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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Fives - What a week

This has been such an exhausting week.. I think I am really ready for the summer to be over... well, maybe not, because that brings me even closer to W-DAY.. and I still have a couple things to get done! Like making centerpieces... OH BOY!

But, let me tell you the 5 favorite moments of my week!

Watching Emry rock out at Karate last night had to be the highlight of my week. It was a smaller class, and he was so focused with what he was doing. His test for purple belt is in a month, and you can tell he is really working towards it.
video night, I prepped the weekly meal. Since the summer started I have been doing the Food shopping on Wednesday nights, so Thursday night becomes the meal prep day. So starting today, the meal for the week is the healthier sloppy joes, and I made some zoodles (ie: zucchini noodles) to put it over. Emry is super excited, because he loves the consistency and flavor of the Healthy Joes! But, my favorite thing about this.. was Emry looking in the crock pot and saying "Can I eat it NOW?" And the unhappy face I was given when I told him it wouldn't be ready until tomorrow. Crock Pots are awesome.Just saying. walked over to me the other day, and said... "you know what's really cool?" And I asked him what... "I look good without my shirt on now." I know, laugh.. but I am so proud of the dedication he is putting into working out and trying to eat healthy... I wish he would rub a little of that off on me.. So I could just really get back on track!

Really submerging myself into making my button bouquet. It was relaxing, and stress relieving.. It isn't done yet.. Just have to fill in a few holes here and there.. But.. SO CLOSE.

My dad and son snuggling while watching TV last night. With my dad's work schedule, and his new acting status at the NYRF, not to mention he having an amazing girlfriend.. his Grandpa time has been diminishing... So, just a few minutes of them hanging out on the couch. Was really great.

That's it.. Those are my fives!

What was your favorite moments this week? 


  1. Look at Emry Kickin butt! glad grandpa and Emry had some cuddle time!

  2. It looks like I did not save your email address. I wanted to tell you about some research I found that may be beneficial for ups/downs and depression.

  3. Hahaha about "I look good without my shirt on now". Good for him for staying dedicated. Great job in karate E!

    Zoodles! Love 'em. It has been a while since I made it. Maybe it's in order :)

  4. I have yet to try 'zoodles' but as soon as my zucchini plants in the garden start producing again, it's on!! I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog about the 30 by 30, but you're emails come in as a 'no-reply' blogger... :( This website should help you get squared away:

  5. Haha the crock pot is always a tease with its smells!

    Loving the buttons!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Aww the grandpa time is great! Have a good weekend!

  7. I love zoodles!! E is doing awesome. Glad Klay is really taking to his fitness.