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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Recap - and this weeks challenge

So this weekend - was just a whirlwind - We had two days of volunteering (to make up for missing the weekend prior) And, to be honest, that took up MOST of our weekend.

So let's get started - shall we?


I got up early, and I banged out a day's worth of the "Ab & Squat" Challenge - I have officially caught up - and oh boy, are my legs feeling it!

I helped Emry and Klay get out the door - they went to volunteer on TIME. I had to be a TEENSY bit late. Why is that? I had my final wedding trim. Over the past 9 months or so, I have been going every 6-8 weeks for a trim, to keep my locks Happy and Healthy. I know this is a normal thing, that women are supposed to do, but - to be perfectly honest - don't. Now that's not to say, that my hair doesn't get trimmed regularly. The truth of the matter is, Klay trims my hair, just the ends - and I do his. But, since I want look extra FANCY for the BIG DAY - I opted to get some regular maintenance.

The girl that does my hair is awesome, I showed up a little (read: 30 minutes) early for my appointment, because I needed to get to faire as soon as I could. And she squeezed me in early. Isn't that awesome? The best part is - she took one look at my hair, said, all it needs is a dry trim - because it's really looking good.... and I was on my way in 10 minutes. She'll be doing my hair the day of, and I couldn't be happier with her!

I went to the Salon in my Ren Faire attire, which got a lot of stares - but, at least I'm promoting the place I love! Hehehe - I have no shame!

I managed to get to faire, only 30 minutes later than opening - and walked right into the volunteering. It's all about the act - It's all about making sure the veil isn't lifted for the patrons. And that's what we help to do. We aren't a family of actors by any means - but we do a good job at enhancing the other paid actors at the faire.

It was a hot and humid day - the sun barely shown, but when it did - It was TORTUOUS. Absolutely TORTUOUS.
Sort of what it looks like
We did all of our work, managed to see a new belly dancing show - and basically went home.... OH, but that wasn't before I had a "Hot Beef Sundae"... What is that? OH MAN - It was my BIG MEAL of the day. It is a LARGE CUP filled with baked beans, coleslaw, BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket, and topped with a Cherry tomato. It is heaven in a cup - and I completely dogged it down - the only other thing I had to eat all day was a protein bar, and I WAS FAMISHED.

We went home - I watched the Book Thief on HBO. Ate some Panera for dinner (Chicken Hummus Bowl - I'll say no more.. yes I will.. I'll say: YUM).... And fell asleep.


I woke up early again - with all the intentions of repeating the morning before - Ab & Squat - I was tired, so I opted to do it later on that evening. I got dressed, got myself in my corset - and then took ONE LOOK at my hair. It was CRAZY! Like "OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAD" I threw a head scarf over the madness - and we all got ready for another LONG (and rewarding) day at the NYRF.

We got their early enough - that I was able to get my hair braided. Because my hair was a JOKE.
It was awful. (Not going to lie - I'm still rocking them today. They look pretty - and honestly - I don't care if I look like I'm 10 years old... I put some gel in this morning - and that was it. Easy Peasy Wins EVERY TIME.)

Sunday was a rough day overall - the humidity had subsided - but made way for a clear and SUNNY day - Without moderate cloud cover - the open area of the Ren Faire is BRUTAL. People were in a great move - we interacted with a lot of great patrons - and had an amazing time with the cast. We did our normal opening gate Meet and Greet - and then we sold flags at the first Joust event. (I saw someone taking pictures of us - both days - I'm hoping I'll see them pop up on the FB.. maybe?!?!) We did a lot of helping with directions - and stopping children from driving their parents batty... It was a total of 5 hours of volunteer work - It never ended. As we were getting ready to go, the guild director's husband stops me. Asked us if we could stay another 2 HOURS - to do the final joust. Mind you - it was 440p when he asked me - and the last joust was at 640p - and takes an hour of volunteer work to do - so we would have gotten into our car (MAYBE) by 8p.. on a SUNDAY - when I have my REAL PERSON job the next day - with a 7 year old.

