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Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Back - With a weekend Recap & more!

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? Sort of? Well, I'll take that... taking 3 or 4 days to focus on my workload, and a mini siesta from blogging was sort of nice.

So Let's see what I've been up to!

Oh man.. The slight of hand was played on me.. COMPLETELY. 
One of my bridesmaids said that she wanted to do something frivolous and fun.. even though we kept hitting barriers (IE: my sister). So, she told me to come over to her house around 8p... And we'd go from there... I walked in ... to a mini pre-bachelorette party!
With food and snacks and ... the most amazing "sangria".. This sangria was the bomb.. but, I never knew sangria had GIN in it... It usually doesn't.. but this one. OH MAN OH MAN. White wine, gin, mint, honey dew melon and cucumber, with a splash of ginger ale. It was super nummy.. and I drank a few... like 3... Mason Jars FULL of it. Couldn't help it.

There were party games... and inappropriate blow ups... I got my own Bridal Cowgirl hat.

Angel also made STUFFED ZUCCHINI BOATS and LASAGNA ROLL UPS. It was Epic. 

We played some EXTEME bean bag tosses... And overall just had a really silly time. I loved it. Beginning to end.. I loved it


Ready for this? I didn't get home until 2a.m. Saturday morning.. So, there was no running for me.. oh and there was NO volunteering at NYRF. I was... I won't say hung over... but, I was definitely exhausted from too much FUN. Emry stayed home with me and we spent the morning just relaxing, hydrating (oh man did I drink a lot of water), and baking for my dad's birthday surprise.

After we were done with that, Emry wanted to do something FUN... and even though I should have just rested... we went to Dave and Busters. We had some really great nachos and I had an amazing pasta. I figured, carbs were my friend that day.. needed to feel... settled. And pasta is the right type of comfort settling food. Spicy Shrimp Alfredo! YUM! After a bazillion dollars (more like $50 in food and $20 in "token chips") we came home with silly straw glasses, and 2 laffy taffy ropes.. He had fun.. my wallet.. well, it didn't! HA!

We went home, and started to pack up our movie snacks, because that evening it was DRIVE-IN time! Now, not going to lie.. Emry hated the drive in.. He really didn't like that we were in the car... in the dark... in the night.... Seriously.. He was not a fan. But, it was really great to pack all the pillows and blankets in the car.. and (sort of) watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The second movie should have been Hercules.. but, my little guy just was not enjoying himself. So we bounced.


Sunday, I woke Klay up super early and got Emry ready to get to faire for morning Cast Notes. Why were we so on the ball? Well, my father's birthday is today... and well, I wanted to surprise him with his birthday cake during notes. 

Well, we got there.. and my dad sat with Emry towards the front of the stage. So I was able to get the cake unveiled and properly candled. As notes was coming to a close, I raised my hand and asked to be heard... and then I announced who I was, and whose daughter I was... and that his birthday was on the 11th. And I was wondering if we could all sing with him. My dad turned BEET RED... And was mouthing the words "I hate you" as I approached him with his cake! So much fun! And amazing energy from the fellow performers. It was truly a wonderful birthday surprise!

The rest of the day was spent doing lots of volunteer work. It was children's weekend, and thus the faire was packed! Klay, Emry and I did 4 hours of steady volunteering... including corraling a children's parade, selling flags at the joust, and giving out piratical shillings at the opening gate. It was a long and great day.

My bridesmaid, Ro, and my flower girl, Samma came and we were able to spend a little time with them.. and then we all went out for Greek food for dinner. I had this AMAZING salad for dinner. was a Fig and Walnut Salad, with crumbled feta, argula, topped with grilled calamari and served with a white balsamic dressing. I can't begin to tell you... I devoured that salad... Like a beast.. It was SO perfect. YUM! went home, got showered... cleaned up as best as we could... and then Klay and I watched Occulus. I do not recommend this movie. It was boring, and confusing.. and a waste of a rental fee. Just saying. 


I woke up this morning, and did an epic run on the treadmill.  4 miles in 35 minutes 45 seconds. Talk about a run! I walked for the next 4 minutes and 15 seconds, making my treadmill workout an even 40 minutes.. and then tossed it up with 20 minutes of weight training, focusing on my arms and the ab crunch machine. 



I'm not going to lie.. I am a day behind. Tonight should be workout 15.. but alas, I am going to be on workout 14 tonight (due to bridesmaid shenanigans.). But since this challenge does not come with ANY rest days, as most of them do, I figure one rest day couldn't kill me!

Let's talk about workouts #8 - #13

 Workout Eight - The 25 V-Up sit ups... Oh man.. It was kind of like, I hate this, I hate this I hate this.. but other than that.. Not so bad? 

Workout Nine - 55 squats, we are in the total big leagues.. right? Look at us go!!!

Workout Ten - No we're doing 60 situps/crunches and still 55 squats.. Just stay with me girls!!! Not going to lie... My abs have been sore!

Workout Eleven - three days in a row with 55 squats.. is anyone else seeing major changes in their legs? My thighs FEEL tighter.. and my calves are ROCKING! 

Workout Twelve - OH, I think I spoke too soon, a minute plank? Well, I guess I complained about so many squats. FEEL THE BURN.. AM I RIGHT?

Workout Thirteen - 60 SQUATS? AND ALL THOSE BICYCLE CRUNCHES? Just keep going Just keep going... 

And that is exactly how I felt!

What is your most preferred exercise in this challenge?
Which one do you JUST HATE?

And keep going! Maybe I'll do 14 and 15 tonight, just to catch up... or maybe I rather keep my legs where they are! HAHAHAHA.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. You're BAAACK!!!! I was worried about ya! What a great birthday surprise for your dad! MMmmm I would kill someone for some greek food right about now.

    AHH and SO happy for your bachelorette party- looks like an awesome time!

  2. How fun that you had a little surprise party!!! The sangria sounds delicious!!!! Look at you going on with your challenge. It sounds super hard! I hate ab work. And squats. Haha! But they are necessary evils.

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. What a great surprise from your friend. Looks like a good time was had, and lots of Sangria was consumed. I would have been so embarrassed if that was me but looks like your Dad was a good sport. Bummer Klay didn't like the drive-in.

  4. Awwwww what fun!!! I am SO HAPPY for you girl! I cannot wait to see you on your wedding day!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so envious!!!

  5. Bicycle crunches are the worst in my opinion. You are killing this challenge though. Totally fine that you were a workout behind; it happens to the best of us, you are doing it 99% on point though, so you have no worries. I always love your weekend posts!