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Friday, July 25, 2014

Frivolous Thursday Fun has turned into Freaking Tired Friday!

Last night, after work, Emry and I did pre-race training for the 4 mile race we have scheduled for August 16, 2014. 

A group of people, of different running capabilities, all ran the course (mostly on the sidewalks) through the downtown area it will be held. 

Around the 3 mile mark.. Emry started to slow down and complain of pain... I didn't want to push him to hard, so we took a short cut.. and finished the course, but only completing 3.44 miles of it. 
86% of the course in 40 minutes. I am so proud of my boy. I stayed with him so he wouldn't feel alone, and also.. because well... It's not the race.. and the streets were filled with cars... 

Plus, it was kind of fun to motivate each other through the hills and turns. 

We got home, ate dinner... and I figured as a great reward for a good run done... We would go to the County Fair. 

We got to the fair by 8p... and did every BIG KID RIDE (because my Emry is now over 48 inches tall... at 7 years old) in the entire Fair.

3 hours later, we were home. We all showered, and then I had the fun of packing the lunches for the next day... and just doing the MOM thing, and I was in bed by oh... midnight.

It was a blast. 
We had so much fun.
(And the only fair food I ate was half of a fried oreo.. I know, I'm impressed too!)

And now, as I sit here at my desk.. I am not ashamed to tell you, that I have a 12 ounce cup of black German Chocolate flavored coffee...

Because, I have dubbed today COFFEE APPRECIATION DAY.. because I am EXHAUSTED.

It is Friday so that means it is rest day. The past 2 weeks, I have been doing short 20-30 minute workouts first thing in the morning.. just to speed up the metabolism... This morning.. That didn't happen;


I slept until the last physical moment I could, and then we got dressed and out of the house.

But, let me give you my Friday 5's. The things that I am truly grateful and happy for this week. Wet Vacuums and Power Drying Fans - This is my #1 this week, because, well.. I may have (read: totally did this) flooded our break room with a 6 gallon jug of water... I swear, I didn't drop it... It was 3 inches from the ground when I let it go... and I've done this many a time before.. this time.. .THE BOTTOM SHATTERED.. AND THESE ARE PLASTIC JUGS.. It went freaking everywhere. On the walls... on one of my coworkers... UP MY DRESS AND SOAKED INTO MY LEGGINGS (I look like I pee'd myself)... And, all over the floor of the break room. The puddle it created was named after me. And I was the laughing stock of my department. **SIGHS** Thank the Lord, for the fast acting facilities department, and the wet vac and power fan... because today.. It doesn't look like it happened... And, well.. I wish I could have stood in front of the power drying fan before I left work.. because I was pretty much Soaked. Nike New Balance Shoes - Emry and I got our running shoes, and this time they were Nike New Balances.. Now, I'm not really a master runner, or know much about brand, but New Balance never seemed like a FANCY SCHMANCY shoe to me.. so I kind of turned up my nose when it was recommended to handle the mileage and type of running we were planning to do.. but, I listened to the guy at the Custom Shoe Fitting place.. and I'm pretty happy with the selection.. And Emry is definitely benefiting from the proper support of a real running shoe. Guess, I'll never brand shame again! Dark Chocolate flavored Yogurt Covered Raisins - These have been my go to.. NEED CHOCOLATE snack. I separate them out into 1 serving portions, and I have them for a quick.. grab a bag.. snack at home. This week, they have helped me conquer the temptation of : Strawberry Shortcake (fresh from the bakery), Danish (fresh from the bakery), and Bagels (fresh from the DAMN bakery)... I get my chocolate fix without the horrible extra calories and carbs that the other options had. I'm considering adding them into yogurt and fruit parfaits for the weekend.. for when that inevitable ice cream hankering hits. Because, it WILL happen. Positive Reinforcement of the Superficial Kind - I have been freaking out about my dress fitting today... I am guilty of being a slave to the number on the scale... And since the last time I weighed in, I am heavier than when I tried on the dress the last time. And even though I put in the hard work, and bust my ass in the gym, I know I haven't been as dedicated to the nutritional end of this journey. So, I was freaking out. TODAY, I put on my smallest work skirt...My reasoning: If I can get THIS thing to zip up, and be able to breathe and sit in it.. I will be able to get that dress on. And guess what friends, I'm sitting in the skirt, and breathing.. It's a little snug.. but, I got the thing zipped up. Dress is going to fit. And that makes me happy. YOU - yes, all of you are the fifth thing that has made my week amazing. You all are so amazing. Positive, and Honest. A support system that I have dreamed for! I love the amazing friendships I am making each week, and the ones that are growing stronger as the weeks pass by. You let me into your lives with your posts, and you actually take the time to read through my diatribes and lift me up and sometimes ground me. It's an amazing feeling. I am about this close to telling Klay I want to add another table or two to the wedding just to invite ALL of you. Seriously, completely honest here... I feel like you all have been the support that I've been craving from those I actually see everyday. 
Who wants to make a trip to NY? :)

Happy Friday Everyone.
May your weekend be filled with happiness and friends! 
Make some memories people! 



  1. How fun that you guys went to the fair after your run! I think that is the perfect reward/celebration!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You only ate half a fried oreo at the fair? Girl, you have some good self control. I LOVEEE all of that awful fair food. I have never tried fried Oreo's though. The sound of them makes me drool though. Also, you better not be too hard on yourself for not running this morning; I mean you guys ran 3 1/2 miles, went to the fair, and then didn't get in bed until midnight. You are super mom and a hell of a better woman than I'll ever be.

    PS: I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment on my happiness blog post. That meant the world to me, Kat. I'm so blessed to have you as a friend.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. the blogging community is so incredibly supportive and awesome!! so glad you're making amazing connections :)

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I can't believe what a runner Emry is!! Good for you guys! So glad the dress fitting went well!