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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Being you Best: ENERGY 

 This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and lifestyle to be the best version you.  Embrace the journey, one link-up at a time.
Today's Topic is Energy -
What gets you going when the tank is running on empty?
Share what kicks your energy levels into high gear.

 What gets me going??? When I'm on EMPTY? Oh man, I try really hard NOT to get to empty. But, you know, it always happens...

If I am truly on empty... the only thing that gets me going is rest. If my body has been so depleted that I have no energy to do anything, sleeping is usually what fixes it.

I find that a great night of sleep, restores my energy 10 fold...

And then I am completely able to kick it into high gear the next day.

But, if I am just trying to boost my energy, and I'm not completely on empty... Running.. that kicks my energy levels up. Not directly after, but, after the cool down from a long run, it's as if I have enough energy to do 10 peoples jobs.. clean 50 houses... And, that's normally why on the weekends, I start my morning off with a run.. rest for about an hour, and then get my butt in the gym for weight training and a class... I am just so motivated to be MOVING.

If I'm starting to feel tired during a workout, or even throughout my day of mind numbing office work, than MUSIC.. music revs me up. It gets me more alert. Just a beat.. and I'm there!

Energy is your life force. Energy is all around you. Energy IS you. Everything we do creates energy. And it's important that we learn how to use our energy to heal, and help ourselves. I'm a big believer that the human body is capable of great things, if we listen to it. If we listen to what it needs. I'm a big believer in positivity helping our energy to be more... streamlined? focused? powerful?

So.. also, when I'm running low... I smile, I find something to LAUGH about... to boost my energy from the inside out.

It's all about's all about energy...
It's all about being the Best me!

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  1. This post was very timely for me!! I just told someone 30 minutes ago that I needed a 5 hour energy shot....haha

  2. I could use some energy right about now! Haha :)

  3. Rest is always the best for feeling more energized but after a run I do feel like I can take on the world.

  4. Running is a miracle worker, isn't it! I always feel awesome after a good run and a shower.