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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tabata Thursday + Lunchtime Run

Hello! Good Afternoon!

Work has been crazy so this was the first time I had to sit down and actually WRITE this post.

This week has been an interesting one - to say the least - let me tell you about last night's DEBACLE.

I leave work - normal
I pick up Emry - normal
I have to drive home and free a goldfish from a plastic jail into a tiny glass bowl - NOT NORMAL
(It was carnival day at camp - they all got GOLDFISH - JOY!!! *SARCASM* But cute, very cute)
We drive to karate - normal
I drive to the grocery store - normal
My wallet isn't in my purse - not normal - not cool - freaking out
My wallet was here, at work, in my desk. I had left it here, because I was preoccupied (Read: a complete and utter moron), and forgot to put it in my purse after balancing my checkbook.

SO what do I do? I go home, and I get Klay's debit card - done - easy - Let's move on to the list.

Do round 1 of grocery shopping - normal
Debit card doesn't go through - NOT NORMAL.

I used his debit as a credit - because I don't know his pin - and it wouldn't work - it was being declined. The bank had no way to help me - because, technically, it's not my card - even if it is a joint account. **SIGHS**

Drive home, without groceries, and find emergency cash stash - not normal, but not awful
Drive back to store, pay with cash - not normal, but got round 1 of groceries.
Drive home - NOT NORMAL

It was 9pm by this point, and I couldn't bare to go to another Wal*Hell and get the rest of my list. I'll do it tonight - I was SPENT.

Klay is calling to see what was up with his card - my wallet was exactly where I left it - Just oober stressful.

SO, I wake up this morning - exhausted - but, it's Tabata day - so that's a good day.
And since the YMCA was doing work on the locker rooms - only 6 people showed up for class -
SO awesome.

As of right now, I can't tell you all of the exercises - but - I'll tell you my favorite round.


It was called the "MAN HATER"
And what is that?

Non-stop circuit of the following:

Suicide from one side of the room to the other
Pick up 15lb dumbells
Do a Burpee
Do 2 pushups
2 (pushup positioned) back rows
Stand up - 1 overhead press

It was epic.
I loved it.
I wish I could have done it ALL DAY.

I came home, and I got changed for work - quickly through a salad together for lunch - and got Emry to camp.. then myself to work.

This morning was filled with reports - and editting - and double checking figures - 

But lunchtime - well - lunchtime was filled with RUNNING.

I did a quick lunch run - 30 minutes 
I squashed 3.24 miles in the process

Total Runs for the week = 4
Total Mileage = 19.46
Mileage Remaining = 3.04

Did you read that? 3.04 miles remaining until I hit my goal of 22.5 miles.
I can do that in less then 30 minutes tomorrow morning.

Come on - DANCE WITH ME.

The pain in my legs/hips/glutes - is gone, by the way...
I think the Tabata really got me all warmed up and loosened. 

And here's a big HOORAY for TODAY!

How was your day?
Momming it up?
What healthy activity did you do today? 

Be well my friends!



  1. Oh gosh, don't you HATE when you leave something at work? UGH!!!! At least it was there and not stolen! That is always good :)

  2. I left my cell phone at my desk one day and I realized it once I got down to my car. I was mother f-ing stuff cuz if I would've gotten all the way home without it I would've been p-ed off about having to go back to get it. Well, I probably would've just left it - not sure. Wallet.... whole different story.

    I am SUPER impressed with the progress you are making running!! Good for you. I have been working on rehabbing my knees for about 9yrs. I am going to keep at it until I can run again. Who knows if I'll even like running anymore!