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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday - Who doesn't like donuts?

Ok - so last night we took Emry to soccer practice, and I thought I would be a nice soccer mom, and buy sustenance for everyone. 

My first instinct was fruit - But, then, I ran out of time. 
My second instinct was Coffee, Donuts/Munchkins - However, it was really HOT (where did the 90 degree temps come from? Come on Mother Nature - A little a little consistency, please?) so I opted for a small box of munchkins and 6 donuts.

I figured the kids would like the munchkins - and 6 donuts could be split between some adults. 
And, so, I bring them - I present them, say, "Anyone like a snack?"
All I heard were crickets - and - a few "I'm on a diet" - and the dad's clearly wanted ones - but, just didn't take.

I'm sorry - since when have donuts become the enemy? 

Playing Goalie - He's so cute
Yes, Yes, I know - I'm on a healthy journey too - and I do stray away from the sweets - but, on a whole - donuts are accepted! One munchkin... half a donut - not going to kill me. 

So, Klay and I had a donut - and a couple of munchkins and watched Emry play soccer

But, seriously - Who doesn't like donuts? 

Ugh - I should have just not gotten anything - or figured out a way to get fruit. 
Just tried to do a nice thing, you know what I mean? 

So - practice came and went - I helped out a little during - and then, I drove home. 

Klay had picked up Emry again - so I was able to just drive solo. 
This chick sold us our phones.
She also thought I was her age -
23 years old - Isn't she sweet?
No let me drain your youth.

I met up with my dad, and we went to the Verizon store - because it was National New Phone Day. Well, not NATIONAL new phone day - but, for me it was. 

I ended up with a Galaxy Note 3 - and, not going to lie - still figuring it out. It comes with a cool stylus - and has a bunch of neat features - but, there are some new - idiosyncrasies that are going to take time to figure out. 

For instance - with my old phone - if you connected it to your computer, it showed up as a DRIVE - it was something that I could drag and drop photos from - yada yada - Not with this one. I have to select and copy - and upload - one at a time. 

UGH - right? UGH.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, and I'll figure it out - but, jeez - Not understanding no fangled technology - means I'm getting OLD. of OLD - I'm finding DEEP wrinkles on my face - DUDE, BODY, I know we are almost 30 - but, can I have the skin of a 20 something UP UNTIL THE WEDDING DAY?

So, this is a total rambling post, and I'm sorry - but, I've never had so much to discuss on a Tuesday - and I just LOVE it!

How are things going with my running challenge for this week?

Today I ran 5.62 miles in 55 minutes
Let me show you the breakdown - I broke my run up into intervals - allowing my body to recover as needed.

8 minutes 45 seconds @ 7.0 mph followed by 5 minutes and 15 seconds @ 4.5 mph
I did this 3 times (4.20 miles in 42 minutes)
4 minutes @ 7.0 mph followed by 1 minute @ 4.5 mph
I did this 2 times (1.07 miles in 10 minutes)
3 minutes @ 7.0mph
(.35 miles)
Average Pace: 9:47min/miles

 SIDE NOTE: Taking pictures with the new phone - easy and awesome - however, when I took a picture of my ending stats for this run - I had this STAMP image pop up, and took a picture of me taking a picture - I edited out of the instagram shot - but, let me tell you - super funny... And totally not showing you it. HAHAHAHAHA!

This brings me to a weekly total of: 11.08 miles
I have 11.42 miles to go to reach my goal.
I think if I can run 2-3 more days - I will achieve this goal. 
I can definitely do a majority of it in 2 - but, I might need a little extra sprint to make up the difference.

Any advice? - Any of my running bloggers have a few tips? 

Well, now I'm here - at work, and all I want to do is play with my new phone - that keeps flashing BLUE at me - it must mean I have a message. I'm so used to my phone vibrating to tell me about notifications.

I'm going to take my lunch break - and run over to the mall, and buy a case for this bad boy - something that will protect it... you know, from me. 

SIGHS - let me get to it - Here I come WORK!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. new phones are the bessst!!! And really who doesn't like donuts?? Good for you for being nice and thoughtful, too bad they missed out!

  2. Sometimes people are too embarrassed to admit that they eat doughnuts. I know damn well over half of them wanted a doughnut but since nobody was comfortable enough to get the first one, NO ONE got one. Once you get to know those peeps better you'll see- they eat doughnuts!! LOL

    New phones, yay! But uploading one at a time... yuck!

  3. It must have been national new phone day yesterday because I got a new phone for Chris too! I got him the LG G3. The iPhone 6 should be coming out soon, so I am holding out to see if I want that before I make any upgrading decisions. My phone is out of space, and has been for months. Dang phones!

    Anyways....who doesn't eat donuts? Like WTF? I think that was very sweet of you to pick them up and those people are cray. I wouldn't trust anyone who doesn't even take a little measly donut hole! I mean come on now!

  4. Who doesn't like donuts?! Weirdos. Yeah on the new phone, it always take a bit to figure out, hang in there.