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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Twit Thursday (7-10)


I can't wait to see how many people join today's link up. Every time I do this, the traffic becomes more and more. I love how we all are banding together to help each other along our Healthy Journey's.

Normally, I write what I weighed last time, and what I weigh this time.

Well, last time, I made my goal of 125 lbs... Today, I am 131.4 pounds.
I do want to stay within a range of 120-125, because it makes me happy.
But, I've been noticing major changes with my body.
I am more muscular than I have ever been... I do definitely have an extra padding in my stomach area, but that is from the (too regular) junk food binges I've been having. 

My goal this week is to give myself ONE cheat meal, and to keep that cheat meal in a healthy portion.
My other goal this week is to NOT completely lose focus because an aspect of my schedule has changed. I need to learn to ROLL with it.

Like last night, I got home and realized that I had totally forgotten to defrost my tilapia. Instead of just saying, "Whatever, there are still healthy options"... I went for the  individual burger patties, and the jalapeno poppers, that someone was hiding in the back of the freezer. I knew they were there.. and I made the wrong decision. And then, I topped that decision off with a large portion of ice cream.

I made the wrong choice, and knew it the whole way through.
That is not okay.
I am not okay with that.

I AM HUMAN... but, this human... well, she knows better.

I know two things:
1) there is no more ice cream in the house (Thank God for Dad, who has slowly been chipping away at it for me).
2) that I go grocery shopping tonight, and I am determined to tweak my nutrition, so I'm not so tempted to go off the reservation.

Quick things that I can turn to, in case the schedule gets off kilter. Something that tells me "Wait, you have me, and you bought me, so EAT me."

I am also realizing that Wednesday nights have become the BINGE night.. I'm not sure why.. but, my body is ready to wander on Wednesday nights. I have to look at my workouts and determine if I am getting the adequate nutrition to balance out the work out.

Any body got opinions on this? Any one of my personal trainer buddies have any ideas.. TRISHA.. YOU OUT THERE?

So... Be a TWIT with me... and share this link up.
Write a post... Post the button on your wall...

Love you all...

Stay tuned later for Tabata Thursday!


  1. Ok so I have the same Wednesday problem! AND when I forget to defrost my meat, putting it in a bowl and running hot water over it for about 10 minutes works fast and doesn't start to cook it (like microwaving). This works especially well for me with fish!

    Have a good daayyy!

    1. This is a wonderful idea.
      And, I'm going to do it next time.

      I swear.. it's like I just couldn't STOP!

  2. Hahaha!! I just love you, yes I'm here! Yes, I have ideas. :) Lindsey offered a good idea but I have a sneaking suspicion (if you are anything like me) that instant gratification is more what you are looking for.

    In reference to instant gratification, I have been using PB2 lately. Matter of fact, I was going to write a review on it so maybe I'll do that today. It is instant AND delicious AND low calorie so you could have a quick bite of that while said dinner is being prepared. Thus, allowing you to make better choices.

    Next, you are very realistically right about being depleted which is what is causing the cravings. More specifically, you are having cravings for FAT. (and increased calories) This tells me one of two things. You either need to get good fats in or your body fat is being depleted.

    Focusing first on good fats - this just means you need to incorporate good fats to keep the cravings down. By all means, sometimes you just need a good ol' burger. If you do this, choose the lower fat option and if the lower fat option is not available then cut down the serving size. Sometimes you can incorporate it through avocado or EVOO (in moderation). You can also consume things like salmon which (as you know) will also provide you with the Omegas while giving you good fat.

    If your body fat is depleted then your body is going to tell you by craving food. Usually crap food, right? When this starts to happen - remind yourself that you are reaching your freakin goal and that is a GOOD thing. You are achieving what you set out to achieve. The hard part is getting through it. The trick is satisfying the darn cravings WHILE staying on track.

    I usually find that a food diary is CRUCIAL at this point because we, as people, have a tendency to forget about some of the things we eat throughout the day. The next thing is to be sure you are not physically starving so you can incorporate low cal items such as the PB2 or veggies. Personally, I find that PB2 makes me feel like I am eating something unhealthy so when I feel like veggies just aren't gonna cut it, that's what I do. Also, during this time, refer to the above stated good fats. ;)

    I hope this helps!

    1. I love you too! This is exactly what I was looking for! YOU ARE AMAZING. Printing this out.. and using it. :)

      PB2 - must buy ;)

  3. I start thinking about all the bad things I want to eat around Wednesday too! I do my grocery shopping on Sundays for the whole week and so I tend to stay on track because it is all we have. I refuse to buy anything that I know I will binge on if it is sitting in the house. Sorry hubby! I try to have a few quick go to snacks to satisfy my cravings - turkey sausage and dijon mustard, a few pieces of cubed cheese, some flavored almonds (usually BBQ or wasabi) or fruit to quench the sweet tooth.