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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Recap - Running and Being Lazy

Hello all! How was your weekend? Did you spend it with family, friends, or just making some memories? I hope you did.

It's Monday, and already eerily close to lunchtime, what an epic packed worked day it has been... But, let's recap my weekend, shall we?


This night was spent picking up ingredients to make the Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites, that were necessary for a birthday party we were attending on Saturday. So, I made those, and then I prepared some Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, for some tasty breakfast snacks!

By the time I was done with that, the house work was SCREAMING my name, but, I just couldn't get the gumption to do it. We had to be up early for the race... and I was just exhausted.

I had a carb-filled pasta dinner (in preparation for the race)... followed by stretching and relaxing.


I think I am up with the sun every weekend day.. It is impossible for me to sleep past 545a. So, I was up, and stretching as the sun rose. I watched some bad TV, and then Emry, Klay and I got ready and over to where the race was being held.

If you haven't heard, Emry and I had signed up for a 4 mile race through the down town area.


We got there, found really great parking, and began to make our way towards where we were supposed to be... Being there an hour early allowed us to say hi to our other running buddies (I think it's adorable that my son is recognized as "that running machine") and then as we got closer to the start... we stood by the starting line.

The women's race began at 9am... followed by the men  at 9:04am. What was truly wonderful is that an acquaintance of mine, had a son running in the race. His name is Johnnie, he is 11 years old. Johnnie and Emry ran the race together. The entire way. It was really cute.

I took off, and the hard part about the first 10th of a mile is that is was all DOWNHILL.. not a steady decline, but a pretty serious DOWNHILL. Trying not to use any unnecessary energy, or get to a speed I wasn't comfortable holding... I took it slow... Once to the bottom of that hill, it was basically a V back up to a flat area... so the first quarter mile (or so)... we experienced significant hill moments. And there was still 3.75 miles to go. JEEZ.

I hit the first mile marker and I heard the woman's caller say NINE MINUTES FORTY FIVE SECONDS.
In my head, I'm thinking holy crap.. Can I maintain this? Am I really going to break out of the 10 min/mile club? SO.. I kept pushing.

2nd mile marker, the caller screams out EIGHTEEN MINUTES FIFTY EIGHT SECONDS... So, then I was doing the math in my head... 9 minutes 29 second miles... Oh man, I'm actually getting faster...

I saw Klay at this point.. He was waving and taking pictures... I waved at him, and kept going.

As I approached the 3rd mile, there is this EPIC hill.. And I knew I would never be able to run it up and keep going. So I took a walk... a 2/10th of a mile walk. Got to the top of the hill, and I kept going... I just started to run again.

3rd mile mark, the caller screams out something that started with TWENTY EIGHT MINUTES AND... I couldn't hear the seconds.. I was still doing really well.. and I only had one mile left to go..
I knew I could make it under the 40 minute mark. I just had to keep going...

I saw Klay again, and was wondering how he was intending to make it to the finish line before me... heck before Emry! I giggled at this. 

We started getting really close, and somewhere from behind me I hear "Only a quarter mile left".. I knew I could do this.. I knew I could finish this fast... so my legs started to really pump it... I pushed myself and crossed the finish line at:

39 minutes 25 seconds.  
meaning my average pace was 9 minutes 51 seconds. 
And that I shaved 11 seconds off my pace from the race back in June. 

Now, Emry was running with Johnnie the entire time, and he made it to the finish line at 44 minutes 58 seconds. Which I was super proud of. He is a machine, and he is getting stronger and stronger every time he runs. His pace remained constant from his last race, but this time.. He wasn't completed winded and exhausted when he got through the finish line. IT WAS EPIC.

2 minutes later, Klay meets up with us at the finish line. I guess he couldn't out run Emry... Even with taking short cuts! SO stinking cute.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Samma's Birthday Party.. munching on yummy food (including my amazing chocolate covered cookie dough bites) and just enjoying the beautiful day.


