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Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Another Manic Monday Weekend Recap! 

So here we are again, it's Monday. I know, don't cry.. I'm right there with you. But, alas, we are here.. so let's spend the time just catching up!

Friday Night

After work, Emry was so excited because we were going to surprise Klay with DINNER at this very cool Farmers Market that had a Beer Garden and Grill... He was vibrating the entire ride home, and then Klay calls in to tell me he is running late to work. Emry was really UPSET. But, I assured him, that as long as Klay was in the house by 8p... we'd be able to make it over there for dinner.
Low and behold Klay busts through the door at 8p, and we quickly hustled over to this spot. My dad even came with us! When we pulled in, Emry finally broke down and was like THIS!!! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE EATING!. Now when you are pulling up.. it looks like a Farmers Market/Farm Stand... But, there were ALL these cars.. it was PACKED. Klay looked at me through the rear view mirror.. and I translated for Emry (who was too excited to tell him where we were). I explained that the farmers market, converts into a Bar/Grill/Live Music venue at nighttime.. and all of their food is local, and most of it is grown right on their farm. Farm to Table Fare. Klay just LIT UP.

They had a cute little cover band playing, and the food was ordered at the counter... and enjoyed at the table. SO STINKING COOL.

We spent about 2 (maybe 2 1/2) hours there.. I enjoyed a Hard Apple Cider (made right in my county), a Cape Cod Reuben (Fish stick in stead of pastrami.. and OH so tasty..), and some fresh grown and made Potato Chips! SO stinking tasty.

My dad and Klay both had burgers (with beef from this farm) and Emry had a Grilled Cheese. It was epic. Such good food.. Such good atmosphere... Klay leaned over to tell Emry, "You picked an amazing place. I love it here." And Emry lit up from EAR to EAR.

The ride home was funny, both of my men were passed out in the backseat, as soon as we got on the road... hehehehe. I'm an awful person for snapping a picture.


I woke up at 545a and I was able to do a 3.5 mile run through my neighborhood in 36 minutes and 27 seconds... My outdoor times are improving.. I'm thinking that the more I break in my sneakers.. The better they feel as I run... It was a nice way to start my day... because:

This was the first day of the NYRF. We were able to have Emry watched by Klay's dad... This gave Klay and I about 7 hours of Child Free volunteer time. It was really nice. We did all three of our volunteer hours.. enjoyed a show or two... And were able to walk around and take everything in... 

We picked up Emry just around 5p, and then shortly after went out to dinner. Nothing Fancy, just TGIFridays. 

BUT HEED MY WARNING. If you are going to TGIFridays for their endless appetizers.. PLEASE DO THIS RESPONSIBLY. Klay and I thought that we would share a cobb salad, and then we would get Potato skins and Brushetta.. How bad could it be... WELL, at one point.. the kitchen was sending out the orders so fast that OUR TABLE WAS FILLED WITH FOOD. No bueno No Bueno. We tell the waiter to cut the orders off, and to get us the check. While Klay was making change at the bar for our waiters tip.. ANOTHER TWO PLATES came out for us... We just wrapped everything, and were able to have dinner for my father ready, and dinner for SUNDAY as well. So funny... So filling... Please, I never want to see another potato skin for the REST of my life. 

We wanted to be at NYRF for the opening notes, so all three of us got our butts moving very early.. and were able to make it... 

We were there SO early in fact, that as we walked toward the area where Cast/Crew was, we stumbled along a friend.. A red salamander.. just walking across the path. Emry quickly picked him up! And named him BOB. Not kidding you, he named the thing BOB. And proceeded to love him and hold him all during the Stage Managers notes from Saturday. When asked if he could keep BOB, we said sure.. We bought him a small terrarium from the "DRAGON" Vendor (they're lizards... and are known as baby dragons at the Renaissance Faire).. But, wait the tale of Bob does not end there... Please read on...

The rest of the day went as the day before. Lots of volunteer work, which included the three of us selling flags for the joust as a family! So cute.. So much fun! And, I love that Emry can be an active part of our volunteer work. We saw some old friends, and watched some shows. Emry rode a ride or two.. and had his mandatory Peach in a Peach (peach italian ice.. oh man.. and then you can eat the frozen PEACH it's in).

And, Emry looked amazing in his official Garb.. He fit right in, and honestly was one of the best dressed children at the faire, and I'm not just saying that. He looked like a rock star. ... a ye old rock star., when we were done for the day, we headed home and to the Pet store. Because the Dragon Tamer (read: lizard seller at the faire) told us we needed dried worms for the salamander... Yup, I'm grossed out too.. But, the Tale of BOB gets worse... We get to the store, and we are told that BOB, is not a red salamander.. that he is a RED EFT.. and is a native lizard, and we really shouldn't keep him as a pet.. as it is ILLEGAL.. I'm sorry, who knew THAT? But, if we wanted to keep him until he matured to his adult phase, that would probably be okay. ALSO, he's poisonous. So, just be careful when handling him and then going near your eyes or mouth... Or else, the only place you'll be.. is in the bathroom. JOYOUS DAY.. RIGHT? *Sarcasm alert*, BOB would not eat the dried worms that were recommended, but required LIVE food... so, Guess what I had to buy for this thing... FLIGHTLESS FRUIT FLIES... in a DAMN JAR. So disgusting.. I gagged multiple times... So, the terrarium was made to have a dry area and a wet area... and low and behold.. a free pet... that we can't keep past the fall... $25... I guess it could be worse. The Tale of Bob... **SIGHS**

We ate leftover potato skins for dinner (Shocking I know).... And basically just died on the couch.

Monday Morning:

I got my butt in the gym, and did an amazing 3.1 mile run. My time? Oh, great you asked 28 minutes 18 seconds. I love my treadmill runs... Not as much as being outside.. but, I really am forced to push myself on the treadmill. 

And then, I did 30 minutes of weight training. SO wonderful. I feel so strong. 

One of the amazing compliments I got over the weekend was, "You need to stop running and lifting... you are looking TOO darn good. I might have to fight Klay for you." And my muscle tone in my Sunday outfit.. WOW... Can't believe it. I'm toned. And it's awesome.

This week is going to be long, I can just tell. But, I'm hoping to get 3 runs in with Emry this week.. and then, continue this amazing feeling I have with my progress!

Work is mundane...
And this is what I did this morning, when I saw how many emails I had.
It was just THAT many. 

How was your weekend?
Are you ready to move on to Tuesday yet?  


  1. That place sounds so cool! Glad he liked it and it made E happy :)

    I LOVE TGIFridays!!! We don't have one near us, the closest is like 2 hours away. I didn't know they had endless appetizers? I would probably need to be wheeled out of there if that was the case! ha!

  2. I totally want to go to your Farmer's Market! We missed the renaissance this year.... well, the last 5 yrs. to be exact but who's counting? We keep saying we are gonna go but it's like 1.5 drive just to get there and who doesn't want a beer or 8? And who wants to pay for that cab ride home!

    that salamander looks really cool but I would not be excited about the food it needs....yugh.

    You look amazing, you are so pretty!

  3. Love that picture of you and Klay!! And hey look at you gettin all strong and stuff! Have a great week!!