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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites - TGIF Y'ALL!

How long was this week? I mean seriously, could it have gone any slower.

I would like to report, that Emry and I did not run last night.... I developed odd SHOOTING pain on the ride home, and determined, it was better use of my time, and energy.. to not run, but to do some mild cleaning, and moderate stretching... And, can I tell you, I feel much better this morning. But, cue up my run for tomorrow at 5a... because I'm going to hit that pavement HARD.

Let me tell you the favorite moments of my week.

ONE have made it another week, without frivolously binge eating. If you've been with me for a bit, you will know that my healthy journey has had a few bumps in it recently. I had been feeling famished, and thus, the food addict took over. It has been approximately 2 weeks since my last food binge. No ice cream, no crazy pantry raids.. no fast food runs... Nothing. Even last night, when I was in pain, and super tired... My body sent me the signals, that "food may help." But, I declined... seriously proud of myself. And, I am not famished anymore... Adding in extra healthy snacks and a post workout protein shake.. really made a huge difference.

TWO and Kisses from my little man.. he and I have had a wonderful week.. with very little need of the "Mom Voice". That's always appreciated... Perhaps running is helping to fuel his extra energy and adding some focus into his world? I don't care why it's happening, I'm just happy for a week of no yelling.

get it.. a little spice?
Trying new classes at the YMCA. This week, I have officially dubbed CLASS WEEK. I took a cycling class on Tuesday (didn't love it, it hurt darnit, but I may do it again), Full body insanity on Wednesday (because I was unmotivated to run... or do anything by myself) and my normal Tabata Thursday.  This week has been different, but active, and a little spice is nice.. RIGHT?

FOUR Klay. I mean, It hasn't happened yet. But, while at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday, Emry and I came across this vendor, and it turns out that they have a BEER GARDEN and Farm to Table Fare Pub... Emry wanted to take his daddy there SO BAD.. so we are taking him there for dinner tonight. But, ever since Tuesday, keeping it a secret... Has been so much fun... Emry is totally excited, and I am excited to watch it go down.

FIVE streaming TV shows. I have been binge watching the first season of the show Popular. It's just easy watching/listening... And, honestly, I remember watching it when I was in.. Middle School? High School? Takes me back to a simpler time. And that's always appreciated.

Laughter is always good:
laundry multiplies like rabbits
We all think it

anyone else?
sometimes how I feel after posting
Damn straight.


  1. That is so fun that E wants to surprise him! It sounds like an awesome place!!

    The serving size ecard is my life!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    Also, I feel like that leaving work pretty much every day! Especially Friday!

  2. Yeah for staying on track with eating. Awesome not having to use the Mom voice. That last one is so me today, counting down the minutes.

  3. Yay for no yelling and even more excited that E has a great surprise. Cracks me up about the chicken n rice in tupperware. I don't heat my lunch up at work cuz it's in plastic but I heat up my morning cup o'joe. haha