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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap & A New Idea!

This weekend I made some goals, and guidelines to follow:

  • Do not give in to my cravings. Do not over indulge. Do not have to FIGHT to get back to the weight I was before the weekend started. 
  • Do the Dirty Thirty and stay as active as possible!
  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from Friday Night to Sunday Night
  • If I eat Dessert: Small and appropriate portions
  • Enjoy each other as a family.
Did I achieve these goals and stick to my guidelines?

Yes, and No. But, I'll let you be the judge as to if my weekend was more successful then weekends prior. Deal?

Friday night, I got home, and I got to the cleaning, cooking and baking that needed to be done for the upcoming weekend and this week. But, I get home, and I notice the mop is drying on the kitchen counter. What the what? I also notice that the floors are oddly clean. THEN I notice a checklist on the table. Klay accomplished 90% of the house cleaning, before he went to sleep (he had to work Friday Late night, stupid I.T. work... sometimes its a bummer). The only things I had to accomplish for the evening was 1 bathroom, and the kitchen (after I did the cooking.)

The first thing I made, was the tie dye cupcakes for Lissa's birthday. 42 cupcakes with chocolate 42's on them. I made Blue/Purple/Green tie dye cupcakes, with purple buttercream icing. I used warmed 60% cocoa Ghirardelli chocolate in a piping bag, and made the 42's by hand right on the cupcakes. And, if I say so myself, they looked pretty rocking.

I then set to the main meal for next week. Broke and Bougie's Crock pot chicken was super easy. I popped in in the Crock pot in under 5 minutes (and 3.5 minutes of that was getting the crock pot out of the cupboard, walking it over to the counter, wiping any dust out of it, plugging it in, turning on the warming feature..) The Brocolli Quinoa Salad smells delicious, and I cannot wait to try some today! I'll try to take pictures of the food today, before I inhale it at lunchtime!

Fitness Blondie's Protein Chocolate Cake.. HOLY CRAP.. LIZ: You rock star!
Not only was this super easy to make, but it was totally fulfilling. Everyone in the house (except for Emry - whey protein has soy in it.. soy is a no go for him) LOVED IT. And I can say that it was amazing to have for breakfast after my weekend workouts!

During the cooking process, instead of sampling things that got on my fingers (you know you do it too)... I wiped my hands clean and continuously washed them. This was a big deal for me. I kept myself hydrated... and did not indulge while cooking. And we all know how hard that is. Am I right?

By time I was mostly done with the cooking, Klay had gotten up to go into work.. and I realized it was already 8:45p. Emry had been so patient with me. I had quickly made him dinner before I started the weekly stuff, and he asked "Mama, can we go to Hoopla?" We all know I didn't want to indulge a lot this weekend. But, I did say, if I had dessert, it would be in normal portions.. so my answer to him was to let me get done what I had to get done, and we would go.

He washed his dish for me, put it in the sink, stayed out of my way.. and was overall quiet as a church mouse. I grabbed my phone to look up their hours, and they weren't going to close until 11p. I grabbed my shoes, and told him to get in the car. When he is good.. he should be rewarded. The line was super long, and I half expected that he was going to grab every flavor and build this mountainous blob... That didn't happen he picked two flavors (Strawberry Custard Gelati and Orange Creme) and used mild toppings... mostly sugary sweet ones, but it wasn't over packed. No fudge. No whip cream. I was proud.

What did I eat? I had the same size cup he did, and I had a couple more flavors, but small amounts. And I had a few toppings. But, also in small amounts. One pump of chocolate sauce, and some sprinkles. We sat, ate, and enjoyed each others company. So, in my book, that's a win!

We got home really close to 10p. He brushed his teeth, did the bedtime routine, and got in bed. Now, remember, even though Klay is amazing. I still had to clean the kitchen, and the bathroom before the night was over. So 10:15p I am cleaning the upstairs bathroom... by 10:45p I was in the kitchen making sure there was no evidence of the amount of cooking and baking I had done. :) 11p... is when I broke.

11p - I am exhausted.. I am just... done. You know what I mean? My dinner was gone from my stomach, and (I know this is not possible) it felt like the hoopla was burnt through as well. I WAS HUNGRY. And not in the way that I could have even opened a yogurt from the fridge. I text Klay "WHEN YOU GET THIS: BRING HOME NACHOS". Yup.. off the reservation... but, there was a 50/50 chance he wouldn't see this, and I wouldn't get it. So, I wash up and get in bed... not to sleep though, just to watch television in a comfy place.

11:15p - The garage door opens, and I'm thinking 'did he see my text? do I really want nachos?' The answer was Yes, and yes. Small order of nachos, and I was content.

Saturday morning, I woke up at around 6a, and decided that I needed to work on my 5k time. Got my gym clothes on, and I ran. My legs were still sore from Tabata. But, I pushed through. My route around the neighborhood is 3.2 miles, so it's a tenth of a mile longer than I need it to be. I did that in about 31 minutes. Basically means that my 5k was at 30 minutes. Now, my numbers have been much better than this. I factor in the wind, and the pain from my hamstrings. But, even with some obstacles, I managed an amazing time.

