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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Apple Fritter

Good Morning, I woke up this morning exhausted. 18 hour day I had yesterday completely took it's toll. From waking up at 430a to get to the gym to commuting, working a full 7.5 hour day, commuting to Emry, taking him to karate, going with him to pick up our racing packets, getting the grocery shopping done, getting those last couple of school supplies handled, and then coming home and unpacking the car... Not done yet. Completing day 16 of the Ab & Squat Challenge, and then showering... once I was done.. I realized it was 1030p. UGHHHHH!!!!!, I still got my butt up, and I went to Tabata this morning.  However, I forgot my phone, so I completely forgot to record what the stations were, let alone remember all of the exercises. I'm surprised I even got through it. But, I did, and I was all sweaty and disgusting; not to mention near death... And it woke me up enough to get my butt to work.

Where I was faced with, a fresh baked Apple Fritter.

My hips ache, I'm sore just about all over... And who can say no to a HUGE apple fritter? Freshly baked? Not this girl.

I ate it, and savored it... And I am so happy about it. (hahahaha)

Now on to a more... real matter.

I made a comment yesterday, during the Confessional post, about how suicide makes me feel. It was an opinion, and was never meant to offend anyone. I hold these opinions for very personal and private reasons, as they affect me and my family. I know all to well the dark abyss of depression, and how certain dark points of our lives, sometime can lead us to a place where we think these type of thoughts are appropriate. I have not posted the several hurtful comments I received last night concerning this subject. I only posted the one that was the most accurate describing a personal feeling, not shaming me for shaming the name of Robin Williams. It was not my intention to shame that man... but to bring to light my feelings of how he died.

I want to share with you a tid bit from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. This was said by their chief medical officer, Christine Mouter, regarding a tweet sent out by the Academy Awards with a photo of the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, with the words "Genie, you're free":

"the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention worries about the subliminal message. Christine Moutier, chief medical officer at the AFSP, expressed concern about the tweet, telling the Washington Post Tuesday, "Suicide should never be presented as an option," before adding, "(it) presents suicide in too celebratory a light."

The point I want to make is highlighted above. Suicide should never be presented as an option. And that's really my entire feeling on the whole thing. It is NEVER an option. Even if you feel the walls are crashing in, and that you are treading water, trying desparately to stay about the crashing waves... IT IS NOT AN OPTION. You're life is unique and special... Please, if you, or anyone you know (and love) is battling depression and is having suicidal thoughts or tendencies, please contact the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (link found above) for the best way to help!

Suicide is complex, and reflects a mix of genetic, biological, psychological, cultural, and environmental factors.

Now on to lighter... even after an apple fritter... matter:

I have been desperately trying to get TWIT Thursday off the ground.... to no avail. Give me some feedback, how do you think I can make this link up better? How do you think we can spread the word, so that next week, we start back up with a vengeance? is going to be a long day, I can already tell... The level of my soreness, and the exhaustion from only getting 6 hours of sleep... I really do need 8 hours of sleep to function...I know the clock is just going to tick.. BACKWARDS. very little on today's work agenda, I am going to have to find some other way to fill the void. Any suggestions? Maybe I can sneak read my book.

Well.. I suppose I should invent some work to do.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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