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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Being you Best: BALANCE 

 This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and lifestyle to be the best version you.  Embrace the journey, one link-up at a time.

Today's Topic is Balance: What brings balance to your life? A favorite workout? Book? Specific location? A person or animal? Share with us how you bring balance to your life.

Now, I had to really dwell on this. Balance is something that I am frequently trying to find. Between being a mother, working a full time job, and being full dedicated to my Healthy Journey... Balance is hard.

Schedules bring balance to my life. If I know what the day should bring (not completely, but definitely a good outline), then I am usually at ease.

My OCD really is out of control sometimes, and it makes me come off as sort of a control freak. But, it's that I have a problem with the unknown, and I have a problem with not knowing where things are. If everything is where it should be, or happens (around) when it should... I'm at ease.

But, that's not balance... my OCD and the scheduling is something that makes me pretend I'm in balance. It's a trick.

Things that truly bring my to my center are:

EMRY - even when he is in "7-year old stress mama out" mode, he brings me to my center. I know he loves me, with all of my flaws, in this skin... forever. And that brings me a sense of balance.

TABATA - something about that 45 minutes every week helps me find who I am... and say "Hey, I remember you."

 RUNNING - something about me moving FORWARD.. PHYSICALLY... nothing more centering.

SUNSHINE - Whether it be while I'm hiking, running, out playing with Emry, sitting around.. The sun and the warmth seems to bring me a sense of balance.

Those are the things that truly bring me to my center... if all the schedules were gone... I'd still have these. They are the constant... the never ending. And that's good enough for me.

What brings you balance?
With all of the link ups.. is this one you will consider joining into?

I love the idea of spending July trying to be the BEST me.
Happy Thursday!


  1. I think the thing that keeps me sane is spending time at the beach. Watching the ocean and the tide flow in and out helps me to calm myself and meditate.

  2. Love this! Yay for Emry and sunshine and exercise!! (:

  3. I'm here with you on the running bit. I don't really like going and doing it, but once I am doing, it is one of the more motivating feelings ever. Gives me time to think and definitely gives me that moving forward positive push that I need. Glad to be doing the July Challenge along with you. =)

  4. Sunshine is seriously a wonderful thing!! Thanks for linking up!!