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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FREE Trial of TRX = Epic Fail

Okay, so today the YMCA had a Free trial class of TRX... and you know that during our Tabata Workouts on Thursday, that John throws in a station (or two) of TRX exercises... And they really do push you and make you work... SO, I figured... I'll try a WHOLE CLASS of this!

For those of you who do not know, TRX IS SUSPENSION TRAINING: in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete 100s of exercises.

See those ropes? Well, you either put your feet in them or you stand and you hold the grips with your hands.

The floor exercises really work you core, because almost all of the floor exercises keep you in a plank position.

Each class is run differently, from what I hear, and sometimes they are 30 seconds workouts with 15 seconds of down time.. others go for a minute with a 15 second down time. From what I have read (due to today's class experience.. keep reading) every instructor does it a little different (please keep reading).

Now, I have taken trial classes before, and they are to give you a REALLY GOOD IDEA what a class will be like, and what you should expect from the instructor. It shows you what you are going to get yourself INTO, and then WHAT YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR. 

TRX through the YMCA is a $40/monthly fee. So $10 a class... on top of the monthly rate you are already paying to be a member of the YMCA. TRX could be worked into our budget, but, only today have they ever offered a free class to try it out.


I got there a little early, as I always do for a 545a class. I like to help set up... for two reasons:
  1. I like to be helpful, and if I set up.. I don't feel so bad running out at the very end of class. (Working Momma Problems.. say what?)
  2. If I help set up, it ensures the class starts at 545a, and that I get out on time. (once again, WMP)
 The instructor (Laura) said she didn't need help setting up... so, I had 15 minutes to kill before the class... so I went in the adjoining workout room, and worked on my arms for a little bit, and then did some weighted squats. GLAD I DID THAT... SO GLAD... Class started, and all of the TRX stations had been taken (even though she had 2 or 3 more she could have set up)... THEN other people flowed in, so she needed to INSTANTLY TAKE A BREAK TO SET UP THE OTHER STATIONS (I offered to help... and a free trial will always be packed... poor planning.. just saying)
SO.. once that happened (7 minutes later) She had us do Warm Up exercises...
Standing: Squats, Rows, and Y-Chest Presses.
30 seconds of each... done twice...
She did compliment my form... That was nice... especially since we had the ONLY know it all in the room. She must have been 18... And home from college. She was in shape... I'll give her that! Amazing muscle tone... and definitely not her first TRX rodeo... But, when the instructor said "Newbies, with no knowledge" to the front... This little  PITA (Pain in the Ass).. stayed in the front, and left the poor older women to figure it out in the back. Not nice chica not nice at all., when the instructor complimented my form.. this PITA turns and looks at me.. And listen, I'm short... and I have tone... and I'm reasonably skinny and tight... BUT, if you stretched me out, I'd look like this girl... Sorry.. 5'4" = thicker mid section... just visually... SHE LOOKED AT ME LIKE : "She's complimenting THAT?" 

Oh sweetie, go back to the dormitory... we don't like your negativity here.

Moving on! Needed to vent about that. 
So after the warm up... 
She moved us to the floor, and I got excited.. Whenever we do the floor workouts during Tabata, I love them. 

EVEN BETTER: She did exercises I knew... SO, I was getting a little Cocky... Wait wait.. Wait for it.
The crunch
A full Plank
The pedulumn
The storm
The V kick
I HAVE DONE ALL OF THESE.. and normally I am pretty confident on them... Something was different today.. OH... It was the 2 minutes she needed to explain (without demonstrating) each activity... And what it worked... LADY EXPLAIN WHILE DOING THE WORK.. COME ON NOW... 
And then... It was the way she got us through the exercises... I mean, seriously, I know it's like 6:00a... BUT GET US ENERGIZED LADY.
She got us up into standing position again, and we did some:
Tricep Dips
Bicep Curls then.. Guess what...
The class was over.
Read above... 7 exercises that were 1 minute 20 seconds long (with rest periods)... Count that a total of 9 minutes 20 seconds of work... with a 3 minute warm up.... 12 minutes and 20 seconds... and she did 3 minutes of cool down... 15 minutes and 20 seconds.
15 MINUTES AND 20 SECONDS OF WORK.. IN A 45 MINUTE PERIOD... WTF?!?!?! didn't even THINK about sweating.
And, I am hugely considering taking a run up and down the stairs at work.. IN MY DAMN HEELS... I mean seriously, What the HECK was that?
Everyone was looking at each other and was like, "That's it?" 

She was so disorganized.. so scattered... uninspiring... unmotivated... 
If this was a trial.. then this is what I expect from a class with her... Until, what, she breaks all of us in and gets us all to the same level? That's what MODIFICATIONS ARE FOR.
Now, I am no Fitness Guru... I am on my journey just like everyone else... But, I know what I expect from a class (and obviously what everyone expected).... And that was NOT it.
So disappointed.
Oh well... I'll just fill my Tuesday Mornings with epic Strength training... just like before.
So, tell me? 
Have you had any awful Fitness Class experiences?
What's your favorite type of workout?
Are you a class person?
Or a LONE wolf?


  1. I get SO ANGRY when you spend all the time in the class and come out with zero sweat. I know I need to understand that everyone is on different levels but when things don't go MY way I don't like it haah!

  2. Of that would make me so made! I tend to be a weights and cardio girl so I stay away from classes. I would expect to be sweaty though!