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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being Your Best You: Strength 

 This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and lifestyle to be the best version you.  Embrace the journey, one link-up at a time.

This week is all about health and fitness. 
Share your favorite workouts, tips, tricks, and ways to reach your peak strength.

Now, I'm a runner... not like crazy fast marathoner.. but I enjoy the running.. a great deal.

My favorite workout is at least a 5k run in the morning.. outside.. with the sun rising in the distance.
There is nothing more pure to me than that.

But, then, I hit a plateau with the running.. I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to... and I wasn't... motivated to do it 5x a week. So, I went down to 3 days of running (sometimes 4, depending on how many miles I've put in)... and I added some weight/strength training into the mix.

This started with dumbbell exercises.
Bicep Curls
Chest Flys
Chest Press
Bent Rows

Things like that... and then, I really wanted to do more...

And I met my best friend on earth:


Now, I do these with a barbell.. and I have finally hit the 50lb squat range... I'm nowhere near being a "Power Lifter" ... but, my legs are my STRONGEST part of my body.. and the more squats I do.. the better they look.. not to mention the better my BUTT looks. Just saying, sometimes it's a superficial thing.

But, I don't stop there.. I like to focus on each area of my body... I want to feel and look strong... It's not about being SKINNY... It's always been about being HEALTHY... and being STRONG is another aspect of that. 

Side Squats
Sumo Squats
Squat Pulses
Knees together squats...

Look it up.. There are so many different ways to do a squat.

I also found a class TABATA, which I go to EVERY WEEK. I share a post each week about the activities we have done in each class.. and how they make me feel... I have never been so sweaty.. and feeling so STRONG... EVER... And each week, I excitedly go... For the burn... Sometimes I even go TWICE a week.. (They have it on SATURDAYS TOO!) ...

Now, with all of the strength training.. and all of the different exercises.. There is another very important aspect of STRENGTH... And that comes from STRETCHING. Make sure that you stretch before and after ANY WORKOUT.. even if it's just a little...

I'm an internet junkie.. if you know you want to work a certain area of your body.. LOOK IT UP... you'll find examples and youtube videos up the WAZOO.

If you aren't sure how to stretch out a certain muscle group... once again... GOOGLE IS OUR FRIEND.

The last part of this STRENGTH post is something that I am still learning.. and is a weekly struggle... You have to eat CORRECTLY to be STRONG. Your body needs the right amount of protein, fat, carbs... right amount of EVERYTHING, in order to rejuvenate and do it's job.

Take it from me... Find a nutritionist, or a personal trainer or read the BLOG of one... Ask questions, Ask for help. I've been so blessed to be friends with so many amazing trainers, nutritionists, and blogging buddies... who just will answer any question I have...

I couldn't do this without them...

Strength is also having a support system... and knowing when you need a little help.

What keeps you strong? 
What is STRENGTH to you?



  1. Oh squats! I love to hate them! I love the way they shape my body, but ohhhhh the burn!!!!!!!!

  2. You are so awesome Kat. I am happy that you have cut down on the running some and added all of those weights and squats. I usually did wide stance backsquats, but I have started doing squats with my knees together as well and I realllllly feel the burn in my quads.

    PS: Thank you so much for your comment on my blog this morning. Any time I get a comment from you my heart smiles. You know exactly what to say to make my day 100 times better.

  3. I love squats too! Lunges not so much though, they are my enemy.
    I love incorporating strength training into my routine, you feel so much better overall I find. With my current training, I haven't been doing a lot of strength and I definitely miss it.

  4. I love weight training! Squats is one of my favorite exercises. Strength training definitely helps bust some of those plateaus people hit. Especially if they haven't done much of it. Keep pushing it!!

  5. I love squats!!! They are my favorite exercise to do. I have been running a lot more lately too but I still mix in weights. Keep it up!