM.... By the end of the class.. I was all "John, I get it, I'm sorry, I'll take better care of my body, I'll never miss another class... I will not make excuses why I cannot make a 545a class... I'm sorry..." Everyone was laughing.. and so was he. But, I think that was his point... and I love him for it.

After that, I went home, and cleaned up.. I had to drop my car off at Safelite (cracked windshield) and then I had a hair appointment followed by a trip up to the wedding venue with Klay and the photographer.

It all seemed doable.. UNTIL


I get to safelite, and even though I have an email confirmation for my appointment.. THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF ME. And they didn't have the glass in stock.... and I wasn't getting the crack, which is the size of my windshield, taken care of. I had to call back my insurance and have them schedule another appointment... and then DOUBLE CHECKED with SAFELITE that they, in fact, RECEIVED THAT appointment.

I then realized that the photographer was going to be taking pictures of us that day... so Klay and I had to dress nicely. This isn't a problem... but, for us to dress in a way that compliments each other IS. He doesn't have a lot of clothing (outside of rock t-shirts)... so I told him to find his nicer (but still casual clothes) and I would match to him.... Well, I had NOTHING... to match to him. We had to run over to Joyce Leslie before my hair appointment, so I could grab a quick (and cheap) sundress... SIGHS.

Barely got to my hair appointment in time.. but it went well. I don't like that my hair is barely passed my shoulders... but it is THICKER and HEALTHIER than it has every been.

We met up with the photographer, and the whole scouting for Wedding Shots and taking Engagement photos went really REALLY great. It was like everything slowed down once we got to Mohonk.
THANK GOD, am I right?

Hopefully, I should have some proofs to show in a couple of days. Klay and I don't have any professional pictures of ourselves.. so it will be nice to have one or two.

After that was done, Klay and I had packed hiking clothes in the car.. so, we took the opportunity of being able to do so. Mohonk has beautiful trails... And we opted to do something called the Labyrinth. It is a rock scramble, and it's a "No going back" trail.. Once you start.. there is no stopping, there is no turning around.. It's GET TO THE TOP... and then walk the road back to the where you parked.

It was epic. And even though I am supposed to be taking it easy.. My body responded... I was climbing and pulling myself up.. I was using all those muscles I have been training for months. I mean, why do I lift weights? If I'm not going to USE those muscles in real life?

When you get to the top of the Labyrinth, you are at "Skytop".. and you can see forever into the distance. It was BEAUTIFUL!

A leisurely walk back to the car... and we drove home. I grilled up some Tandoori Chicken Kebabs on the grill.. and paired it with a kale salad.... We had a bottle of wine ... (Mind you: it was a bottle of wine between Klay, my dad and I).... And then we just relaxed. I took a nap on the couch... and when I woke up around 9p... Klay decided we should go out for dessert.

We went to Outback stack house, and we shared some carrot cake.. and they have these MINI (3 oz) milk shakes. So tasty!!!

Home and to bed.

Sunday was a rest day... We did nothing... Mostly because we were waiting for my sister to contact us, for when we were supposed to meet up and grab our son. Which, I was missing like CRAZY!
We had him by 3p... and then all of us went out for Thai Food... Which was super tasty... Super SALTY... but, what can you do... It's a given!

And here we are... at Monday.

I ran this morning outside. The temperature was 63 degrees and balmy... And I have discovered that I am in urgent need of new running shoes... I think a lot of my back pain is coming from that... I felt it as I was doing the hills this morning... **SIGHS**... Don't really have the money for it.. but, it's a necessity if I plan to keep running.. AND I DO PLAN TO KEEP RUNNING! Can I get an AMEN?

I went to the Y around 530a and did about 40 mintues of core work... And then I went home.. changed... and got Emry to camp... then made my way to work.

Yes... it was a jam packed 5 days away... Did you miss me? I can't wait to catch up on reading all of your blogs.

Let's hope this week is a CALMER week? Mmmm'kay?



  1. Poor baby Emry!! What a sweet boy- hoping for a calmer week for ALL OF YOU this week!! Sloppy joe recipe pleeease!!!!

  2. I hope that Emry is feeling better!!! Poor boy! He sounds like he was so brave :)

  3. Poor Emry, I would be so sad to watch a kid in pain like that. Excited to see some engagement pics!

  4. Hope that he heals quickly. Poor guy trying to be so brave. Heart breaking.

  5. Breaks are definitely painful! I hear that growth plates (which only kids/adolescents have) help kids to heal faster than adults which usually means the pain goes away faster than it would for an adult. Hopefully this = pain goes away fast for Emry!

    As for you. WTH is wrong with your back???!! And why the hell r u ignoring it?!!! I have seen a few posts where you are talking about it and you should be careful so as not to create a PERMANENT injury (insert my most firm mom voice- in this whole paragraph).

    It really really really really sux missing the gym. Buuuuuut, if you could miss the gym for 2 weeks versus 2 years (or the remainder of your life) I think it would be a much smarter solution. Just be careful - especially w/your Tabata instructor pushing you even harder for missing a day. (which was missed for an extremely valid reason- and not an excuse)

    I'm excited for engagement pics too :)