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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Humpday Confessions - This is going to be a good one!

Good morning all! 
It is Wednesdsay, and that means it is time for HUMP DAY CONFESSIONALS ALA ME!
Vodka and Soda
Today I am linking up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! Since Liz is taking a little break (we miss you LIZ!), there is no humpday linkup this week!. But, Vodka & Soda, was one of the blogs I found via the Humday Blog Hop and she was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... 
She's hysterical... and not afraid to say exactly what is on her mind. She is awesome sauce!
So, with no further delay...
 WEDNESDAY CONFESSIONAL A LA ME! may lose track of my thought process, because, well, Ian is staring at me... and smirking.. and I go all GOOEY when he does that. I'm 29 years old, and I seriously have a hardcore girl crush on this man.. Like, HELLLLLLLLLLO SAILOR. son and I watched Frozen last night, for the MILLIONTH time, and my dad may have (read: definitely did) walked in on Emry and I belting out "Let it Go"... and then every song there after. Not ashamed... but, I guess this is what happens when you are a Musical Theater geek and a Mom... closest thing you get is DISNEY MOVIES. may have posted my weight range goals on the fridge, my work computer, the lock screen for my phone... and on the gallon of ice cream in the freezer (it was from the BBQ, I SWEAR). I am trying very VERY hard to be focused and dedicated... until vacation. Where I hope (and pray) that I can let loose without losing control. has been so hot and humid, that I've resulted to wearing Klay's big T-shirts, and boy short underwear around the house in the evenings. Sorry, not Sorry... I swear there is coverage under this XXL shirt.. just not in the form of actual PANTS. (Problems with living with 3 males) "But, MAMA, I can see your legs!!!!" What am I AMISH?!?!?!, even though I had a ton of work, I totally watched old reruns of Sabrina, The teenage Witch, while I was working. It would have been Boy Meets World, but, YOUTUBE has gotten a little DB-ish because of the whole new Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel. that said, I may have Queued up the pilot episode of "girl meets world" on Monday night... I mean it's CORY AND TOPANGA.. AS PARENTS!!!! Am I embarrassed? a teensy bit... but, hey, Klay already asked me to marry him.. so.. It's not like he can take it back! Am I right?

I am going to be a Foodie Pen pal this month, and the chick I am swapping with is a Pescatarian... No Red Meat or Chicken... but she's in to everything else. I can't wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and find her COOL (and semi-healthy) STUFF! I've also been trying to find something that she may have never had before! I'm on a Tuna Fish kick this week, which I made with a dollop of Greek Plain Yogurt, red onion, tabasco sauce and curry powder. So, after lunch time, anyone who talks to me, makes THAT FACE.. The face that they know you've had tuna and onions.. and that they HATE you. Sorry, Not sorry... It's super yummy and I love it.

With that said, I've been having Tilapia for dinner, you would think that my new Pescatarian Pen Pal has inspired me... well, that's incorrect.. It's because Klay MADE me buy these pre-portioned 6oz. Tilapia Fillets and then realized that he DIDN'T LIKE TILAPIA... So.. guess who gets to eat them. THIS CHICK. Every night this week, I've seasoned it differently and paired it with different greens. Tonight, I'm thinking of blackening it, and then serving it with warmed diced peaches over Salad... YUM!
I confess, that I have been giving Lissa the silent treatment, like a child, because I have nothing nice to say. Truly. I'm tired of being the secondary friend, and tired of being mistreated. So, I'm taking a page from my 7-year old.. .OBVIOUSLY. love my new running shoes, they are slightly patriotic though.. I got the New Balance 880 V3... and they are literally RED, WHITE, and BLUE. This means I have to get running clothes that match... New Tank Top, Sports Bra and Bandana.... Right? Shopping? Any excuse? did I get so excited about workout clothes, and them matching my sneakers? When DID THIS HAPPEN?
I really need to get more than one bandana... I sweat so badly that even after I hang dry it.. It's still NASTY by the end of the day... I'm having to hand wash it. **SIGHS**..........I really loathe washing my workout gear multiple times a week. But, once again, SEE ABOVE, if I had MORE.. it wouldn't be a problem... Right? Right? Support this initiative!
I confess that after my FEARLESS post last week, I have seriously considered putting my real name on the blog... and actually using my picture in the "THIS IS ME" box. may have (totally did this) hijacked a piece of equipment on my son's swing set, into a pseudo pull up bar... Because, I am THAT determined to do a pull up. So what he can't reach it... I mean... GET TALLER ALREADY!
Our vacation is 9 days away.. and for the first time in forever... I'm not stressing out about packing, or this or that... or shopping, or cleaning. It's going to get done. I'm just focusing on keeping it a surprise until FRIDAY MORNING OF NEXT WEEK! did speed and hill interval training on the treadmill this morning, and decided that the 5 minutes of cool down was too much, and that I didn't nearly run far enough.. so I cut it down to 2 minutes.. and then I did straight Speed Intervals until I hit 5 miles of distance. I am SURE going to feel this later... Heck, I'm feeling it right now.. ADVIL ANYBODY? 
Well, that's it, those are my confessions for this week.
I hope you are all having an amazing week!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Tabata Thursday and the Twit Link up!



  1. I totally want to watch Girl Meets World. My husband seemed less than thrilled about this.

    I refuse to wear pants around the house in the summer. Just no!!!

    I need new work out shoes!

  2. I don't like wearing pants in the summer either, it just gets too hot!
    I still haven't watched the pilot for Girl Meets World but I am going to try to do that today!
    Sounds like you have been doing awesome with eating healthy :D
    New workout clothes are a must.

  3. My bf and I both want to watch Girl meets World but havent yet :)

  4. who wears pants in the summer?? NO ONE. Excited to hear about all your fishy yumminess coming up! I want to do some speed training, that is soooo good!

  5. Summer means no pants days, everyday! I can't get into fish so glad you were able to finish the tilapia!

  6. Love the big bang gifs!!
    DJ Fusion Brews and Tunes

  7. It's been so hot and humid hear I don't even bother brushing/fixing my hair....Or wearing pants

  8. thanks for the blog props :)

    new workout clothes always make me happy; i tend to go a little crazy at the outlets shopping for that shizz

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  9. Ha! I'm totally watching Sabrina right now too, and posted about it. I haven't seen Girl Meets World yet but I am curious!