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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Cycling Trial

On Saturday, John had subbed in for the Tabata work out, which I always love... and he mentioned that during this entire week, he would be subbing M-F for the other 545a classes. On Monday,  Wednesday, Friday it is a Full Body Circuit - Insanity class and on Tuesday it was a Cycling/Spinning class 

Try spinning he said to me.
It will be fun.
You will like it he said. me just jump to the end... I feel like I've been riding Hidalgo across the desert for MONTHS... My ass hurts and feels like jelly all at the same time.. as does my quads and my hams and for crying out loud EVERYTHING from the waist down.

Fun, he said.
John is a mean mean MEAN man.

I have my heating pack on the back of my legs... and I am alternating it onto the tops as well.. It feels nice... I like nice.

Unlike cycling class.. which was NOT nice. that you know the end... you want to know the beginning? I mean, I know I took the climax out.. and completely revealed the ending. . . I'm that bad friend who tells you all about a movie you've never seen... WHILE you are watching it for the first time.
And, oh, by the way.. She's the killer.. but, she's really a HE.. I KNOW RIGHT?

So.. the beginning? Are you still with me?

Let's start with LAST NIGHT... I know, you're confused, why does a Tuesday workout start on a Monday night.. I need to get you to why this was just UTTERLY a BAD idea.

Monday night, Emry and I ran 2 miles around the track... That would put my daily total of miles run at 7.22 .... THEN, I sat in a cold COLD dojang, in uncomfortable seats.. and watched Emry kick butt and take names at Karate. 

We went home, I made dinner.. I put away some laundry... I then started the 30 day Ab & Squat Challenge (The jpg. is in this post)

DAY 1: 
10 Sit ups
15 Bicycle Crunches
30 Squats banged these out super quick.. not thinking of the miles I had run.. Not thinking that perhaps I should be stretching before and after I do ANY exercise... because I'm a moron. OH, I am a bigger moron, because I had seen a woman doing THIS ab exercise at the gym (only thing she went up ALL the way)... and well, I wanted to see if I could at least do 10 of them. I can.. I'm regretting it now.

Then I took a bath.. a nice HOT bath.. and honestly, I did something smart. I threw a huge handful of epsom salt into the water and I soaked for just a few minutes. Doing this made me realize.. that I really should stretch, and have Klay help me stretch.... So he helped open up my hips... and helped push me lower into some of my other stretches. It definitely did help... but... I think it was a little too late? You know what I mean?

I went to sleep super late, and I knew that I was going to wake up UTTERLY exhausted... so, no surprise there when the alarm went off at 4:50a. I got my workout clothes on.. made sure that my teeth were brushed, and my bandana was covering up the mess that is my bed head... 

And I went to CYCLING... with that jerk face.. JOHN.

I got there early, as always, and he helped me set up my bike. So, now I know exactly where it should be, if I ever decide to do this again... which, honestly, if I'm every feeling suicidal... I'll probably do. Otherwise, probably not.. Just saying.. This HURTS. had us moving the intensity around ALL over the place.
And then Standing and power pedaling. 
I swear to all that is holy, that I wanted to die.

I was able to keep the pace, for the most part... I would keep within the RPM range he wanted us in.. and I was able to push it higher when he wanted us too.. But, keeping track of the RPM, plus which way I was supposed to turn the resistance dial... Well, I was getting confused... Not going to lie, lack of sleep makes me not coordinated! Was that a quarter turn LEFT or RIGHT? Wait... have I've been upping the resistance the ENTIRE time. *Slaps Forehead* I still did it though.

And then... 630a hit.. and I tried to RUN out of class to my car...
That didn't happen.
The "Horse Riding Shuffle" happened.

And now.. I am HERE.
At my desk.
Heating pad.. and Acetominophen at the ready... and Green Tea is comforting my soul.

What did you do to be active today?
Are you doing the Ab & Squat Challenge with me?
How did you do?



  1. Oh gosh, your description of the pain makes me feel it with you! Cycling like that? No thanks!

    Epsom salt baths are my favorite! So relaxing!

  2. I'm not sure my comment here goes again!
    I have never tried spinning. I've always been interested but haven't got around to it. But based on your description of the after math, I might not!

  3. Haha!! It hurts because it works but I totally get the Hidalgo shuffle. I always do that after a leg day session.

  4. Epsom salts are magic!

    This butt is not meant for biking.

    I just finished my day portion of squats that I do in the bathroom at work!

  5. spin class is awesome! but they seriously need to do something about those seats; it's like riding a bike on a brick seat :(

    Vodka and Soda