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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hopping Confessional (8-13)

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is hosted by Fitness Blondie, an amazing and positive blog I stalk follow. I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! I have been doing this for a while now and each weel, the new bloggers I follow become like new friends... We are a support system of awesome sauce... Are we not?
Go check it out.. and Join in!
Vodka and Soda
I also, ususally link up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! However, the websense at my job has dictated her BANNED, and the reason being SEX. Seriously, Kathy, what are you POSTING about? So, I add my link to her blog via my phone... I'm sneaky like that! Vodka and Soda was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... I recommend you heading over and linking up with her too.. as long as your work firewall allows you too (stupid job).
So without further ado... 

My Wednesday Confessional!

I ate crap last night. I had my healthy dinner, and got into my head about all of this stupidity with my sister. I started off with a piece of MUNG BEAN CANDY (that I got during the July Foodie Pen pal exchange), then while packing Emry's lunch, there was a half Oreo in the package, I couldn't let it sit there, all half formed.. so I ate it... Followed by half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. *blushes* Followed by a bunch of buffalo chicken totinos... And I'm not even close to done... Followed by 1 of Emry's Poptarts, and a Hershey Chocolate Bar I've been saving for S'Mores. Can we talk about an epic binge moment? I'm ashamed. Utterly Ashamed.

I did not run this morning, well, that's like a 5% lie... I walked on the treadmill with the incline all the way up, for 45 minutes. 15 minutes at 4.0mph + 15 minutes at 4.2mph + 15 minutes at 4.4 mph. When I got to 45 minutes, I lowered the incline all the way down and ran for 3 minutes at 6.0 mph and then slowed it down to 4.0 mph to cool down until I hit 50 minutes. So, I did a little sprint. But, overall... no running for this girl. I'm not focused, and I don't want to fall while on the treadmill... So, I did a crazy walk... and watched Smallville.

I confess that even though Robin Williams death upsets me, and I feel that the world has lost an amazing comedian and actor... I confess that I am angered by the way he died. I feel suicide and suicidal thoughts are cowardly. And that, people who do this have been so selfish, and leave their friends and family feeling this endless void of "What if I?" This is a personal feeling and opinion... I, myself, have fought demons, and have felt like the world would be better without me... but, I pushed through, and that of the people in my world that loved me... And what I would do to them. Please don't crucify me for feeling anger towards suicide.

After my food binge, I realized that I no longer like Hershey chocolate anymore.. and that if it isn't dark chocolate, it isn't acceptable to eat.
I confess, that I have not baked a healthy treat in 2 weeks, and I'm sad about that. I plan on rectifying that this week.
There is 3 days until my 4 mile race with Emry, and for the first time ever, I am really scared about this race. And I'm not sure why. Emry and I have done the course 3 times. I just feel... anxiety about it.

I confess that I am afraid to try my dress on this Friday. I gave myself two-three weeks to get my body back into shape.. and I plan on suiting up, so to speak, in my home office on Friday night, to ensure it fits. So, basically... I'm freaking out. The wedding is 53 days away... I got to get this thing to zip up, and be able to SIT in it. Jeeez...
I confess that I want to play hookie from work and go to the beach one of these August Fridays...

I secretly hate the dude that comes to the gym in the morning, and works out for 15 minutes and leaves. He does crazy heavy single sets of certain things... And then just bounces. He looks like a greek god, and says he doesn't workout any other time then the 15 minutes in the morning. I secretly loathe him.

And there you have it! 
Those are my confessions! 
What do you confess today?
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  1. Can I have all the milk chocolate that you dont like then? Haha.

    I hate when people dont look like they are trying at all at the gym but look amazing. Like, wtf?!

  2. There is no way he only works out for 15 minutes a day and looks good. Just saying.

  3. oh my goodness. epic, epic binge! i do that, too :) and the puppy gif? my favorite :)

  4. Love the confessionals! And I agree about chocolate, if it isn't dark, it isn't worth it!

  5. when i was at my height of depression, i was probably a few months away from suicide because that's all i could think about. i remember i would be driving around like an empty shell thinking: if i just drove off this cliff, everything would be so much better. while it's tragic for those left behind, suicide isn't something that is the first choice of those suffering from depression but usually a last resort; when the feelings of blackness and despair are just too much. depression is a dark beast that takes over, completely blinding you from everything and everyone and every good thing in your's all you can see - the blackness and that is completely paralyzing. in fact, most of the time you feel like you're drowning.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I agree with you 100% Kathy. I really do. As I was in the same place you were.

      Depression is a real thing, no doubt about it.
      But, suicidal thoughts and suicide should never be a thought.
      Or a last resort... or any resort.

      This hits me very close to home, both personally and within my family.

      Thank you for your comment, I do respect it and value it... even though I do not agree.

  6. oh I am a milk chocolate kinda girl...I don't know...I just can't jump on the dark chocolate wagon for some reason.

  7. Dress fitting! Yay! Eating lotsa sheeit happens, it's ok - you eat well the rest of the time :)

    Funny about getting anxiety on things we are already accustomed to - don't know why we do that. You guys will be great!

  8. 15 minutes?! It probably takes him longer to get in there!

    Ps- just FYI, you're a "no reply commenter" meaning that when someone goes to email you a repose, you don't get it!