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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Weekend Recap!

Where should I begin...

Friday Night:
Oh, the dress wouldn't zip up all the way... And I think I balled my eyes out., could it have? Yes, I'm pretty sure, but the lady at the bridal store (cough cough David's Bridal cough cough alteration ladies are jerkfaces cough cough) could tell I had gained a little weight, and refused to attempt to zip it. I assured her it would fit in time for the wedding, and the lady had the nerve to tell me, that I had to call her in two weeks, and assure her that it fit THEN.. because another alteration (ie: letting it out) would take some time. Which I get.. but lady... Give it a rest. It's going to fit...

I mean, think of the added pressure that was just added to my plate. I admitted I had gained weight... And, I know I can lose it.. and I'm pretty sure if I tried this dress on this Friday.. It probably fit just fine... But.. the lady had to stick it to me. I'm sure she was trying to make sure my dress would fit the day of, and I would enjoy my wedding... but, the way it was phrased.. Completely heart breaking.

I went home and I couldn't look at Klay. And, he knew why... I put my head down, and I just did all the housework I normally have to do. I did all the food prep for this week, and a lot of cleaning. I ate a healthy dinner... and then I went and hung out with my bridesmaid and friend, Angel. We played some EXTREME BEAN BAG TOSS and just gabbed it up. Which was nice, I needed to laugh.. I needed to move past the anti-zip issue.

And the way Angel phrased it to me.. "Yeah, because you looked SOOOO fat in your size 4 dress!" I love her sarcasm, and she's completely correct.. and we aren't talking that the dress wouldn't zip past my hips or my stomach.. It was like 2 inches from the top of the dress.. You see what I mean?

It isn't the end of the world. It's a little bump. And Angel has promised that in 2 weeks, she will personally zip me up in the dress... take a picture of it zipped... Take a picture of me SITTING in the dress.. and then we are walking those bad boy pictures down to David's Bridals and SHOWING the little turd woman that it does fit.

I woke up, and I got my butt into the gym... I ran 4.26 miles (in 41 min 37 sec) and then I did the Tabata Saturday workout. I felt sweaty and awesome all at the same time.

I had to race home, grab Klay and Emry because we had to meet with our Minister... to discuss exactly what we want from a ceremony. We did that, and then we stopped at the cutest little farm stand, and picked up ORGANIC produce. OH MAN OH MAN.
We got:
  • 3 different types of KALE (did you know there were different types?)
  • a bunch of beets
  • a MONSTER zucchini (like.. it was huge...)
  • 2 lbs of green beans
  • a huge head of Garlic
  • + Emry and Klay wanted this Apple, Kale, Banana Muffin... Gluten free don' ya know.
All the produce ran us $20 and the muffin was $3... But, we have enough produce to REALLY intensify our week! I love FARM FRESH VEGGIES!.

When we got home, we decided that we were going to BBQ for lunch. I had previously prepared some stuffed Portobellos and they just needed to be warmed. But, given the fact that we had so much FRESH produce, I decided.. Let's VEGGIE it up. I got my fancy BBQ pan, and I tossed the Green Beans in some Coconut oil and added the garlic... Then placed it on the grill! And I had bought corn during our regular food shopping.. so I brushed those with a little coconut oil, seasoned them with S&P and Cajun seasoning + a little parmesean cheese, then wrapped them in foil and DROPPED them on the grill. Warmed up the stuffed shrooms... oh wait, did I not tell you what they were stuffed with? I browned some ground turkey, and added sauteed onions, then topped with half a slice of pepperjack cheese. I know.. sounds awesome.. It was... and before I realized anything, it was gone, and I had no picture of the awesome...Emry ate everything. So, if you do the math he ate a 90% vegetarian meal. And I'm SO STINKING HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a CupWe all got comfy... and we spent the rest of the day in the house... basically lounging around. Which was super nice. Had dinner together as a family, nothing fancy... And, later on that evening.. I really was craving SWEET. And that's so bad, right? I mean... Why does THAT happen? But, I have a rule... if you can make ONE serving of something bad.. without leaving your house.. then the work is worth the calories. So, I made a Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake. Super easy from prep to "cooking" it was 5 minutes.. and I had the perfect one serving cookie.. It hit the spot!

I woke up wicked sore on Sunday... to the point where I couldn't go out and run... So, I laid on the couch and prayed for the Acetominophen to kick in. It did, and then, well... It was the Renaissance Faire final dress rehearsal (It opens next week!) and we were invited to come and check it out... and then go to our guild meeting at noon. We had to wear our garb.... and the three of us had a fantabulous time. We were even able to finally buy Emry some official garb.. since he is tall enough to wear the men's pants (if we roll them)... He will fit in these pants for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS... I am so stinking excited. We got him a shirt as well... And I'm pretty sure it will at least fit until next year. I can't wait to take pictures of him in it... Teal pants, and a sunset orange shirt. My little man! went home after the guild meeting... oh wait, what's a guild? Klay, Emry and I volunteer at the NYRF.. and this year the volunteer group we normally assist was disbanded (sounds very medieval, right?) and they gave a select few the option of being part of a guild and doing the same thing. This basically takes us a couple steps up, from being a volunteer... to basically an unpaid (but, compensated with other things) employee of the faire. We are truly lucky. We do crowd control, help the cast and assist any patron that may need assistance through the faire. It is a blast! My dad usually volunteers with us, but this year.. He is an ACTOR at the faire, and will be one of the Queen's Guards. How stinking CUTE is that?

