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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Humpday Confessionals!

Good morning all! 
It is Wednesdsay, and that means it is time for HUMP DAY CONFESSIONALS ALA ME!

Vodka and Soda

Today I am linking up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! And she was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... 
She's hysterical... and not afraid to say exactly what is on her mind. She is awesome sauce!

So, with no further delay...

 WEDNESDAY CONFESSIONAL A LA ME! back pain is almost gone. It was mostly just muscle spasms, and probably me pushing it a little too hard with the weights. I got a stern momma talking to from my gal Tricia, and I promise... I am resting the best I can... but, I still need to move.

I confess that I ignore most of my pain... because before I lost the weight, I lived with it every day. I have a pain syndrome... now I know you're all WHAAAAAT? It's not Fibromyalgia... and it's not a nerve ending thing... It's... I have a multitude of injuries that never healed properly. And this is because before I met my ex husband... I was in a severely abusive relationship... and was not allowed to seek medical attention for that abuse. SO, when those things healed, they healed wrong. And my body just ached after... After I had Emry, the pain was so bad, that I saw medical attention, and after MRI's and XRAYS, it was determined that this was my life... I could manage it with pain killers and muscle relaxers... but, I would always have a little bit of pain. When I started losing the weight (back in February 2013), I noticed the pain subsided a little. That I didn't always need my pills.... SO... That's why I kind of am so cavalier about the recent back issues.

New Balance 880v3, Grey Marle with Blue & Blue AtollI used the excuse of back pain, and just my body falling apart, as a reason to buy new running kicks. I mean, I put over 450 miles on those bad boys... It must mean I need new ones if I'm in pain... Right? No? Shhhh don't burst my bubble. They are cute.. and they should be in tomorrow... Which means... EPIC RUNNING 4th OF JULY WEEKEND! 

New Balance 750v3, Black with Blue & YellowI also confess, that I bought Emry a pair of running kicks as well... because that boy wants to run the other three 5k's I have planned for this summer... and his Payless Shoes - Champions are not going to cut it. (aka: I spoil my boy.... shoot me) His shoes should be in by next week. triple confess that I go to a special shoe store for my running stuff. It's owned by a podiatrist, and he knows everything there is to know about your feet, and what's right for them. I told him what I was expecting from my shoes... and what I liked and disliked about my last pair.. and he picked out the ones that will help me with this progression of my running life. And he was more than happy to do the whole nine yards finding Emry a Shoe! night, the teenage son of our next door neighbor, had friends over... at 2-freaking-A.M. I remember what it's like to be a teenager, and I remember that all I wanted to do was stay out late, and hang with my friends; which I was never allowed to do. However, if I was, and I was outside, at 2-FREAKING- A.M. yelling and joking and cursing with my friends... My father would have had my freaking head on a stake. It took all my energy not to go outside, with bed head, and smeared mascara... and confront those hooligans... It's the first week of Summer Vacation... I'll let it slide.. This time... But, I swear.... they interfere with my REM cycle tonight... I'm going to throw some BOWS!

I confess that I was supposed to do some hill training this morning, but due to my lack of sleep (see above), I decided to let it slide, get 45 minutes more sleep... and kill it at the YMCA for core workout. week has, so far, been the strongest week I have had. I am feeling more focused and in the zone. And, I'm noticing that my arms are becoming more defined, as are my legs... Yeah, I might have been caught checking myself out in the mirror.

I confess, that I am not between my goal weights of 120 & 125... And I confess that I don't really give a shit this week. My body looks phenomenal.... and that's all that matters... Muscle Gain? I think so! was 90 something HELLISH HUMID DEGREES out yesterday... and I tried to force myself NOT to turn on the A.C.... but when HOT HAIR BREEZED through the windows I said to Emry and Klay... "Fuck the electric bill... close the windows, we are A.C'ing this house until it feels like the North Pole."