I think a lot of the times, people often forget how hard it is to volunteer with your child - even though he is SUPER helpful and in to it.. there is only SO MUCH you can ask of us. Plus, after a certain time - Emry is DONE.. He's 7 years old - and he gets TIRED just like the rest of us - but when he does, he just drops. It's as if he uses every ounce of energy and then needs to be plugged in to the wall.

I had to decline - and I spouted the reasons above - and I got "Well, I didn't realize you all went to bed so early". Dude, not the point. And we're not the only members of the guild - call someone in - or maybe, instead of passive aggressive posts or comments about needing more help - you actually CALL OUT the people who aren't pulling their weight. Just saying. Sorry not Sorry.

We went home, and I had chinese food. I mean Chinese Chicken Curry with Vegetable Lo-Mein. And it was AMAZING - just exactly what I needed after a long day of volunteering. Emry had shrimp and cherry tomatoes - he's  a weird kid sometimes - and I vegged out to AWFUL TV.  Falling asleep in front of it - and being woken up to move to bed later on.

OH, and I may have bought Klay a kilt - hehehehe.


Today was the day I got back into running. If you remember, I took ALL of last week off. Not a mile was run - not a pavement was pounding - not a treadmill was abused.

This week, my goal is to do 22.5 miles (or really anywhere from the 20-25 mile range)...

This morning I accomplished 5.46 miles in 55 minutes. I did some walking in there. Let me show you the breakdown of what I did.

At 27 minutes 06 seconds I reached 3.11 miles
(8 minute 44 second miles)
At 39 minutes 19 seconds I reached 4 miles
(9 minute minute 49 second miles)
At 48 minutes 47 seconds I reached 5 miles
(9 minute 45 second miles)
At 55 minutes 01 second I reached 5.46 mile
(10 minute 04 second miles)

I'm total pleased with this. The first day back, after not running for 7 days - was awesome.
I was really proud of my first 5 miles. And after that - crazy walking was NECESSARY.
I mean, I have the rest of the week to do 17.04 miles - Had to think about the LONG run (figuratively and literally).

And now, I'm here - at work - praying for the week to already be over.

Why is that?
Well, in mom land - we call this the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER VACATION - And I'm so ready to have my LIFE back.

That's kind of a harsh way to say that.
But the past 8 weeks have been filled - and the day in and day out - a little extreme.

Monday through Friday - I am up at 445a, so I can get to the YMCA by 530a... I work out until 6:30a - get changed as fast as I can - and take Emry to camp (which is only SLIGHTLY on the way to work). I then GO to work - another 30 minutes in the car - And get there by 8a. I leave at 4p - after quasi working - and I get to Emry by 4:40p from there the days are different. There is karate 3x a week - now soccer - food shopping - errand running - Some days we get home around 6p other days it's closer to 8p - on grocery days - 9p... There is dinner to be done, books to read, preparation for the next days lunches - house tidying - laundry (never ending laundry) - exercise - wedding planning - YADA YADA YADA

I have been doing this for 8 weeks.
Klay helps around the house as much as he can.
Just taking the camp chauffering out of the mix - will make life a LOT easier.
Can I get an AMEN?
So here's to the last week of summer.
The last week of the Ab & Squat Challenge
to the week of 22.5 miles



  1. Girl, your weekend was packed!!
    What a fun family activity though!
    Way to go on your run!
    Have a great day!!

  2. I am horrible about getting my hair cut regularly. My girl is always fussing at me about how I need to come more often. oops! Haha!

    Sounds like you had some family fun this weekend!

  3. You are so pretty and your hair looks great. I want a beef sundae! That sounds amaze balls. The problem with me and that kinda stuff is I just want to EAT IT ALL!!!

    Man, I used to love summer vaca. I wish I could still have a summer off but I kinda need to continue working so I can get paid. LOL. If only I could live life like I was in school.

  4. sounds like a great weekend! Volunteering with 7 year olds is TOUGH man- good for you guys for sticking it out at all!