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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm a Twit Thursday! (7-24)


Last week my goals were to:

  • Continue to make good choices with my meals and snacks
  • Always make sure that I am taking in an adequate amount of protein, as well (healthy) fats.
  • Continue with 1 cheat meal a week, and keep that in a healthy sized portion.
  • Move from 10lb dumbbells to 12lb dumbbells.. on my upper body work.
  • And continue to build my core
Did I meet those goals?
Yes and no.
I made some very good choices this week, and a few bad ones (even outside the trainpalooza vacation). But, when I made a bad choice (IE: Ice cream, and MEGA S'more).. I only had a portion of it... I didn't keep going.. I didn't just gorge. I ate what it was.. and that was it. I call that an improvement. Normally, a unhealthy (cheating) snack spirals out of control into this never ending eating binge. And that didn't happen this week.
I call that progress.

I have been taking in recommended protein and healthy fats as well... This week I've had avacado, and chicken and tuna and tilapia... and almonds... and some olive oil... and I even added a 4ounce post workout protein shake. Which has made a big difference. At least I think so.

On Tuesday, I did my full body strength and weight training, and I did in fact move up to a 12 lb dumbbell. I did not use a 12 in the Tabata workout today.. But, I made the step.. now it's time to build my strength.

My core is getting stronger... if you've been over to the TABATA post, you will read about the Side V-Ups, that were easier than expected!

I didn't weigh myself today, I was running behind.. and it just really slipped my mind.. so let's see what I weigh NEXT week.

  • Healthy Portions, Healthy Meals, 
  • No cheating this week... just to make sure I can still do that!
  • Run with Emry 3x
  • Continue with the 12 lb dumbbells

How was your week?

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