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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites 

Today I'm linking up with Meet @ the Barre!

Favorite Picture of the Week 

I'm starting to see so much definition in my back and shoulders. I need a better camera phone (hopefully getting one today - mine is two years old, and ready to go out to greener pastures) but, I had do document my WOW moment of the week!

Favorite Meal

Last night we went out to eat. I know, SCANDALOUS! What you are looking at are called IRISH NACHOS. It is a layer of crispy thick cut fries, followed be a layer of awesome shepherd's pie filling, topped with Irish Porter Cheese. It is Carb & Meat & Cheese Filled - it is unhealthy - IT IS AWESOME. And I've been day dreaming about it for weeks and weeks and weeks. We went to this great restaurant by us, for their Family Feud Game Night. Emry's really been wanting to go. It was a great meal, and a great atmosphere. We have to finish the summer out strong, right? 

Favorite Moment

Watching Emry play soccer was definitely the highlight of my week (yes, it tops the Irish nachos). It was such a relaxing moment of watching him have fun & really excel. I cannot wait for next Monday!

Favorite Workout

My favorite workout was this morning - on rest day - Yup, I did about 30 minutes of ab/squat work this morning. I finally caught up on the Ab & Squat Challenge. Yesterday, I told you I was three days behind. Well - I conquered those three workouts this morning. Like a dagnab BEAST. This translated out to:

 190 Sit Ups
45 Regular Crunches
50 Long Arm Crunches
55 Crunch Twists
240 Squats

Now, I'm not going to lie - I am in a tremendous amount of pain right now - My legs are SORE, and walking isn't fun. My abs are still contracting (3.5 hours later). But I did it, and I caught up. When I fell so far behind, there was no other excuse, other than LAZY... so, I can't have that... And I refused to give up. I pushed forward, and made sure I got back on track. It's a life lesson - no?

Favorite Funnies!

It's why I have homeowner's insurance, right?
I should probably check my coverage for Spider caused Fire Damage 

My name is Kat - and I think I have a problem.
(Oh by the way - follow me on Instagram - Yup, see what I did there? 
Help me fuel my addiction. HAHA)

I almost fell over... *giggles*

This can't be a real picture - but, oh my goodness -

What are you Friday Favorites?
Any plans this weekend?

Be Well My Friends



  1. Lookin good girl!
    Irish nachos?!?!? What in the world?!? Seriously, where have these been all my life?
    Happy Friday.

  2. Oh my gosh, I want to lick my computer screen. YUM!!
    Instagram is my fave!!
    Have a fabulous weekend sweets!!!!!

  3. irish nachos drooling over here. love love love irish nachos. 1000 x more than real nachos

  4. Irish nachos?!?! Mmmmmm one of my fave bar foods!! Freaking delish!

    Look at you, ya beast! Isn't it the best most accomplished feeling ever when you start to see back muscles?! Go girl! Get it!

  5. OMG where do I get those Irish nachos? Those look amazing!!!!! That snoop dog meme is cracking me up! Have a good weekend!

  6. My daily dose of food porn has now been fulfilled!!! :D