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Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap - Karate Testing, Wedding Makeup, Race Results and Unexpected Grief

This weekend was a whirlwind of emotions...
Happy to sad.
Tired to Triumphant.
Hesitant to Proud.
Heartbroken to Anxious.

But, as I know of my life, this is typical. Whatever is above us, has a sense of humor, and loves to test me. I am always up for the challenge, and I know there is a light even in the darkest night. 

Friday, I left here at normal time and battled traffic so that I would get to Emry's dojang in time for his blue belt testing. I can't tell you how epically proud I was of him. He did so well during the whole test, and was so focused on making each move/kick/punch. Klay and I took a lot of video, and some pictures.. and were total karate parents! How did the board break go? Well, HE DID IT! AND I SCREAMED HOORAY SUPER LOUD! Emry was probably super embarrassed, but, I don't care. I can't help but show when I am proud of him. He deserves to be praised for his hard work.
After his testing, I went to the YMCA to pick up our race packets, and then I did my normal house cleaning and cooking regimen! 

Saturday was get pretty with make up day! In the morning, Emry and I walked the 5k course, and I think he got scared. Even though he has run a 5k distance around our neighborhood with me, this course was through a rural neighborhood and town park... and it seemed like a much LONGER route. Even though, it really wasn't. After that, we went to his swimming class at the Y, and he did wonderful. We found out that his instructor will not be returning for his age group next round of classes, but she offered private lessons... I just have to figure out how to manage that. We were so pleased with his progress, and we just want to keep it going. 

After that, we went home, and I had to shower and change so I could go to my make up trial at Sephora. I took a before and after picture, and I can't believe I'm going to show you the before one... That takes a lot of guts.. no? I'm not so sure I'm a fan of the lipstick, I think it's a little too vintage. But, it was supposed to be a lip stain, that would not come off on anything.. and would be NEAR impossible to smear or take off at the end of the night. I am here to tell you that, I did buy this product, because I figured if it didn't live up to it's name, I would exchange it for something else... That I needed a long last lip color anyway. But, I am also here to tell you, that it is complete BULLSHIT PRODUCT. I wish I had the name of it with me (I'll update you on the product name tomorrow)... It smudged and come off... within hours... I have longer lasting color from no name store brand ULTA. It is a pretty color though, but, since the color isn't 100% what I want, and the lasting coverage is 10000% bogus, I'll be trading it in for a better product. 
The girl was super nice, and totally new how to apply her product. I may even commission her privately to come to the house the morning of, and have her apply all of this nonsense. And, oh, do I mean nonsense. But, that's still up in the air. I know how to apply make up, and I'm really handy with it.. I just... well... I kind of do what to be pampered, just a little, on my big day.. is that so wrong? 

After we were done with the "make over/make up trial" Emry and I went to a couple of stores to find matching gear for our 5k race. I figured the brighter the colors.. the more easily we'd be seen. Day-Glow Yellow it is! With Grey bottoms! 

When we were done there, we had to run and pick up a couple necessary food items for our nighttime fire pit fun! Emry's bff (and my flower girl) Samantha came over. We had hot dogs flame grilled over the fire pit, and marshmallows for s'mores. We enjoyed pudding pops that I made from scratch! 

The kid's gathered wood for the fire, and the played with our heavy duty wagon... and just really enjoyed the outdoor weather. It was so nice to just sit, and hang out. Her mother and I are very good friends... and it's nice to just vegetate and watch the kids enjoy themselves!

We all got to bed relatively early, because Sunday.. was RACE day.

I woke up at 6a on Sunday, and went out to start to stretch and prepare myself, mentally, for the day. When I walked into the living room, Emry was asleep on the couch... This is not a normal thing, so I asked him, "when did you get here?" He woke up enough, and looked around, "I don't know" and fell back to sleep. In my mind, he probably was really nervous about the race, and just got up wicked early. 

By 7:45a we were at the race venue, and were warming up to do our first Mama/Son 5k run. 

8:30a the air horn goes off, and so do we. The race had 560 participants, and I watched Emry fly ahead of me. I lost track of him in the shuffle, but just kept running, about 5 minutes later I look to my left, and there he is.. right next to me.. running along side of me. Slightly in front of me, then slightly behind.  Then with me. We entered the one mile marker together. 

