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Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's be a Twit Thursday! (7-17)


I can't wait to see how many people join today's link up. Every time I do this, the traffic becomes more and more. I love how we all are banding together to help each other along our Healthy Journey's.

Normally, I write what I weighed last time, and what I weigh this time.

So, let's start there... Last week, I weighed 131.4lbs (and I wasn't ashamed of that) and today I weigh 128.8lbs. That's right I have gone down 2.6lbs since last week. I can honestly tell you, that this had a lot to do with my healthy eating, and proper portions. And I wouldn't be surprise if I didn't get back to my comfortable weight range (120-125) within the next couple of weeks.

My goals last week were to:
  • give myself ONE cheat meal, and to keep that cheat meal in a healthy portion.
  • NOT completely lose focus because an aspect of my schedule has changed. I need to learn to ROLL with it."
I am pleased to say that I achieved both of those goals this week. And I am also very pleased to say that I survived a Wednesday! and I did not binge... as I had been the prior weeks. And I am over the moon about this.

This week my goals are to:
  • Continue to make good choices with my meals and snacks
  • Always make sure that I am taking in an adequate amount of protein, as well (healthy) fats.
  • Continue with 1 cheat meal a week, and keep that in a healthy sized portion.
  • Move from 10lb dumbbells to 12lb dumbbells.. on my upper body work.
  • And continue to build my core

I was looking in the mirror the other day, and I saw something... I saw the start of a six pack. My obliques are super defined, and I have the top two abs showing proudly. I am going to get there... I know I am.

How was your week?

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