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Friday, June 13, 2014

My Reset - 14 days to a new me: "Healthier, Faster, Stronger" 

I am in day 2 of my 14 day reset, which I have labeled "Healthier, Faster, Stronger". 
This is because, not only am I going to get back to my 120-125 range (125 by next week), I am going to push through it, and get leaner and faster in the process. 

I looked at my current eating habits (not the binge eating, but what I normally eat in a day), and I realized that my protein was low. And, that could be a lot of the reason why I can't say no during the binge periods...

Let's break down what Protein is to our bodies, and how we use it:

The body doesn’t have a large storage depot for protein, as it does for carbohydrate and fat. The protein we eat from food has to be handled as we eat it. Like rookies sitting on the bench waiting for their chance to play, the amino acids in the pool are ready and waiting to be utilized. Either the amino acids are used within a limited time to build a body protein, or they are transformed.

If amino acids in the pool aren’t needed to become a protein, the body is equipped to reconfigure them either back to glucose to be used as energy or into fat. To transform an amino acid, the liver strips off the nitrogen, which may then be incorporated into DNA, RNA, or a nonessential amino acid. Excess nitrogen may also be incorporated into urea, or ammonia, both of which are excreted in the urine. In order to eliminate these, water is needed, so a high protein intake can result in excess fluid loss. The remaining part of the stripped-down amino acid may be reconfigured into glucose, and it is burned for energy.

How much protein do we need?

As you can see, our bodies can do a lot of things with the protein we eat. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein for people over the age of 18 is not a huge amount—.8 gram per kilogram or .36 gram per pound. For younger people who are still growing, ages 4 to 13, it’s .95 gram per kilogram or .43 gram per pound; and for ages 14 to 18, it’s .85 gram per kilogram or .39 gram per pound. These amounts represent the average daily dietary intake level sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of about 97 percent of people in these age groups. However, athletes need more.
How much protein should be recommended is a hotly debated subject among some because, although the previous recommendations will supposedly maintain health, they do not necessarily represent the optimal intake or cover the needs of an athlete in training. Muscle damage does occur as a result of exercise, and additional protein is needed for repairing tissue. Optimal protein intake for athletes not only maintains health but also supports muscle growth, preserves bone integrity, and in certain instances helps with weight management. The type and intensity of training, duration, frequency, your fitness level, and your weight will all be considered when determining your protein needs.

Ok.. So, I highlighted a couple of areas in red, because I wanted to reference them.

Our bodies use proteins as they enter us, whatever isn't being used turns into fat or glucose. Thus, my not eating enough protein, was making any of the protein I ate, instantly used or turned into sugar quickly. It can't stay with you and fill you up.. if your body is DISINTERGRATING IT ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY. Then I realized, how far off I am from my intake. Using the rubric of .36 grams of protein per pound.. that means I should be eating at least 46 grams of protein a day. And I don't think I was anywhere NEAR that. And I probably need more, due to all the running and weight training I've been doing. I've been basically setting my body up to binge.. because it is looking for any nutrient to handle what my body is trying to do. 
SO THUS... MORE Protein.
I have added extra protein into all of my major meals... Over the next seven days I am averaging at 51.2 grams of protein a day. It is higher on the days that I will be doing more Weight/Strength training.

That is step one to the reset. Give my body the nutrients it needs, so it can transform into the body it wants to be.

I've set up a structured meal plan, with most of the normal things I eat, but, I kicked it up a knotch. Each meal has added elements of protein and fiber.. If it's a salad, it has lean chicken on it... if it's breakfast, Flax seeds have been sprinkled on top of it... And, I can already notice a difference, I feel fuller longer... I am not reaching for the water as quickly to squash a hunger pain... 

I'm also making sure that I am getting at least 64 ounces of water a day. Hydration is equally as important! stronger and faster elements of this reset.. are just for my personal wants. I want to be faster, I want to be stronger.. So, while we're revamping the food.. might as well revamp the workout too.

Friday is usually rest day, and I suppose you can say it's a Quasi-Rest day. I did a "comfort run" today, and that means I did 3.1 miles, at my comfortable pace 6.2 mph. That's a 30 minute run. I would have done it outside, but it was POURING.. so I got my butt over to the Y and I ran.. And then, I drove home and showered. It took all my willpower not to go to the weights, and to do a full hour of training. But, I did it, I went home.. showered, and got myself to work.

Later tonight, I will do mild body weight exercises, probably only 15-20 minutes worth.

Stay tuned tomorrow: 
I'm going to post the Stronger/Faster Aspect of my Week 1. 
It will include all of the workouts and mini workouts that I will accomplish during Week 1. (heck, I may even post a picture so we can see the transformation)

This reset has me super motivated, and I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words yesterday and the endless support I get here.

4.6 lbs in a week, is a lot.. but, honestly, let's think about this.. I ate crap. Crap is FAT and CARBS.. most of the weight I probably gained has a lot of AIR to it.. not a lot of MASS. It is also probably BLOAT from eating things I normally do not eat. I bet I get to 125 or darn close by next Thursday. 

Also: in my mind, I GAINED it in a week.. I'm going to LOSE it in a week. set BIG goals.. and I conquer them.. It's part of who I am.. GO big or GO home. And this chick is GOING BIG, not GETTING BIG... and the only reason I'm GOING HOME... is to take a shower an drest my bones... from being so AWESOME! Am I right?

I also, because Lindsay @ Broke & Bougie,  told me she would do it with me, FOUND THIS!, I know it doesn't say we'll be able to do a pull up in 30 days, but Lindsay, I think working our way up sounds more positive right? Who's in to do this?!?!?! 

I'm going to rope this in to my workouts, every other day (of course), because it's going to help me achieve my goal. Who knows.. in a month.. or two... A pull up? HECK YEAH!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone.
Fill your weekend with friends, family and memories! 




  1. YESYESYESYES to the pull ups!!! We are doing this!!! saving it to my computer now!

    Also thanks for all the info on the protein!! I definitely need to get more in my diet, I hadn't even thought about it!

  2. I think you can totally do a pull-up after that workout in 30 days just keep increasing your weights every week!

  3. I live for the day I can do a pull up and several REAL push ups in a row! We can only take it one day at a time, right?!