I got in the house, drank some water, and woke up the family. Emry has swimming at 10a, and I wanted to get to the YMCA by 8a so I could get in some weight training for the day. And, to do my Dirty 30! Had my piece of Chocolate Protein Cake, and we were at the Y by 8:15a. I wanted to make sure I got the full Dirty 30 in, so I focused on that... I have 2 exercises to go, and I notice my Tabata instructor talking to one of the personal trainers... he sees me, and waves me over. "You want to take a tabata class? It isn't the one I normally teach, so it isn't my 'method', but..." Me: "IT'S STILL A TABATA CLASS? WHEN?". My enthusiasm made him laugh, it was 15 minutes away, which means I still had enough time to finish the last 2 exercises, and get downstairs. The class would be over before Emry's swim class.. so win-win right? TOTALLY RIGHT.

The class was more dumbbell weight oriented. More plank like exercises... more stationary... But, I sweat in a different way.. and felt equally as amazing after it. That's right... Dirty 30 plus TABATA. I was a happy camper.. to say the least. I got back up to the wellness center to find Klay, and realized I had 15 minutes before we even had to get Emry into the locker room to get changed. So, I ran a mile... in 8 minutes and 15 seconds... and walked out the rest at the highest incline the treadmill would allow for.

Emry's swimming lessons are progressing positively every week. He may not be a "swimmer" right now, but, we figure, one more round of lessons.. and he'll be able to move up in classes.. and he'll be exactly where we want him to be, with regards to open water. He will be able to float, if he falls out into open water. He will be able to tread water. He will be able to go under the water, get it in his face, and not freak out.. and he can mildly swim by himself. These are major accomplishments. One more round of classes, and I say we'll feel so much safer with him in the water.

When we got home, my goal for the weekend was to finish 1 of my wedding DIY's. I haven't really been posting much about the DIY's I have been doing, because, the truth is, other than 2 crafting days with friends. I haven't been doing much. I decided to tackle and conquer the one DIY that everyone seemed to hate. The dress pattern paper flower confetti's. They are time consuming, and you sit funny at the table.. and your back hurts after 2.4 seconds of doing it. And no one likes hot gluing ANYTHING that much. I sat down, in my workout clothes, at 11:45a... and I did not move until, roughly 4p. I took a 45 minute break, in the middle, to make lunch for Emry and myself... and then went right back to it. They are done. I conquered it.. and now I can focus on other CRAFTING projects. Can I get an Amen?

As soon as I was done, we had to get ready for Lissa's birthday party. It started at 6p, we both had to shower.. I had to look cute.. because.. darn, when do I EVER get to go to a party? Right? When all was said and done it was 5:22p and we were done. Her new place is relatively close to where we live.. so the drive wasn't the problem... The problem.. My footwear. All I had was heeled leather boots.. and it was 80+ degrees out.. my legs and feet were in leather sauna hell. I needed a summer option. So, I did it.. not going to lie... I BOUGHT MYSELF A PAIR OF HEELED SANDALS.. Aren't they freaking adorable? And they were SUPER cute on!

Klay and I had a wonderful time at the party. We were able to catch up with old friends, and Lissa loved her cupcakes. All and all it was a great evening.

At the party, I had a cupcake. And I had some strawberries, fresh vegetables, a few (I mean like 5) chips with a dollop of salsa... WATER... and a small spoonful or rice and beans. Seriously.. That's what I ate.. and I was super proud of that. I even walked up to the table, intending to take more.. and WALKED AWAY. YES.. I did that.. and Klay practically applauded me. I am what I like to call a "Social Binge Eater"... heck, I have a food addiction, any excuse to over eat is usually my trigger!
 But, I didn't do that.

Klay and I were able to go out for a little bit too.. I had a few cocktails.. and much later on that night.. we actually had dinner... By much later.. I mean it was after 11p.. And I hate eating super late.. but, we had been going all day.. and the small amount of food at the party didn't help me out that much.
So, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.. I had a small boneless wing (I think it's 8 wings - in dry chipotle BBQ seasoning and a wasabi sauce), that came with celery and blue cheese... I drank water.. and for dessert Klay and I split a cinnamon bites. Kind of like French toast sticks cut into tiny pieces.

We went home and went to sleep.. It was wicked late, and I don't remember the last time we have been ALONE... doing ADULT THINGS... ALL NIGHT.

I slept in on Sunday until about 7:40a. Can you imagine? I can't remember the last time I slept passed 6a... It was epic. And how did I reward myself with sleeping in late? I got my butt in the gym. And boy, oh boy did that take some dedication. This past Sunday was something they call the Orange Classic. It is a 10k run that spans right about where the Y is. The Ymca was open.. however, they alerted us there would be road closures.

Yup.. this chick had to drive 20 mintues around.. to get to a destination that was 5 minutes away.. all because she wanted to do another Dirty 30 round.. and see what other shenanigans she could get into.