Anyway.. we went home after the meeting... I had some laundry to do, checkbooks to balance.... TV to zone out on... Couches to make my impression in... Around 5p, we decided to run to Gander Mountain to get Emry some faire appropriate shoes... so they blend in with his costume, and will wear well the entire season. And then, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. We all got the mini burger combination meals. Emry and Klay got Bacon Cheeseburgers w/ Salad bar... and I had the Turkey & Swiss Minis (that I topped with copious amounts of HOT SAUCE) w/ Salad Bar. And, the God's honest truth... Emry had a full plate of Spinach, Hard boiled egg pieces, Ham, and Ranch... plus 1 of his minis and half of his fries. Sounds pretty balanced right? Two days with VEGGIES involved? SUPER! And I, well, I had both of my minis... most of my fries... and two nice plates of salad.
I couldn't get enough of the first salad concoction.. so I got another plate!
  • Mixed Greens
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Onion
  • Cherry Tomato Slices
  • Diced Roasted Red Peppers
  • Apple/Grape Salad (think of how chicken salad is sometimes made, without the chicken)
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • a small amount of Honey Mustard Dressing.
Oh man oh man.. it was a tasty salad. So nice, I had to make it TWICE!

Now, this was a pure power play.. Two plates of salad.. plus the 2 minis ... well, that made it really hard for me to want, even look, at the dessert menu... And when Emry asked, I was so happy to remind him that he had his own container of chocolate gelato at home.

Then it was home... and Emry had his Gelato... I packed the lunches for the next day. Emry showered...
And then it was basically bed time for all of us...
I fell asleep on the couch.
Emry fell asleep in his bed...
Klay fell asleep reading...

When I woke up (a couple hours later)... I realized I was starving like MARVIN... so, I made myself a snack. Chocolate Rice cake, 1 Tsp of Peanut Butter, 1/2 a banana (sliced), and a tiny dollop of Sugar Free Cool whip, topped with ground cinammon. was heaven.. Just saying.

Klay and I watched the Rob Zombie Halloween reboot.. and I was in bed around 10:15p.

Monday Morning:

I woke up this morning, and pushed my run on the treadmill... I did 4 miles in 37 minutes and 14 seconds. That's an average speed of 6.45 mph and that means I was doing a mile every 9 minutes and 18 seconds. I did a cool down (speed) walk for another 17 minutes, and accomplished another 1.22 miles... SO, basically 5.22 miles in 54 minutes and 14 seconds. Not bad not bad. got Emry to camp... And I got to work.. and here I sit. Looking at the couple pieces of work I have to do... and typing this post instead. I know... I'm procrastinating... Aren't you?

Tonight, Emry has karate at 6p.. and that will give us an hour to kill between picking him up and when his class starts. Luckily, there is a high school track right next to his dojang. If it isn't pouring.. Emry and I will do some laps.. So we can keep training for our 4 mile race!

And then, we will finish out our day with Karate and Dinner and... well... PASSING OUT!

I almost forgot.
Today, I start a 30 day challenge, which I found through 

Does Anyone want to do this with me? I think I want to report on it weekly, tell everyone how it's going.. what I love, what I hate... Stuff like that. Is anyone else down to do this! No equipment needed.. and honestly... It looks kind of fun. Right? Right? *cricket noises*

I can't wait to read how everyones weekend went!



  1. I hate the alterations people at David's Bridal. Don't even get me started with them!!!!

    Your salad concoction sounds yummy! Sometimes I love nothing more than a good salad!

    A 30 day ab and squat challenge sounds excellent. I love to hate ab work and squats.

    Have a great week!

  2. oh man, those mug cookies are TO DIE FOR!! And don't fret--you'll lose it. You're going to be such a beautiful bride!

  3. I have heard SO much about the alterations people at DB! I want that salad concoction so bad- I'm about to go buy some grapes and apples to make my own!

  4. Ok, I am in for the 30 day challenge! I need someone to be accountable to and you are one of the few people I "know" who will actually stay with it.

  5. Alterations people are evil no matter where you go...I went to try on a dress once and when I told her I needed a 4, she looked at me and acted like I was absurd for thinking I could fit my fat ass in a 4...I proved her wrong...I fit in the four (with room to spare) not sure why she was so negative! I hope you have a different lady and a better experience next time!


  6. I can't believe she made you feel bad for not being able to zip up the top little bit. How rude. I am sure you will fit in it quickly. You are a running machine!