I'm not sorry that I used the F'word around my son. you cut me off in traffic, and then drive slower than I was originally going... this will cause me to get very upset... I will not ride your bumper, because I hate when people do it to me... HOWEVER, I will wait for the first opportunity to pass your ass... SO CLOSE, that it makes you SWERVE into the FREAKING SHOULDER. Sorry, not sorry... I hate you.

Safelite is replacing my windshield today, and I swear to all that is holy, if they do not keep this appointment... I'm going to beat the crap out of a CEO... just saying... Poor customer service drives me LOONEY.

I find myself singing "Let it Go" on a regular basis, and am very sad that Emry now likes watching back-to-back viewings of the LEGO movie, over Frozen... I may (probably will) watch Frozen all by myself tonight.. Just because. obsession: Penny Dreadful on Showtime... Just saying... I've watched all the episodes twice, and am waiting for Klay to catch up so we can watch the Finale together. No spoilers please... It's a CRAZY AWESOME SHOW!

Last week, while I was resting... I watched the Extreme Weightloss Show (with Chris Powell), with a pint of ice cream... Counter productive? I think so... 
Even worse, while watching the show, someone was eating a Pepperoni Pizza, and I thought... MAN that looks GOOD. 

I'm in desperate need of a pedicure... I refuse to wear sandals until this happens.. my feet are, how do they say, RATCHET? Jacked UP? HOLY COW WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?! Yeah.. they are pretty bad.
this is a visual aid to how my feet look.

Well, those are my confessions! Come on over tomorrow, when I'll be doing my TWIT Thursday and BE Fearless postings!!!! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone




  1. haha these confessions had me laughing and also craving pepperoni pizza! Hope you get some rest in and feel better!

  2. After I wrote my post yesterday I was hoping you realized it was meant to be caring- and now that I read this post I care even more!!! Lately I have been reflecting A LOT on some things that happened to me a long time ago and how I was able to overcome it but that some people tend to stay in those situations. I am so glad that you are no longer in that situation and sorry that you have ever lasting injuries from it.

    I am happy for you that losing weight helped reduce the pain/problems and meds. Those meds wreak havoc on the liver and kidneys so it is best if you don't have to take them. The problem with old injuries is they reoccur and can still cause further damage if we are not careful. If I remember, you are a massage therapist aren't you? You may consider regular massage and keep being smart about your workouts when the pain is bad. Thank you for sharing!!

    As for the rest of you post - entertaining as always :) And the pizza - I always like to have extra meat which = extra fat but I guess that's why it tastes so damn good!

    1. Hey you! I know you are showing me the LOVE!!! I appreciate your advice and I take it. :) I love that you cared enough to wag your MOM finger at me. :)

      I promise I'm taking care of myself. :) **HUGS**

  3. It's the best when you're focused and on point with your goals! I am in dire need of new running shoes myself! And muscle gain? Heck yeah girl!! Killin' it!! :)

  4. Hell no could I live in this heat with no AC!
    I weigh 143 right now and Im thinking its muscle I run 5 miles every day of the week and not losing any lbs

  5. My Mother would have killed me! It's nice that you're trying to understand and remember being a teenager, but Come On! I would've been pissed too.

  6. Mmmmmm pizza. LOL.

    Um I basically skipped my entire work out this morning because of lack of sleep. It happens girl.

  7. yay for new shoes!! and omg i wanted to kill that teenager just reading about it! that was never ok when I was a teenager!

  8. Pain is definitely a good reason for new shoes... and a pedicure. Go for it!

  9. i dont even look at the scale - i haven't in about 3 years or so. as long as you feel good and your clothes fit, then that's all that matters :)

    thanks for linking up

    Vodka and Soda

  10. Amen to what Kathy said. The scale doesn't matter, it doesn't reflect at all how fit you are or how much muscle mass you gained. Screw it! I only go by how my clothes fit and if I feel good in my skin.
    Treat your toes, they earned it! You are a workout machine girl!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!