We all woke up on Sunday SORE... And we knew there was no way we were going to make it to the Ren Faire to volunteer. We spent the morning being SUPER LAZY... And Klay and I stretched with Emry for about 20 minutes.. trying to turn our waddles into actual steps.

In the afternoon, we went and played some lazy day mini golf, even though we had this rambunctious family behind us... who were trying to push us to go faster through each hole... And were even on our green while we were playing. Trying to plan their strategy. The dad had NO control... And these boys were at least 12 years old... It was crazy. But, we took our time (the best we could) and had such fun!

I was the winner of the day... I scored WAY below Klay and Emry.. and even managed 3 holes in 1. WooT WooT!

Emry and Klay also got 1 hole in 1 each...

We went out for Lunch (actually more like LINNER) at this amazing Mexican Restaurant, and I had the grilled bass with a brown garlic sauce. It was served with fresh broccolini, string beans and mushrooms.. with the perfect amount of yellow rice. SO YUM. No pictures of it though, I ate it THAT fast.

And then we made our way home.... I packed the lunches for today, made sense of all the race gifts we got from the day before. I must say. I love how Emry races with me, but we get 2 of everything when we race... and I have no more room for the water bottles, coffee cups, protein shake samples, etc. etc. etc. That comes with it. Perhaps I'll just give it all away.... At least half of it. How many water bottles can one person HAVE?

I exfoliated and put a mask on... and then Klay said he wanted me to do his face too... So, how could I resist... He wanted clean skin, and I wanted a hysterical Picture! TA - DA!

And that brings us to today.
MONDAY MORNING - The dreaded!!!

I did an amazing total body weight training session this morning. And I am pretty sure I am taking the week off of running, just to give my legs a rest. I have been doing 15-20 miles a week.. for the past 3?... 4 months? And I think my legs have earned a break.

Starting in early September there will be a kickboxing class on Wednesday mornings at the Y. And I am SUPER excited about it. HOORAY!

No Tae Kwon Do for Emry this week, the dojang is on vacation.. so I am looking forward to an easy week. YAY for Me!

But, we do have soccer practice this evening! So I can't wait to watch that!

How was your weekend? 


  1. Congrats on the race! You both did so well and it is certainly something to be proud of for sure!!!!

    I love the mask picture! Too funny.

    Have a great week girlie!

  2. Whoa look at you BEASTIN that race!!! great job! and yayyyf or easy week!

  3. GREAT JOB ON YOUR RACE! How awesome :) 11 seconds off is HUGE!

  4. Wow, that time is an amazing achievement. And Emry did great too, as usual, you must be so proud of him. I've been trying to find a kickboxing class for a while, but I'm thinking I might go for MMA now. (I've done karate and judo in the past, so I want a bit more now.)

  5. Great job on breaking the 10 minute mile mark!! Woohoo!!

  6. Woot!!!!! Go girl go!! Beast mode!! Such an amazing job! That's so awesome that your son ran the race too! :)

  7. Oh wow! Congrats to your son for running the race too! Way to go! Usually kids are not interested in that kind of thing. He certainly has a healthy lifestyle just like you. What a good mom! Oh yea and you will notice that my blog is private now. Nobody can see it for the time being. I have put posting off for a while but wanted to let you know just in case you try to view it. I will be back to posting in a few months but still coming here to check on you :)

  8. Holy crap with getting faster - especially because you were having anxiety about it. I knew you were going to be awesome!

    Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?! I. must. have. now. So if you could just pop 'em in the mail and get em right over, that'd be great.

  9. AWESOME!!! Great race day :)

    To answer your question about what you do with all the #swag (as that guy I married likes to call it) I match the bottles up to the bags, add a toothbrush, small toothpaste, some hotel sized shampoos and donate them to one of the homeless shelters.

  10. Also I'm making those cookies damnit. Maybe tonight.