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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tabata Thursday - Feeling Special!

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED. 
All levels of Fitness Geek go to this class, and I love how we all inspire each other to keep going!
Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations.

We actually got all 7 stations in today, and I did the crazy PVC/Pool tubing, and there was a special station designed JUST for me. I love my instructor... he is the man!
Not going to lie, I started on the Seventh Station, and worked my away around that way. I was determined to get the PVC/Pool Tubing in. And I swear, everyone was avoiding that station like the plague, so I thankfully did not have to cut a bitch politely ask to do it.

Station 1: Heavy Ropes
Side to Side
Squat walk and alternate Swing The side to side heavy ropes is always fun... and by fun.. I mean not fun. The only great thing about it is, you KNOW you are getting a work out. There is no doubt in your mind that you are doing an AMAZING thing. Squat walk was an awkward movement. Your body wants to come out of the squat to walk.. but it's almost like sumo wrestler walking... and then alternating the heavy ropes. It was difficult... I did it.. slowly but I did it.
Station 2: TRX
Leg Lunge
Spider Plank was interesting today. I was in my second to last repetition with the Leg Lunge, and I lost my balance.. HARD CORE... I thankfully didn't twist anything.. just kind of landed softly on my butt. I bounced back up, and the instructor watched me for a bit. "I'm a graceful faller" I told him.. He laughed and walked away. This, in essence, is not a hard exercise.. if you do lunges already.. You just treat the leg in the TRX band, like it's resting on the floor... or on a weight bench. It's a mind over matter thing. The balance.. well.. believe me.. when you lose it.. you LOSE IT.
The spider plank was really fun, and totally grueling. Your body is all "I DON'T WANNA" and your mind is all "SHUT UP AND DO THIS! BE A SUPER HERO!" The last set, I was slowing down... but, I kept going.. And I didn't let me body touch the floor. 

Station 3:  Dumbbells
Kneeling alternating Presses
Plank Row you don't realize is, when you are standing up, you use your legs to help you propel a weight upward. When you are kneeling, you take the legs out of the equation, and really have to focus on your arm and upper body strength. This set in, and was very apparent around the middle point of this station. My arms and upper back were screaming, and my legs are like "LET ME HELP YOU!" Rows are easy peasy... I find them relaxing... and the sweat that pools on my forehead is quite humorous. I try to see how many reps I can do, before a drop falls from my forehead to the ground. That's kind of a gross confession, isn't it... Meh... I love this class, and you all don't judge.. RIGHT?
Station 4: Rip Trainer
Hockey Swing
Squat Low Row trainer is a light bar, that is attached to a suspension band, and then clipped to a wall or around a pole in the room. The activities are awkward because you are trying to figure out how to move the bar in the most effective way. The Hockey Swing, pretty self explanatory... Just imagine shooting that puck across the ice. Unless you're a Rangers fan, and in that case, continue crying in the corner. Just saying. Squat Low Row... think canoeing, while standing. But bouncing up and down between squats... At one point, I thought the suspension band was going to pull the light bar out of my hands.. I held on like you wouldn't believe. Today was my blonde day at Tabata.. CLEARLY.
Station 5: FOR ME!
Jumping Pull ups
1 leg in and out Abs labeled this one "For Me!" because my instructor walks over to me and whispers "you wanted to do a pull up right?" He had PVC tubes with CHAINS going through them, and had them suspended from the TRX supports in the ceiling. We got a little stepper, and the goal was to jump, then use your upper body strength to pull you over the bar, and then to LOWER (not drop) yourself down. I was really rocking at this, and was totally inspired by the commitment of my instructor. He's got my back.. ab exercise was another thing... we all know I want a six pack, and that my food and exercise have been changing slowly to get me that. So the 1 leg in the air, and then jumping in and out.... well, that was an exercise that was just ... NEEDED. It's difficult. You have to concentrate. Your core tightens.. and you just beg for mercy! hahahaha 

Station 6: Body Weight using the Stepper
Fast Feet
2 pushups + 2 plank jacks feet - up the stepper, down the stepper... UP THE STEPPER DOWN THE STEPPER.. Go faster go harder... keep moving.. don't stop... OH MY GOD WHEN IS THE BELL GOING TO RING. KEEP GOING don't slow down.. down down .. up up... down down up up... that's all I got to say about that. :)
2 pushups elevated on the stepper box, and then two plank jacks. Rinse and repeat. I am so glad that I bought the weight gloves. They save my hands from the tough terrain of the weights and steppers. I focus more on the exercise than I do about my hands going "HOLY COW THIS HURTS! MY POOR GIRLY SKIN!!!!"

Station 7: PVC/Pool Tubing
Alternate Row (Canoe)
1/2 Get up with Twist all know that my instructor made these great sand filled PVC/Pool tubes. The sand swishes from side to side... and in some exercises makes it harder to use. 
The Alternating Canoe like Row... We did this standing, and I just kept going. I squatted down a little and just set out to get the work done... Ooooh, my arms and glutes were NOT happy about this. This was the first exercise station I went to. I WANTED TO FEEL THIS PAIN. I WANTED TO FIGHT THROUGH THIS AND MASTER IT. 
The 1/2 Get up with Twist. Now the first time I did this, I couldn't get my bearings. This time: I ROCKED THAT BIZNITCH. Found my center and pushed my whole body into sitting position with the Pool tube above my head... all 20lbs of it. And then I twisted like a champ. TAKE THAT CRAZY SAND FILLED WHITE WHALE!

That was the class. With a great warm up and fulling cool down. It is always a joy to be there, and I really think it has increased my strength and endurance. 

Other news: Did everyone see my new link up? I am calling it TWIT Thursdays.

Here's my goal: I want to keep this healthy lifestyle positivity train going. I want us to uplift each other and lean on each other when we need to. As a blog community I think it is important and I know that you all are the most positive people I know. You all got me through my bad couple of days.. and the empty I was feeling. 

You didn't judge my binge eating. Just told me to get up and try again.

I think we all need someplace.

If you want to post your weight on your TWIT post.. Do it. 
Not feeling that? Don't do it!

Tell us what you did right this week.
Tell us what you didn't do so right.
What's your plan?
What's your goal?
How are you feeling?

It's a TELL ALL.. So go jump on... share it with your friends.. and LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!!

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