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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Twit Thusday (7-31)



  • Healthy Portions, Healthy Meals, 
  • No cheating this week... just to make sure I can still do that!
  • Run with Emry 3x
  • Continue with the 12 lb dumbbells 

How did I do on these goals this week?
I did really REALLY good.

I did not cheat at all this week. There was no meal or snack that wasn't planned, and wasn't within a healthy portion. I even got through Wednesday night without the WANT to binge eat. And that is a big accomplishment. A BIG accomplishment.

I maintained healthy portions, healthy meals and healthy sizes all week. And I honestly feel wonderful. My body is really not feeling deprived. I am sore, I mean... I've done a crazy amount of exercise this week. But, I feel as if I could do more.. so, that's a major improvement and shows what proper nutrition can do.

This evening, Emry and I will run for the THIRD time this week. We ran 2 miles on Monday, 2.75 miles on Wednesday, and we will do pre-race training today (with a whopping 4 miles). If you add in the 5.22 miles I did on Monday... that's a (so far) weekly total of: 13.97 miles. I will definitely run Saturday morning.. and that run will be probably 3-5 miles.. so, that's an amazing weeking running total!

12 lb dumbbells, don't you know it... I incorporated them more and more this week. :) And I'm very Very proud of that. 

I did weigh myself today and the number on the scale is: 130.6lbs. I'm not going to lie.. being as strict as I've been... as disciplined with the food and the workouts... I'm discouraged. And I know I shouldn't be. But, I know that I am doing the right thing... and that my body is adapting to the type of workouts I am doing, along with the added nutrition... I'm sure my metabolism will catch up eventually.

Just got to keep doing what I'm doing. I have to work back to where I was, and this is the price that needs to be paid, for slacking and overeating. This is a lesson that needs to be learned, the hard way.

I have also completed Day 3, of the Ab & Squat Challenge (pic in this post): Who's DOING it with me? How are you feeling? Last night, Reverse crunches.. UGH.. am I right?  But Keep Going! 3 Down 27 to GO!!!!

  • Keep Running w/ Emry 3x a week
  • More sets with 12lb dumbbells
  • Allow myself 1 cheat meal.. and don't go overboard with it. (It's about Balance right?)
  • Sleep is important, try and get enough SLEEP!

What did you do to be healthy this week?

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  1. No binge on Wednesday?!! That is amaze balls! Good for you. What made the difference? The snack sizes?

    1. I really think increasing the snack size helped a great deal.
      I also, make sure that 30 minutes post workout, I have a 4 ounce protein shake (with almond milk)... It's supposed to help with the recovery. And I think it has... Honestly those two, minor changes, and I'm not feeling like I need to EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT on Wednesday night!