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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My new Hat: Soccer Mom & Amazing after 7p Meal!

So, yesterday, we took Emry to his first Soccer practice. Well, by we, I mean that: I met Klay and Emry at the field... because traffic was just AWFUL. But, I am saving that for my Wednesday Confessional (wink wink).


I approached the field, and sat next to Klay... for the next few minutes we sat in silence. It was amazing to watch Emry figure out how to control the ball with his feet, and how much fun he was having.

They did some drills and a few "games"... And very quickly.. we discovered that Emry was doing REALLY well. And we were one of the few parents who weren't coaching from the sideline. The only time we called out to him, was when he was too focused on the drills to realize his shoelace was completely untied.

We were completely at ease and this made me smile. I looked over at Klay, and he had the same smile on his face.

"We're watching our son's first soccer practice," he said to me.
"I know," I said and smiled back.

We went back to watching, and joking with the other parents... This was amazing.

Klay and I began to joke, "You know this is a fall sport, we may just have to bring Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Apple Cider Donuts with us all the time.... oh, what a travesty! what a hardship!" 

Can you tell I love Autumn and Pumpkin Spice Everything?

The schedule is amazing too... Nothing like T-ball was. 
There is a practice every Monday @ 5:30p and then there is a game (between 9a and 11a) every Saturday. 

That's it.

This will mesh well with our Karate Schedule, Wedding Planning, NYRF volunteering, etc. etc. 

It's meant to be. he was so happy when he left the field. He was amped, and covered in grass stains.. And smiling from ear to ear.

I feel really good about this. I love how Emry is really coming into his own, and determining the type of kid he wants to be. He hasn't picked up a video game in over two weeks... hasn't asked... hasn't complained for lack of TV entertainment... and that makes me so happy.

He is an active child.
He really does love to move..
And I couldn't be anymore proud. 

We went home, and did our normal nighttime routine. I realized at 745p, that I hadn't eaten dinner yet. And we all know I do not like to eat ANYTHING after 7p... So, I decided to make a protein filled, healthy fat, vegetable ridden quick meal. 

This took me 15 minutes to make.

I took 1/2 a small red pepper, 1/2 a small green pepper (both locally grown), 1/2 an avocado, 1/8th a large red onion and diced them up. I sprayed a frying pan with PAM, and sauteed them up, until BRIGHT and cooked (while still maintaining a mild crunch - I hate mushy peppers). I seasoned them with Cajun Seasoning, and placed them on the plate. Using the same pan, I made an over-medium egg, seasoned with pepper and yellow curry. And Ta-Da... Instant HEALTHY MEAL. 

266 calories
19.1 grams fat
17.9 grams carbohydrates
9.2 grams fiber
9.3 grams protein

As you can see, this was a low cal meal with a decent amount of protein and fiber. Remember, you always deduct the fiber from the Carbs to get the real carbohydrate intake. For this meal, it would be. 8.7 grams. I have read numerous studies and articles that dictates that a meal should have no more than 18 grams of carbohydrates. So, this meal was CLEARLY below. 

It sat well, and I slept really great last night. It also gave me a lot of extra energy for my workout this morning! 

I am sticking to not running this week, and I did a full AB, SQUAT workout (to catch up for missed days this past weekend)... followed by arms, and leg focus. So, basically I did a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. And, even though when I woke up, I was feeling foggy, and my throat was slightly scratchy... The second I began to work out.. I began to feel amazing. 

Happy Tuesday People! 

Tell me - what was one special thing about your MONDAY?


  1. I cant stop laughing about the white girl in the mirror talking about fall because it is true. And I am that girl haha! They come out next Monday!!!! I CANT WAIT! Football starts soon too, it's begging to look a lot like fall! But not feeling. It is going to be 100 degrees this coming weekend. WTF?

    Yay for Emry and soccer! That is so awesome he is doing well and enjoying it!

  2. No, it is too early for Fall. i am still trying to get tan enough for it to last all winter!!

  3. Glad the soccer went so great. I love random meals like your eggs & pepper. I always eat stuff like that.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin any and everything. I usually have a list of pumpkin stuff that I want every fall. Everyone will love you guys if you start bringing pumpkin spice stuff. Amazing!

    It is totally awesome that E is so active! A lot of kids play video games and do not want to do active stuff.

    The egg & peppers look good. My bf likes em crunchy and I like 'em softer so we have them in between- like you talked about. PS, I would love to have locally grown, organic bell peppers. It is too hot here to do the outdoor farmer's markets until about October -ish.