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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tabata Thursday - 7/3/14

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED.
All levels of Fitness Geek go to this class, and I love how we all inspire each other to keep going!
 Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations. 
Station 1: Ropes
Alternate Swing & Reverse Lunge
Russian Twist ropes have become almost too easy... I am really in my zone when I am at the rope station. It's so.. just... gratifying. I imagine what is wrong in my world.. in my head... and I fuel that into the ropes... into the lunges.. into the twists... It all becomes a fluid motion. I know it sounds insane, but, I feel that you need to find something to push you... and the ropes are heavy... No Joke.. but something about using my anger/frustration/sadness to move them.. seems to make them lighter... Utterly light. John just smiles when I do them now... he looks at me, and smiles.. because it's like he gets it... 
Station 2: Dumbbell
Static Lunge and Swing
Clean and Press really do not do a lot of dumbbell work in the class, they are usually barbells. So this was a change. The Static Lunge and Swing, it's a balance thing for me.. I used an 8lb dumbbell for this exercise, and as you go into the lunge, you swing your arm down, and then UP... so think of kind of a bowling swing. But you end up with yourself in a full lunge, and the dumbbell over your head, with your arms at your ear. clean and press with the dumbbell was easy enough, but, to get the form right.. Oddly hard. Something about having two weights.. instead of one large bar.... I think that's what messed me up. But it was still nice. 8lb dumbbells.. but I probably could have done 10 or 12 lbs each... Perhaps if we do them again, I will try it out with heavier weights. 
Station 3:TRX
Pendulum feel like after the TRX trial on Tuesday, I needed a real good TRX station, and the pike paired with the pendulum was just that. 
Pike is starting from a TRX full plank, and then basically V'ing your body. This is so your feet come to where your knees/thighs one time were, and your butt is UP IN THE AIR. Kind of like doing Downward Dog.... with your feet suspended. 
Pendulum is side to side knee to chest tucks... back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. 
Not much else to say about that, other than... YOU FEEL IT.. YOU REALLY REALLY FEEL IT.
Station 4: Yoga Inspiration
Lunge to Warrior 3
Hindu Pushup love that this week he tried a Yoga Inspired station. It was different, and it confirms that I do want to take a yoga class. (OMG - I have frozen yogurt on the brain, I just almost wrote "I do want to take a yogurt class" OMG OMG HAHA).
Deep back lunge and then you go into Warrior 3... This is a balance thing... I have very little.. but, I am making great strides... So I wasn't able to get my body like the picture.. but my hands were over my head, and my foot was off the ground. That's something right? 
Hindu pushup = Downward Dog + Cobra. Thank God I found a GIF... Yeah, these were "fun".... Totally fun.... NOT. But, worth it.. SO worth it. 
 Station 5: The Bar
Pull up + Burpee
Hanging knee raises so, the first exercise was a jumping pull-up (which are getting TOO EASY.. I'm doing more of an actual pull up, then needing to jump into it.) and then you had to do a single burpee... Burpees suck.. just saying.. But, this was an interesting exercise combo. To say the very least. while hanging from the bar, we had to bring our legs to our chests, then back to the floor. This was hard... because you are suspended by your arms.. Hand grip comes into play... Arm strength.. All of that. But, I just did it... SLOWLY.. but I did it. 
Station 6: Core
1 legged in/out abs
Back raise pass've done the 1 legged in/out abs before... Basically plank position with one leg bent.. then hopping in and out and in and out. Not fun.. not easy... but, the point it, every time you hop FORWARD (or in) you try to make a BIGGER LEAP... so that you LEAP FARTHER OUT. Your core will thank you later... Trust me. raise pass, So a back raise is hard enough... Your abs need to do work, they aren't used to... so, it BURNS.. Well pair that with passing a ball around your body... YEAH... It's a test... It's a test not to let your chest lay against the floor. 

Station 7: Slush pipe
Walking lunge 
Side Shuffle Squat you are unfamiliar what a Slush pipe is, please go back and look at some of my previous Tabata Class posts. It's a piece of PVC with sand in it... It's crazy. 
I used the 30lb slush pipe for both of these activities, and I know I'm going to be paying for it later. Keeping the pipe on one shoulder while I did the walking lunge.. HOLY COW... I thought it was going to break a bone.. it was just HEAVY. but, then, I got my arms involved. Yup. I lifted this thing OFF my shoulders slightly, and still did the lunge walk. John was blinking at me, I think he realized that I was adding an extra element.. and was wondering how I was keeping the pipe level. Anything not to feel the weight of that thing on my shoulder. 
The Side shuffle squat was like SUMO WALKING to the side... Side Squats... MOVING SIDE SQUATS. *cringes* not fun... I'll pay for this later.. did I say I would? Because if I did, I am saying it again.. Epsom salt bath tonight. 
So that was the class.. from top to bottom.
I was pouring sweat by time I left, and I really REALLY enjoyed that. It really made up for the TRX fail from Tuesday.
So, What did you do to be active today?
What are your plans for the 4th of July weekend?
How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle during a holiday weekend?   

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