People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TA-Freaking-DA Tuesday! everyone! This is the first Tuesday in, (checks post dates), WEEKS, that I have felt THIS STINKING GOOD.

I know, you may applaud me now.
*Waits for applause*

I am about half way through my reset, Day 6 of 14... and I can completely feel a difference in my body, and my mind. I am really starting to center again.


As I type this, I am eating my amazing breakfast. 
Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt, a cut up Doughnut Peach and a big spoonful of Flax seed. I never thought I'd see the day where I would be in love with anything including FLAX SEED. But, It really adds a nice crunch and texture to my breakfasts! And salads too!

2) If you have never had a Doughnut Peach, I recommend it. It has a lighter sweetness than a normal peach... and when they are super ripe.. the pit is practically detached from the fruit.. so you can more FRUIT AWESOME. Just saying.

Moving forward:

Yesterday, I lost a blogifriend.. You know, we all follow each other, read the other ones posts, comment. Some of us even will share an email or two. (Side note: I love getting to know the bloggers I follow... And one day, to actually meet some of you... A lot of you inspire and motivate me. True support system from all areas of the world!)

But, this person, just, there is no real words for it.

I wish them well, and am truly sorry that my opinion was so different.. that it caused them to back away from my blog as well as remove me from being able to read theirs.

Here's the deal and it's an opinion that I have always shared... and it's a lesson I constantly re-learn.
  • The dark is powerful, the dark is crafty, it feeds off the drama.. it sinks into your soul... and it messes with you. Try to keep your face to the light.. try to rise above the stupidity. No matter how hard it is.. just try. 

So, yeah, it makes me sad, because truly, I think this person needs more people telling her that she is capable of great things, that focusing on these little things is what is holding her back. That you can see her light.. it's right behind her eyes. Just let it shine... 

This morning, I woke up, and I did a comfort run around my neighborhood... And I think I ran slower for one reason... I thought I was being stalked by this white SUV... 

As I ran, I noticed he was on the same street with me, and was constantly getting closer. I was having a STRANGER DANGER MOMENT.. no joke. 

Finally... He got up real close to me, and I stopped my run, and I faced the car.. and I was so ready to freaking scream. dude gets out of the car, and was like... "I'm delivering the paper... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

No that is not the stance I'm taking on this... but, DUDE.. WHO DELIVERS THE PAPER AND GETS RIGHT UP NEXT TO A WOMAN RUNNING... I was relieved.. but I ran really quickly away.. and tried to just get distance... 

Totally freaked me out.

2.17 miles in 23 minutes 27 seconds... I swear I would have been more focused on the run, if I wasn't so focused on the paper MAN trailing me for half of this run. 

Note to self: Take route that does not include Paper Delivery Personnel. 
Double note to self: Work on Side Kick.. and clawing out eyes motion. *haha - joking - not really*

I got home, I logged my stuff into the mapmyrun website. 

And, then I got over to the YMCA, to do my A.M Stronger Workout!
  • DB press (3 sets x 15 reps) w/ 8 lbs
  • DB Fly press (3 sets x 15 reps) w/ 8 lbs
  • Bent over rows (3 sets x 15 reps) w/ 8 lbs
  • Bicep Curls (3 sets x 15 reps) w/ 5 lbs
  • Triceps (3 sets x 15 reps) w/ 5 lbs
Now, if you remember, I have been adding this workout into my every other day "Stronger" workouts.. From looking at it.. Most of these exercises were covered by the scheduled workout. So I did the Reverse Pull ups (with some weighted assistance) and the negative pull ups..which are getting slightly easier...

And now, looking at this, I forgot to do the pushups. Dagnabit.
Oh well, I'll do them tonight! Am I right?

But, seriously, after that.. I was like... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW? I did squats. I know, it was upper body day.. but, I love squats and they love me... and my lower body loves how it looks after I do them...

Sorry, not sorry... I did them with a 40 lb barbell on my shoulders...

But, then, I stretched out really good... and I was able to get home and just lay next to Klay for a couple minutes... which is rare.. and nice.

One thing I am loving about the Reset and the workouts I am doing is, that they all are at home.. or close to home. This gives me 10-20 minutes with Klay in the morning, and I can actually wake my son up.. which I haven't done, on a weekday, in over 6 months...

I never realized how much my old morning routine took me away. I mean, they were sleeping anyway, right? But, spending the extra time at home.. waking up a little earlier to fit everything in... and leaving a LOT later than I normally do... I get to see them... And strength and unity is what our family needs... not just now, with all the stress and wedding drama, but forever.

By 4:30a I am running. I run for about half an hour and then I get home, have a glass of water, and go to the YMCA for another 30-45 minutes. This gives me time to get ready and just relax with Klay.. and seeing Emry's face in the morning. I know he loves it.. He hugs me... and tells me he loves me as soon as he opens his eyes.

I need that feeling right now.
That what I am doing is important...
Because, he loves me... Darn cute kid... am I right?

The ride in is brighter too.. I mean who knew that SUNSHINE would make you feel better too!
I suppose driving to work in the dark.. and basically never seeing the sun until you leave the building.. takes it's toll as well. (I do have a window in my office.. but, I really get more view of trees.. than sky... It's a weird set up...

The traffic is thicker, and there are certainly interesting people on the road. By, interesting, I mean fucktwards who think riding in the center of a two lane highway is a SMART decision.. Real Smart.

Reset Workout may possible become a normal workout... At least the idea of it... It's an unexpected gift that I got from this reset.

Come by tomorrow for the Hump Day Blog Hop and Confessions. Not to mention the recipes I'll be making for next week! 

Thanks for reading.
Happy Tuesday My Friends!


  1. I was thinking paper delivery! But if you're going to be up and running so early, I highly suggest getting this

    I used to have one when I lived by myself and came home late at night from the pool.

  2. I have never heard of a doughnut peach! I am sorry you lost a blogifriend. Sometimes lives and priorities shift, don't let it get you down! The paper guy would have freaked me out too! Stop following so close, dude!

  3. LOL @ the paper delivery story!! I watch way too much Law and Order SVU. I am not going to lie, I would have been screaming and thinking stranger danger even before you did I bet haha!

    I dont know that I have ever had a doughnut peach? But I have been eating peaches like crazy!!!