He says, "Mama, I can't keep up with you." 
I looked at him, and said "Do what you can, but keep going kid, catch up later."

And I took off. I knew it was a big deal for him to admit that he couldn't beat me, or keep up with me. But, this is also the kid who would run in front of me the entire time we would practice around our neighborhood. I factor in the humidity, the adrenaline and the heat. I think he got racing nerves...

But, I hit the 2 mile mark at exactly 20 minutes, and I knew I was doing good.. so I pushed it. 
I pushed it hard... and as I rounded the 2.5 mile area.. the road started going up hill... slow and steady... and up.. and it all got tired... every muscle ached.. and I realized that hill training is something I do not focus on. I slowed down extremely.. but kept going.

I came through the finish line at 31 minutes 10 seconds. 
(I placed within the top 10 of my age group, and overall was 222 of 560 racers.)

I turned around, and waited at the end of the finish line.. And I waited patiently for Emry. I knew he had passed mile marker 2... (Klay's parents sent a text to Klay, and let him know Emry was on his way)... but how would he fair the hill?

At 37 minutes and 50 seconds my little man crossed the finish line. He placed 2nd in his age group, and was overall 318 of 560 racers.

I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic. Emry was exhausted.. but I was just over the moon. 
He got a 2nd place trophy for doing so well in his age group.. and the kids who were in first and third place were NINE YEARS OLD.

If I cut my time down by 1.5 minutes, I would have been a top contender in the top 3 for my age group... So that's my goal for next time. 

When is next time? It's next month... literally. Emry wants to another one in July, August and September. And I'm down to do that with him. He amazes and inspires me. 

Unexpected Grief - of course it's wedding grief. 
On Sunday afternoon, I spoke with my aunt. My two teenage cousins are bridesmaids in my wedding. Or, at least they were supposed to be.. My uncle was laid off unexpectedly.. and now they aren't even sure if they can attend our wedding let alone have the girls be in it. **SIGHS** What was I supposed to say? I told her it was okay. I told her we'd work around it. I told her, of course I have understanding friends that will step up to the plate... 

Do I? Well... I kind of do... But, now I'm really stressed.. and it just seems like the closer we get to the wedding, the more it starts to fall apart. And.. I am trying to keep myself together on this. It was not in their power for my uncle to lose his job. I know my aunt and my cousins are super upset about not being able to be in the wedding.. But, I can't help but look up at the sky and think.. "really? you think this is funny.. don't you?"

Just got to breathe through it... and things will work out.
It's how we deal with the stress, it's about how we rise above the stress.

The weekend was a whirlwind of emotions, as you can see.. but, I wouldn't trade the memories for anything... not even a little less grief. 

Tell me.. How was your weekend?




  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a mad busy weekend. You both did great in the race; I don't think I could even run 5k at the minute. (I've really got to start working on my cardiovascular fitness.) Emry did great placing 2nd. I bet you're both so proud.

    I had some mascara (I can't remember what make) that said it was long-lasting and it really was. The thing is, it was too long-lasting. When it came to taking it off at the end of the day, it was damn near impossible. I'd have to use eye make-up remover, wipes and cleanser just to get through it. It usually takes me a couple of minutes to take off my makeup, but this took forever. It's definitely not something I'll buy again. I mean, it's good that it lived up to its selling point, but not to that extent.

  2. AHHH congrats Emry!!!! And look at you, girl! Top of your age group that's AMAZING!!! Pretty much all of my friends have had multiple major disasters leading up to the weddings and have told me IT ALL WORKS OUT! Let things roll off your back because it's about us and not about all the other people and the craziness. ... I'm NOT good at letting things roll off my back though sooo we'll see. Sorry about your cousins that's so hard!

  3. Congrats to Rmry on his belt test! The wedding makeup looks great, you'll find a better lip product that works better. Congrats on the 5k you both did great!

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend!!! I HATE when products don't love up to their hype and promises! I would be returning that too!

    YAY EMRY!!! AND YOU! That is so awesome!