Let me say this about the Dirty 30... you do more than one round of these.. I did 3 rounds. so that's 90 of each. And I was POURING sweat.. in all the right areas.. and feeling tired, and empowered. I coupled that with a complete total body weight strength training session, and then.. to cool down, I ran a mile (yes, in 8 minutes and 15 seconds)... It was epic. So epic. That I had to take a picture. Don't mind my face.. I was really tired by this.. but check out my freaking arms.

When I got home, there was no real plan for the day. We wanted to plant my Lilac bush (I got it for mothers day, and the pot was getting a tad too small), and that was really it. Oh, boy, did so much more occur... So I ate some protein cake for breakfast and then THIS happened.
  • Planted the lilac bush
  • Noticed that we had some really large, low hanging limbs on a lot of our trees, cut those suckers down. HUGE LIMBS... At one point, we had to tie ropes around them, and I had to PULL DOWN while Klay cut through them. This is so they didn't go into the house, or fall on our power lines... I was being WONDER WOMAN.. just saying.
  • Spray painted the wicker piece I bought for the downstairs bathroom.. so it could get out of the garage.. before Klay beat me up.. and denied me ice cream for life. It had been in there for a few months.. I swear I was getting around to it.. The weather was perfect.. and I got it done rather quick!
  •  Those big limbs we took down? Well, they needed to be cut down into Fire Pit sized pieces... so I cut them up and sawed them up.. while Emry took the cut pieces to a pile by the garage. This took about 2 hours.. yes, we cut a LOT of limbs down...
All in all I did about 4 hours of outdoor work, which is big for me.. I love to hike.. I love to be outside in the warmth.. I loathe yard work. Just saying.

I went inside, got cleaned up, and ran some errands. We needed somethings from Wal*Mart, I wanted to get s'more supplies for the fire pit of burning limbs we had going. I wanted to use my Mother's Day Old Navy Gift Card, and I wanted to get my car washed.

I didn't realize my car was still silver... it has looked GREY for so long.
I also realized that my bottoms are a medium, but my tops is a small - this is in concern to bathing suit pieces. And I'm pretty okay with that.
I got an epic cute Blue w/ Stars top also from Old Navy. I am ready for 4th of July! Woot woot!

When I got home, I changed right into my swim suit. New black bottoms, paired with a Corona top that I haven't worn in a WICKED WICKED (BEFORE EMRY) long time. And, don't mind the farmers tan.. but, I think it looks pretty good on!

I read a book, and tried to get rid of said Farmer's tan.. and when Klay was done with the mowing of the front yard, we had S'MORES... And they were AMAZING. Emry got covered in chocolate.. It was HYSTERICAL. So ooey-gooey!

I had 3 S'mores. I only wanted 2.. but Emry couldn't finish his second one.. I took it, gladly, off of his hands.

For dinner, we finished up the Lentil Quinoa cakes from last week.. and that was it! Our day was over. We continued to enjoy the fire pit until it died down. Emry went to bed.. We watched Game of Thrones.. I had some ice cream... And went to sleep.

I woke up this morning 3.2lbs heavier than I was on Thursday morning. Normally, after a weekend, I am about 6-8 lbs higher than my Thursday weigh in. And that disgusted me. But, not this weekend. I stayed active, stayed focus (for the most part), and gained a tiny amount of weight.. that will probably burn off from our normal weekly healthy eating, and my workout schedule. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. No crazy pushing to get back to where I was.. no freaking out... No regret of the weekend.

I call it a big success.. what do you think?

Now, for my NEW IDEA... I was thinking that Wednesday's I would join the WIW - Weigh in Wednesday's. But.. I am so used to weighing in (for maintenance purposes) on Thursday (ever since Bod4God started.. it's been a Thursday weigh in)... And I'm comfortable with that. Friday is rest day.. so, Thursday should be the day I weigh in.

I am thinking of starting my own Weigh In - Link Up.
It would be on Thursdays and I am thinking of calling it TWIT THURSDAYS!


Would anyone be interested in this? I still have to look up how I start a link up, but if anyone has any advice, please let me know... I think it will keep me accountable, and fill in the void from not being in the Bod4God workshop any longer... It was stressful, but, the lessons learned need to be adapted and put into action. Am I right?

How was your weekend? Happy Monday People! 



  1. Look at you rocking that bikini girl!!!!! Nothing is better than being able to fit into something you haven't worn in FOREVER! Bonus points for looking good in it like you do!

    I was wondering how Liz's cake turned out. I guess I need to jump on the cake for breakfast bandwagon! Yum!

  2. this is so hard to do. Esp when you dont have much going on in life. At times you stay busy and at times you don't. That's my thing though. I only eat grilled and baked foods and lots of veggies and fruits. i'm down to at least 1 coke a day if that.

    i'm starting to drink more water as of yesterday so that's a start. i just need exercise and something to get my belly and thighs to go down. any ideas?

  3. I think you did really great. Small changes and you kept at the workouts! Rocking the bathing suit girl!

  4. I think as active and busy as you were, you did great. Don't beat yourself out. I'd say you definitely deserved any treat you had. I am SOO glad you guys liked the protein cake! I love how easy and filling it is. Also, look at those new sandals you got... damn hot mama! you are killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so awesome.