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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tabata Thusday (7-17)

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED.
All levels of Fitness Geek go to this class, and I love how we all inspire each other to keep going!
 Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations. 
Station 1: ROPES
Torso Slam
Burpee Slam all know I love the ropes... I love them wicked... They make me work.. they make me sweat, and I swear... I push all my frustration through those bad boys. The torso slam is like doing a standing russian twist, and you slam the ropes on either side of you. It's fun. And, I'm trying to get the ropes higher now, so they THUD to the ground harder in the slam. Slam... Yeah, I know, I posted a GIF of it.. It's just... WHOA... I swear, I hate this one... But, I do it.. and just keep doing it.. until I hear the bell. I mean, WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF? And are they filming it, so they can giggle later? Seriously though, this was kind of an epic exercise. 

Station 2: TRX
Stir the Pot
Up Down Plank the Pot.. Okay... Imagine you are doing the pendulum exercise, but making full circles with your legs... that's right.. Knees to chest and then as you extend them out you are doing a full circle (Clockwise...then counter clockwise) until you hear the bell. Yup, I may have (totally did) grunt through this one. Up Down Plank.. I mean... JEEEEEEZ, this made me work. If you look at the pic, you start out on your elbows, and you work your way (one arm at a time) up to a full extension plank. and then back down.. Continuously... until the bell. Now, the pic shows it being down on the ground, IMAGINE your feet in the TRX stirrups. It's quite fun... in a sweaty, not fun kind of way. HA!
Station 3: GROUP BALL
Sit up Chest Pass
Russian Twist we were in groups of three, so if you can imagine we are sitting in a triangle shaped group. With the Sit up Chest pass, you hold the ball (20lbs), lay down, sit up, and then pass to a partner... Everyone in the group does the sit up and then waits for the ball to be passed to them. 
This was followed by the group putting their backs together, and doing Russian Twists with the same ball. This was not hard.. especially since the group I was in.. was going SUPER slow.. Like COME ON LADIES... WE CAN MOVE THIS FASTER. But, given the intensity of other activities, I guess a little break was nice. 

Alternating V-up 
Jumping Jack Abs exercises were performed with a 5lb dumbbell. John insisted on light weights today. I would have much rathered an 8lb... but, you got to listen to the instructor. 
The Altnerating V-Up. With the Dumbbells in both hands you would sit up, but bring your left arm towards your right foot, and then lay back down, while coming back up right arm towards your left foot... rinse and repeat... 
Jumping jack Abs, hmmmm how do I explain this. Laying down, with dumbbells in your hands, palms facing towards the ceiling. you do a Jumping Jack, but laying down... You raise your feet up just off the floor, and then pick your upper body up a little... so kind of making a pseudo V with your body.. then assume the Jumping Jack exercise. This was fun... and slightly challenging... Kind of felt like I should be swimming while doing it. HAHAHA
Station 5: The Bar
Pull Up Progression
1 Arm Tricep Pushup Okay.. so every week we've been doing these Pull-up progressions, and I'm pretty sure John is going to take away my ability to jump next week... What no easy way? You mean you're going to force me to do it.. Thank you, because I'm a wuss. Hahaha. I know I can do this.. but, I can't seem to get my brain to let my body DO the work. **SIGHS** Arm Tricep Pushup, yeah, these happened.... PFFFFFFFFT. Kind of. But, I tried. I tried really hard, and I have learned that I am STRONGER.. because I could have never done HALF of what I did for these parts of the station. I just did them slow.. and had to spot my other hand, every once in awhile... I tried, and that's what counts. Do what scares you... It makes you stronger.

Station 6: CONTINUOUS DEATH...(yeah, I said it)
Bear crawl w/ sliders
Frog Jumps, why do I call this Continuous Death, oh because John said we couldn't stop. We had to do both activities back to back to back to back, until the entire round was over. We did the bear crawl with sliders on our feet, and I kind of imagined I was gliding across the floor... in my head it was fun... so, it got me through... 
The Frog Jumps are kind of like Squat Jumps.. but that propel you FORWARD.  You would think this would be kind of fun.. but, man was I getting really tired, and my legs were totally feeling it. I mean.. WHOA.. WHOA WHOA.. were my legs feeling it. 

But, I got through it, so did the other two ladies in my group.... Sort of.. I think I lapped them both, TWICE.

Jack Press
Squat and Punch Presses with Dumbbells.... FUN FUN FUN.. John insisted on light dumbbells again (even for the dudes... this was too weird)...And just follow the model.. and do them fast... like regular jumping jacks... Not a fan... But, I know they are making my arms look AWESOME... So, for that I am appreciative. and Punch... SUMO SQUAT AS LOW AS YOU CAN (you'll thank me for this).. and then with 5lb dumbbells punch like a maniac... until the bell. Think this sounds too easy? Trust me... Your butt and legs will burn AND scream.. from the 1st 20 seconds. But, oh man.. my ass is going to look KILLER... HEHEHEHE
That was it! That was the class! 
So epic. So Fun...
So challenging...
I love the amount of sweat this produces.. and that it changes up every week. Except for the pull up progression, I'm sure John is waiting for me to do one, before you changes that station!!! hahahaha.

What did you do to be active today?
Have you TWITTED UP?
And come back for the Being you Best: Energy!!!


  1. Just reading this makes my abs hurt! OMG YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO A PULL UP!!!! You got this!!

  2. That is a lot of hard work! Today was leg day for me. I am just waiting for that burn to kick in. Usually it hits a little in the afternoon and then ALL the next day!