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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend Recap!

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! I hope it was mostly sunny, and that you made wonderful memories with friends and loved ones!

Thursday night, was my weekly grocery shopping night, and I know, I'm a dumby... Who goes food shopping on the 3rd of July. THIS CHICK. And oddly enough, due to torrential rain, the grocery stores were not as chaotic as I was dreading. The only really great thing about shopping right before a major holiday... is the sales on meat. Yeah, I totally stocked my freezer full of Chicken, Turkey, Steak, Ground Beef... etc. etc. Needless to say, we will not need to go "meat" shopping for at least 3-5 months, depending on what I decide to cook! SCORE!

Friday morning I woke up, but on my NEW running sneakers (that I was able to pick up before grocery shopping on Thursday), and I ran. 3.56 miles on hilly terrain... It was the first time I had run in about 4 days... so my body was kind of fighting me... but, 38 minutes later... I was back home. Not my best running time... But, no news, I've been slacking. And with 2 5k's scheduled next month, I need to get back into it. After running, I started cooking, mostly for the next weeks meals... but I wanted to prep the Broccoli Slaw for that afternoons BBQ. 

This week week we will be having Yogurt Chicken and salad. I found this recipe over at The Lean Green Bean, and I just thought it sounded, easy and delicious! I found this blog through another blogging friend who participates in the Foodie Penpals. Not, going to lie, I signed up for July, and I cannot wait to start shopping for my pen Pal! 

I also used another recipe from TLGB, and it was for JELLY DOUGHNUT MUFFINS. Okay, let me explain, This recipe sounded amazing, and I subbed in Whole Wheat Flour and Almond Milk into the recipe. The jelly I used was locally made, and sweetened with just the fruit that was in it. Overall.. if I were going to have a jelly doughnut, this would be my best and most healthy option.

broccoli-slaw-salad-1Now, for the broccoli slaw. I thought that this recipe was something colorful and tasty, especially for a 4th of July BBQ. The only substitute I did was that I swapped plain greek yogurt for mayonaise. 1) Because I had extra plain yogurt (from the chicken) and 2) because I really didn't have all that much mayo. Let me tell you.. THIS IS SOME FLAVORFUL AND EASY TO MAKE STUFF! Everyone LOVED IT! To die for... I found it over at 'Til then Smilfe Often... and I am so glad that I made it. 

After I was done with all of the cooking, it was time to clean the house from top to bottom. No this isn't something new, or something that is done purely because we were having company. I clean the house top to bottom every week. The only thing that isn't done every week, is mopping every room. That just takes forever.. and I hate that moment when you are almost sure a floor is dry, and it isn't... Yucky wet foot... and then a foot print on the ground! Nope nope nope... OCD problems! Haha. I had woken up at 6a, by time I was done, I looked up at the clock and it was only 11:15a. I was relieved, I mean people weren't showing up until 3p.. I was WELL AHEAD of the game. WRONG, Klay swings around the corner and reminds me about the portrait appointment we had set up for 12:30p... which meant I had to shower and get pretty with zero time available, oh and did I mention.. Klay and Emry weren't even close to being ready to go either. **SIGHS** But, we got there, and were in and out before you knew it. father was in a particularly anxious mood on Friday, so as soon as the grill was warm.. He wanted to GRILL EVERYTHING... the burgers, the hot dogs... EVERYTHING.. even though, no one had shown up.. and NO ONE was hungry. It was insane. I tried to just say, "why don't you only start HALF of the food?" And he looked at me like I was nuts. We weren't  expecting a lot of people, and there was no reason to start cooking before anyone showed up... so.. Chill out? Am I right? 

Other than that, the rest of the day was blissful. Friends, Food, Drinks and homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches. thanks to my friend (and bridesmaid) Angel. SO TASTY.

The weather was dubious so we opted to stay home that night... and just walk up the street (to the highest elevation in our town) and watch the fireworks from there. Kind of cool to have a 360 degree show., I woke up, and decided to run. So I did, and then I went to the YMCA and did some weight training before the Saturday Tabata class. Which, I kind of wish I didn't do.. Because TABATA WAS INSANE... I can't even begin to tell you how sore I was. If you do not know what a SMURF JACK is.. I suggest you find out... FEEL THE BURN MEANS NOTHING. After that I came home, and had to get ready to do another type of workout.. YARD WORK. The volunteer group I am apart of needed some assistance cleaning out the summer area, and I thought I'd put in a couple of hours.. How bad could it be? Well.. it was pretty bad. It was HUMID... and I was carrying carts filled with slate slabs.. and then we moved this GIANT ROCK so that we could put in new stairs. I drove home thinking "Oh man, is this going to hurt tomorrow"

Klay had taken Emry hiking, so when they got home, we all got showered, and packed a bag with snacks.... and headed to the fireworks display for that night. We thought we had the perfect spot. I mean, everyone was kind of in the same area... so... Must be good ... right? WRONG. When the fireworks started.. We were all kind of behind a TREE... So, I grabbed Emry and I ran him to the closest (and not packed) opening... So he could actually SEE the show. It was beautiful, and I think he really enjoyed himself. It took us a while to get out of the crowded park grounds.. by time we got home... we just CRASHED..., I had every intention of getting up early and running. But, I didn't. And I may have had an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Sorry not sorry... at least I admit it! Hahaha. Emry got up around 10a (I guess the fireworks display and morning hiking took a lot out of him)  And then around 11a... we decided to go out for brunch. Oh my Brunch. That's all I have to say about that. It was the only thing (other than the ice cream sandwich) that I ate on Sunday... which I know isn't the right thing to do.. but I was so full.. that I just didn't feel the need to eat... brunch, we came home, and relaxed outside... just until the food coma's subsided. Then, I took Emry mini golfing and Klay did some yard work... He is determined to make our firepit area look awesome! And by the end of the day it really did look awesome. Emry made 2 holes in one while mini golfing.. and that really was the highlight of his day. By time we got back.. it was about 85-90 degrees out.. and I really felt the need to run... So, I did... and let me tell you.. Running in the heat.. Isn't that bad. Not going to lie, I thought I wouldn't make it past a mile... but I made it 3.56 miles.. and I went up and down hills... There was some walking involved... but overall.. it was a decent run. Also, I worked on my tan.. I call that a win-win situation. No? I may be a little crazy...

This morning, I opted for a treadmill run, 5 miles in 50 minutes and 10 seconds, and then I walked 0.32 miles in 4 minutes 5 seconds. And I feel really good. I haven't ran that far on a treadmill in a long time... If anything, it reminded me how fast my legs CAN go.. and that taking small jogging breakfs doesn't hurt your overall mileage. 

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. um whoa hello productive weekend!! so glad you had a good 4th- I agree with you though, if no one is there why the need to start cooking? OMG SMURF JACKS! the WORST. Glad you're alive to tell the story! Have a great week!!

  2. What a great weekend you got a lot of runs in! Glad you tried the Broccoli slaw and it was a hit. It is so hard to judge how many people will show up so i would have wanted to wait too.

  3. the yogurt chicken, broccoli slaw and doughnut looks good but I cannot see myself making doughnuts. I don't really bake except from a box!

    glad you got to break in the new shoes- those things should be traded out regularly.

    Smurf jacks remind me of squat jacks - only add arms....either way - brutal!